JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Monday June 19

7:00RegistrationConvention Center Pre-Function
8:00TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary KeynotesMaryland A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
8:00Welcome to TechConnect
M. Laudon, TechConnect ATI, US
8:05TechConnect Overview: Connecting Research, Accelerating Innovation
D. Yablon, J. Rocha, TechConnect ATI, US
8:15Army xTech - Innovation Acceleration
A. D'Agostino, Army xTech, US
8:30The Future of Biosensing: Detecting Emerging Properties that Signal Underlying Disease Susceptibilities
L. Sohn, University of California, Berkeley, US
8:45Coffee BreakConvention Center Pre-Function
9:00Challenges and Technologies in Critical Mineral MiningNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Santa Jansone-Popova, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
9:00Full-value Copper Mining: A Gateway to Critical Mineral Resources
S. Duyvesteyn, D. Wellman, K. Jenkins, C. Eyzaguirre, C. Smith, Rio Tinto, US
9:20Understading China’s Rare Earth Subsidies and Structural Advantages
J. Kennedy, ThREE Consulting, US
9:40Rare Earth Elements: Changing Supplies and Market Sector Demands
M. Nkiawete, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
10:00Portable Luminescent Sensing Technologies for Economically Critical Metal Ions
S. Crawford, J. Baltrus, K-J Kim, N. Diemler, National Energy Technology Laboratory/Leidos, US
10:20Art of the Possible: High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Radiation for Mine Tailings Characterization in Re-mining Operations
G. Ray, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, Cornell University, US
9:00SPM: Dynamic Processes at Solid-liquid InterfacesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Liam Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
9:00In situ and Operando Force-based Atomic Force Microscopy For Probing Local Functionality in Energy Storage Materials
N. Balke, North Carolina State University, US
9:25Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscopy Reveals Tunable Angle-dependent Electrochemistry at Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Y. Yu, K. Zhang, D. Kwabena Bediako, George Mason University, US
9:45Mapping electrical double layer structure over nanostructured surfaces with three-dimensional atomic force microscopy.
B.A. Legg, M. Zhang, J. Heo, E. Nakouzi, J.J. De Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
10:05Faster and gentler: new scan algorithms and probes for AFM
P. Ashby, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
10:40SPM: Dynamic AFMNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Liam Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
10:40The effects of beam dynamics on Atomic Force Microscopy measurements
R. Wagner, Purdue University, US
11:05Photothermally driven AFM of soft matter samples
P. van Schendel, P. Frederix, H. Gunstheimer, E. Nelson, D. Ziegler, C. Bippes, J. Adams, Nanosurf, CH
11:25Low Frequency Photothermal Excitation of AFM Microcantilevers
A. Deolia, A. Raman, R.B. Wagner, Purdue University, US
9:00Carbon Nanostructures & ApplicationsChesapeake 1
Session chair: Christopher Sims, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
9:00Novel Designs for Single Photon Detection based on Molecular and Nanoscale Systems
F. Leonard, Sandia National Laboratories, US
9:25Overcoming the Materials Science Challenges to Leveraging Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes in Logic and RF Technologies
M. Arnold, University of Wisconsin, US
9:50Aligned Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes with High Semiconducting Purity for Integrated Circuits
J Provine, Y. Yemane, Aligned Carbon, US
10:10High-Performance Highly-Scaled Carbon Nanotube Transistors: Recent advances on device component modules and integrated MOSFETs
G. Pitner, TSMC Corporate Research, US
10:35Semi-Automated Exploration of Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction Parameters for Single-wall Carbon Nanotube Separations via Fluorescence Spectroscopy
C.M. Sims, J.A. Fagan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:55A study on the effect of graphene oxide additives on the graphitization of carbon-carbon (C-C) composites
S. Ike, S. Ling, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
9:00Sustainable PolymersNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Yuming Lai, Dow Chemical, US & Maksim E. Shivokhin, ExxonMobil, US
9:00Transforming Plastic Waste for a Low Carbon, Circular Economy
J. Martin, M.J. Hogg, A. Coleman, D. Chatman-Moore, V. Shah, E. Ruiz, Dow Inc., US
9:25Rethinking Materials: From Molecular Recycling to Food Service
A. Detwiler, Eastman, US
9:50Recyclable-by-Design Plastics for the Future
C.J. Tassone, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and BOTTLE, US
10:25Multimodal Characterization of Degraded and Consumer Polyolefins Towards Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships in a Sustainable Plastics Economy
S. Orski, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
10:50Generation and identification of microplastics under accelerated UV weathering
L-P Sung, S.S. Jhang, S. Rostampour, R. Cook, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:10Solvents-based Green Recycling Process of Polystyrene and Associated Copolymers
J-M. Pin, Polystyvert Inc., CA
11:35Rethinking Plastics – Approaches and Contributions from BASF Plastics Additives Group
L. Liu, BASF, US
12:00High Throughput Methods for The Development of Polymeric Stabilizers for The Mechanical Dispersion Process.
T.H. Kalantar, M. Ladika, G. Strandburg, A. Safir, S. Zong, Dow Chemical, US
9:00Additive Manufacturing: Materials InnovationChesapeake 2
Session chair: John Barnes, The Barnes Global Advisors, US
9:00Product Acceptance is the Real Innovation and It Requires More than Just Machines and Feedstock
S. Gardner, A. Barnes, Big Metal Additive, US
9:25Distortion and stress simulation of complex AM parts using a feature-aware periodic adaptive FEA meshing approach
P. Michaleris, E. Denlinger, G. Adams, E. Pierson, PanOptimization, US
9:50An Extreme Field-of-View Broadband Antenna Enabled by Advances in 3D Printed GRIN Devices
E. Versluys, A. Long, Fortify, US
10:25Data-driven modeling for microstructure-property relationships of stainless steels
B. Zhang, M. Porro, A. Parmar, Y. Shin, Purdue University, US
10:45Neural Net Modeling of Voxel Scale DLP Additive Manufacturing
J. Killgore, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:053D Printing of Carbide and Nitride Ceramics for Powered Electronics Packaging
A. Steinmark, I. Ivanov, A. Peters, Materic, US
11:25Unlocking Antenna Performance with Economically Viable GRIN Devices
E. Versluys, Fortify, US
9:00AI Innovations IChesapeake A
Session chair: Amarda Shehu, George Mason University, US
9:00Detection of Organic Cofactors Binding Sites via Deep Learning
B. Jacobson, University of New Mexico, US
9:25Predicting Antimalarial Activity of Compounds using SMILES strings and Machine Learning: A Study on the Relationship between Chemical Structure and Molecular Properties in the fight against Malaria
C. Ekenna, University at Albany, US
9:50Generative design for small molecule drugs
A. Roy, Norachem, US
10:20Creating the Extended Reality of the Future with Artificial Intelligence and Computational Design
L-F. Yu, George Mason University, US
10:45Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Physics-Based Dimensionality Reduction
N. Loychik, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
11:05Why You Need to Start Preparing for the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA): Understanding its Impact on Enterprises
M. O'Malley, SenecaGlobal, US
11:25Automated Detection and Classification of Vehicle Dashboard Warning Lights for Improved Understanding of Vehicle Condition
W. Giegerich, T.S. Porter, K. Shuttleworth, L. Forte III, Ph.J. Schneider, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
9:00Energy Storage: KeynotesNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
I. Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
9:25Redflow's unique journey to achieving scale for zinc bromine flow batteries
M. Higgins, Redflow, US
9:50The Antora thermal battery module: Providing on-demand zero-emissions heat and power, cheaper than fossil fuel.
J. Briggs, Antora Energy
10:15Low Cost Locally Manufactured Marine Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Systems
J. Cotrell, RCAM Technologies, Inc., US
10:40Energy Storage: Flow BatteriesNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
10:40Nonaqueous Sodium-Based Catholytes for Redox Flow Batteries
E. Self, M. Lehmann, G. Yang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
11:00Develop Low-cost Membranes for non-aqueous Redox-flow Batteries
G. Yang, M. Lehmann, E. Self, R. Sacci, T. Saito, J. Nanda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
11:20Exploring redox chemistries beyond metal-ligand complexes for high voltage non-aqueous flow batteries
S. Maurya, B.L. Davis, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
11:40Substituted [3]radialenes as two-electron catholytes for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
F. Hasan, R. Poirier, T. Anderson, C. Bejger, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US
9:00Industrial Decarbonization: Global ViewsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Tim Barckholtz, ExxonMobil, US & Carlos Quiroz-Arita, Sandia National Laboratories, US
9:00DOE Overview of Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Research, Development, and Demonstration
A. Shultz, U.S. Department of Energy, US
9:25On the role and value of BECCS in deep decarbonisation scenarios
N. Mac Dowell, Imperial College London, UK
9:50Decarbonizing Industrial Processes Utilizing Concentrating Solar Thermal Input
A. Ambrosini, Sandia National Laboratories, US
10:15Technology Enabling Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen Production and Use
J.M. McMullan, ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions Technology, US
10:40Decarbonization of Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF), Wet-Waste Transformation and Destruction of Forever Chemicals: Two Problematic Birds, One Sustainable Stone
W. Lovins, T. Gross, AECOM, US
9:00Composites: KeynotesNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Kenan Song, Arizona State University, US
9:00Fast-Rate Manufacturing of Semi-crystalline High-Performance Polymer Composites with Tailored Microstructure and Performance
A. Asadi, Texas A&M University, US
9:25Control and evaluation of heterogeneous CNT nanofiller distribution across composites
N. Yamamoto, R. Braga Nogueira Branco, O. Cook, G. Mu, A.P. Argüelles, C.E. Bakis, Pennsylvania State University, US
9:50Designing Polymer Nanocomposites for Functional Additive Manufacturing
W. Xu, The University of Akron, US
10:15Tensile Properties of Epoxy Resin Cured using Frontal Polymerization vs. using Traditional Thermal Curing Method
Y. Wang, A. Tarafdar, Syracuse University, US
10:403D Microwave Imaging of Impact Damage in Composites
W. Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
9:00Tissue EngineeringChesapeake 12
Session chair: Thomas Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
9:00A Novel, Biocidal and Permanent Surface Modification Technology to Protect Medical and Non-Medical Surfaces
H. Bouloussa, DeBogy Molecular, Inc., US
9:25Bacterial and human cell-synthesized metal nanomaterials: turning bacterial pathogens and human cells into clinical assets
D. Medina Cruz, SynCell Biotechnology, US
9:50Design of Biomimetic ECM-like Matrices for Guided Tissue Formation
H. Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
10:25Converged Biofabrication Technologies for High-Content Tissue Model Engineering
Y. Shrike Zhang, Harvard Medical School, US
10:50Human Clinical Tissue Engineering Trials
T.J. Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
11:10Gelatin Methacryloyl Granular Hydrogels: High-throughput Microgel Fabrication, Lyophilization, Chemical Assembly, and 3D Bioprinting
A. Sheikhi, The Pennsylvania State University, US
11:30Absolute Quantification of Genomic Targets for Cell Counting
M. Cauble, H-J He, J. Almeida, S. Sarkar, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:50Light Transmission Aggregometry Method to Measure Tumor Cell Cluster Dissociation
B. Schnoor, R.K. Kottana, A.L. Papa, George Washington University, US
9:00PhotonicsChesapeake C
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., US
9:00Frontiers of the American Integrated Photonics Ecosystem: Sensors, PDKs, and Workforce Development
K. McComber, S. Nelan, Spark Photonics, US
9:25ActiveHogel, A Light-Field Photonic Solution
T. Burnett, FoVI3D, Inc., US
9:45Using 3D Printed Metamaterial Filters to Mitigate Inaudible Ultrasound Attacks on Smart Speakers
C. Shen, J. Lloyd, C. Ludwikowski, D. Phansalkar, C. Malik, Rowan University, US
10:05Taking aim – accurate integration of quantum dots and bullseye cavities
C.R. Copeland, A.L. Pintar, R.G. Dixson, A. Chanana, K. Srinivasan, D.A. Westly, B.R. Ilic, M.I. Davanco, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:25“Printing” High Performance All-Inorganic Metalenses, Waveguides and Diffractive Optics
D.E. Jung, V.J. Einck, L. Verrastro, A. Arbabi, J.J. Watkins, University of Massachsuetts, US
10:45Deep Diffractive Neural Network Meta-surface: Smart Optics through Smart Design
I.U. Idehenre, Azimuth Corporation, US
9:00Novel Chemical & Physical SensorsChesapeake B
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Services Company, US
9:00Continuous Methane Sensing for Rapid Detection and Repair of Intermittent Emitters
A. Speck, Schlumberger-Doll Research, US
9:25A smart and nanostructured perovskite for selective NO sensing in a broader temperature range
B. Saruhan, S. Nahirniak, Ch. Krasmann, R. Lontio Fomekong, German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.), DE
9:45Cryogenic Helium Flow Sensor System
K. Jordan, G. Biallas, Jefferson Science Associates, US
10:15Wireless and Battery-Less Universal Power Consumption Monitoring Sensor
W. Yu, Archimedes Controls Corp., US
10:35Development of electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials for demanding industrial applications
D. Swett, Aramco Research Services, US
11:00Ultrawideband Multistatic Positioning System
E. Heidhausen, University Research Foundation, US
11:20Miniaturized contactless sensors based on magnetically bistable microwires
R. Varga, RVmagnetics, a.s., SK
9:00TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Space, Defense, MobilityMaryland 1
Session chair: Nick Kacsandi, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
9:00ISS National Laboratory Innovation Spotlight
M. Alafrangy, International Space Station National Laboratory (ISSNL), US
9:15Wide-area Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Discovery (WISRD)
K. Mullis, CyOne Inc., US
9:22Advanced Compression Ignition Aviation Propulsion System
S. White, DeltaHawk Engines, Inc., US
9:29Electric - VTOL Hybrid LTA (Lighter Than AIr) Unmanned AIrships
J. White, Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC, US
9:36SAUCED ( Smart, Adaptive, Ultra-Reliable, Cyber-Resilient, Efficient Data Infrastruture )
J. Song, Genesis Codes Inc, US
9:43A multi environment commercial spacesuit platform
K. Rambhatla, Metakosmos, AU
9:50Gyro-Magnetometer for Inertial Navigation Systems
K. Bechta-Metti, The Australian National University, AU
9:57Batch-manufacturing of biosensors in microgravity
S. Massa, Ecoatoms, US
Review Panelist
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
Review Panelist
C. Collins, U.S. Air Force, US
Review Panelist
C. Chin, CLC Advisors, US
Review Panelist
C. Nieto, IEEE Entrepreneurship, US
Review Panelist
M. Alafrangy, International Space Station National Laboratory (ISSNL), US
9:00TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Manufacturing, InstrumentationMaryland 2
Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
9:00TechLink Innovation Spotlight
B. Metzger, TechLink, US
9:15Cryogenic Helium Gas Flow Meter
G. Biallas, Hyperboloid LLC, US
9:22Revolutionary Affordable 3D Sand Printer for Metalcasting Agility, Lightweighting & Advanced Materials
D. Shirkey, LightSpeed Concepts Inc., US
9:29Predictive Critical Mineral Measurement Software
A. Benson, Microbeam Technologies Inc., US
9:36EV-Powered Mobile 3D Concrete Printing of In Situ Material
Z. Graber, necoTECH, US
9:43Advanced Manufacturing Tech
A. Badesha, Orbital Composites, Inc., US
9:50Compact subsea lidar for micro/mini ROVs and AUVs
E. Larson, Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc., US
Review Panelist
J. Wong, IEEE, US
Review Panelist
M. Snider, ATI - Navy ManTech, US
Review Panelist
B. Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
Review Panelist
T. Long, Northrop Grumman, US
8:00SBIR/STTR Innovator Training Workshop (Additional Fee Required)Maryland 4-5
SBIR/STTR Overview & Phase 1 Proposal Development
J. Greenwood, Greenwood Consulting Group, US
SBIR/STTR Accounting Basics
E. Jameson, Jameson CPA, US
Phase II Proposal Preparation
J. Hollister, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
9:00Army xTech Startup Summit (Private Meeting)Maryland 6
10:30Health Tech and Space Sprint - Sponsored by BrycetechMaryland 3
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa & Katie Bornfleth, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
10:45Sprint Pitch: Neurxstem
Neurxstem, US
10:52Sprint Pitch: Ejenta
Ejenta, US
10:59Sprint Pitch: EverMind
EverMind, US
11:06Sprint Pitch: MelaTech
MelaTech, US
11:13Sprint Pitch: Nanoionix
Nanoionix, LLC, US
11:20Sprint Pitch: SiOxMed
SiOxMed, US
11:27Sprint Pitch: UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley, US
11:34Sprint Pitch: ViBo Health
ViBo Health, US
11:41Sprint Pitch: Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital, US
Review Panelist
J. David, BryceTech, US
Review Panelist
C. Mullins, BryceTech, US
Review Panelist
A. Yuen, McKinsey & Company, US
Review Panelist
R. Pottathil, Zero Gravity Solutions, US
Review Panelist
T. Marshburn, Sierra Space, US
10:45TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Biotech, Pharma, HealthMaryland 1
Session chair: C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
10:45Trust-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution
R. Huber, Veridat, US
10:52Automating Rheumatoid Arthritis Assessment Via Deep Learning
J. Tan, National University of Singapore, SG
C. Hinkle, Zylo Therapeutics, Inc., US
A. Childress, 3 CulinaryMed Docs, US
11:13Human Brain Disease Models
R. Anand, Neurxstem Inc, US
11:20Carbon Monoxide Prodrug and Related Delivery Systems for Therapeutics
K. Franklin, Georgia State University, US
V. Somareddy, Neuromersive Inc, US
Review Panelist
M. Stebbins, ATI - Medical & CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC), Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Consortium (CWMD), CA
Review Panelist
A. Emondi, PionTier, LLC., US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
10:30TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Advanced Materials & Chemicals IMaryland 2
Session chair: S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
10:45Conductive Copper Inks
B. Bischoff, Copprium, Inc., US
10:52Environmentally friendly and efficient smart garments and heated textiles
A. Digon, Soliyarn, Inc., US
10:59High-density, direct photo-patterning of stretchable electronic polymers
Y.L. Chen, Stanford University - Office of Technology Licensing, US
11:06Compostable polyester plastics
L. Micek, University of Minnesota, US
11:13Multistable elastic pixels (MEPs) for reversible programming of optical properties
T. Bray, University of Pennsylvania or University of Pennsylvania-Penn Center for Innovation, US
11:203D Bioprinting using Stiffened Polymer Bioinks and Bioorthogonal Crosslinkers
Y.L. Chen, Stanford University - Office of Technology Licensing, US
11:27Industrial Bioplastics for a Circular Carbon Economy
J. Puracal, ZILA BioWorks, US
Review Panelist
J. Epstein, Lockheed Martin, US
Review Panelist
M. Aubart, Arkema, US
Review Panelist
C. Paul, Henkel, DE
Review Panelist
J. Wong, IEEE, US
Review Panelist
J. Yang, DMV Bio, US
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
12:00TechConnect Business Team Meet & GreetExpo Hall AB
1:30Fusion Manufacturing Innovation Challenge - UK Atomic Energy Authority & Commonwealth Fusion SystemsMaryland 3
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa & Katie Bornfleth, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
1:30Fusion Challenge - Introduction
J. Jakischa, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
1:45Welcome - UKAEA & CFS
TBA, UK Atomic Energy Authority & Commonwealth Fusion Systems, UK
2:00Challenge Pitch: AlchLight
AlchLight, LLC, US
2:07Challenge Pitch: ALSYMEX
2:14Challenge Pitch: Dr. Fritsch GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Fritsch GmbH & Co. KG, DE
2:21Challenge Pitch: Faraday Technology
Faraday Technology, Inc., US
2:28Challenge Pitch: Fourier LLC
Fourier LLC, US
Review Panelist
H. Lewtas, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK
Review Panelist
J. Deshpande, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, UK
Review Panelist
L. Aucott, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK
Review Panelist
D. Raghu, Kaleidescope Energy, US
Review Panelist
R. Dylla-Spears, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Review Panelist
A. Lumsdaine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:40Fusion Manufacturing Innovation Challenge - UK Atomic Energy Authority & Commonwealth Fusion SystemsMaryland 3
2:40Challenge Pitch: Imperial College London
Imperial College London, US
2:47Challenge Pitch: Transition45 Technologies, Inc.
Transition45 Technologies, Inc., US
2:54Challenge Pitch: Unitive Design and Analysis
Unitive Design and Analysis Ltd, US
3:01Challenge Pitch: University of Nottingham
University of Nottingham, US
3:08Challenge Pitch: Baugh and Weedon NDE Ltd
Baugh and Weedon NDE Ltd, US
Review Panelist
H. Lewtas, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK
Review Panelist
J. Deshpande, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, UK
Review Panelist
L. Aucott, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK
Review Panelist
D. Raghu, Kaleidescope Energy, US
Review Panelist
R. Dylla-Spears, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Review Panelist
A. Lumsdaine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
1:30CHIPS: Current Challenges and New Solutions to Boost Domestic Chips Manufacturing IChesapeake 3
Session chair: Joe Kline, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
1:30Mitigating challenges in high resolution imaging and electrical failure analysis for advanced semiconductor devices
S. Basu, Zeiss, US
1:55Critical Materials for Critical Goods: Rebuilding the Microelectronics Industrial Base
A.N. Caruso, Midwest Microelectronics Collective, US
2:15Semiconductor manufacturing for meta-optics
W.T. Chen, SNOChip, US
2:40Vulnerability of In-Memory Compute to Hardware Trojans: A Case Study using Two-dimensional Memtransistor
A. Wali, H. Ravichandran, S. Das, Pennsylvania State University, US
3:00Accelerate time to market of semiconductor industry using AI software platform dedicated to data analytics for metrology and defectivity
J. Foucher, S. Martinez, H. Ozdoba, J. Baderot, O. Cru, T. Ziraoui and S. Girard, Pollen Metrology, FR
3:20A Novel Photonic Switching Device
K. Sampayan, S. Sampayan, Opcondys, Inc., US
1:30Extraction of Critical MineralsNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Andriy Palasyuk, Ames National Laboratory, US
1:30High Efficiency, Green, Clean Domestic Separation and Purification
A. Malofsky, S. Potluri, Rare Earth Technologies, US
1:50Harvesting Rare-Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash Using Recyclable Reagents
L. Stoy, Rivalia Chemical Co., US
2:10High Temperature Rare Earth Element (REE) Extraction Technology
K. Merichko, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, US
2:30Understanding the Chemistry of REE Leaching from Phosphoric Acid Sludge
P. Zhang, H. Liang, A. Medley, T. Levitskaia, Y. Katsenovich, FIPR Institute, Florida Poly, US
2:50Lithium Extraction using Thermal and Cyclonic Brine Concentration
X. Zhang, B. Abbasi, T. Hudson, B. Abbasi, Oregon State University, US
3:10Application of Supported Liquid Membranes for Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage and other Low-Grade Feedstocks
H. Hsu-Kim, A. Middleton, B.C. Hedin, Duke University, US
1:30SPM: Machine Learning & AutomationNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30Real-Time Physics-Constrained Machine Learning in Multidimensional Atomic Force Microscopy
J.C. Agar, Drexel University, US
1:55A deep learning content-based image retrieval tool for AFM topography maps
B. Rajabifar, 3M, US
2:20Automated and autonomous scanning probe microscopy for understanding and controlling dynamics in ferroelectric materials
R. Vasudevan, B. Smith, A. Khojandi, S.M. Valleti, S. Jesse, Y. Liu, S.V. Kalinin, M. Ziatdinov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:00SPM User Facilities Leadership PanelNational Harbor 4
Session chair: G. Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
Managing an SPM Shared User Facility at MIT
A. Schwartzman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
C. Newcomb, Stanford University, US
J. Tresback, Harvard University, US
L. Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
1:30Synthesis of Novel 2D materialsChesapeake 1
Session chair: Elena Polyakova, Graphene Laboratories, US & Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
1:30Automated atomic-scale assembly of synthetic quantum materials
A. Mannix, Stanford University, US
1:55Properties of VO2 thin films grown through remote epitaxy on graphene interlayer
L. Stan, H. Cao, X. Yan, Y. Li, W. Chen, N.P. Guisinger, H. Zhou, D.D. Fong, Argonne National Laboratory, US
2:15Next generation powerful batteries with layered graphene anode
T. Paronyan, Hexalayer LLC, US
2:35Rapid, Large Area Fabrication of Porous Graphene Networks from Polyaniline on Carbon Fiber using Photothermal Processing for High Performance Supercapacitors
A. Bhardwaj, J.J. Watkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
1:30Additive Manufacturing: DigitalChesapeake 2
Session chair: Slade Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
1:30Innovating with AlMgty – the high performance Aluminium Alloy for Industrial Applications
M. Reddy, Fehrmann Tech Group, DE
1:55Enabling Additive Manufacturing of Reflective Metals
J.E. Barnes, M. Vlasea, Metal Powder Works, US
2:15A novel hybrid approach to laser additive manufacturing of aluminum alloys with concurrent cryogenic quenching for improved microstructure and hardness
C. Grohol, Y.C. Shin, Purdue University, US
2:35The SAE AMS - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium
B. Bihlman, SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, US
3:10Post-Process Superfinishing of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Components with Complex Geometries
3:30Postprocess Effects to Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Maraging Steel
M. Rutkevičius, E.A. Périgo, ABB Inc., US
3:50Software tool for in-space printing of reliable parts
R. Bhowmik, S. Jha, Polaron Analytics, US
4:10Development of Build and Post-Build Guidelines for Additively Manufactured IN-718 Components
R. Shealy, REM Surface Engineering, US
1:30AI Innovations IIChesapeake A
Session chair: Craig Yu, George Mason University, US
1:30Automated Classification of Electric Vehicle Models and Drivetrains by Means of Magnetic Field Characterization via Machine Learning
W. Giegerich, Dennis Federoshin, Philip Gentz, Livio Forte III, Ph.J. Schneider, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
1:50Neural Networks and the Problem of Style in Art Attribution
V. Sundaram, A. Coyle, Southern Methodist University, US
2:10Utilizing AI & Wearable Technology to Optimize Physical Performance in Military Personnel
H. Bundele, ibLaunch Company, US
2:40Artificial Intelligence for Visual Battlefield Awareness
M. Karnes, Ubihere, US
3:00Investigating Intersection Safety with 3D Object Detection and Digital Twin Technology from Video Data
D. Patel, A. Nayeem, R. Alfaris, M. Jalayer, Rowan University, US
3:20Predictive Human Motion Using Physics-Based Avatars for Unreal Engine 4
T. Klopfenstein, R. Bhatt, K. Malek, University of Iowa Technology Institute, US
3:40Graph Anomaly Dection
R. Karn, V. Sundaram, SMU Dallas, US
1:30Thermal Energy & StorageNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
1:55The lowest-cost national-scale storage option: storing heat at room temperature in buildings
K. Gluesenkamp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:20Experimental Testing and Modelling of Gravel Packed Bed Heat Storage
L. McLaughlin, N. Schroeder, W. Gerstle, Sandia National Laboratories, US
2:40Research on Low-Cost and Safe Battery Chemistry for LDES Applications
G. Li, Pacific Northwest National Lab, US
3:00Developing Batteries Worth Their Salt: Technical Advances for Cost Effective Molten Sodium Batteries
E.D. Spoerke, A. Maraschky, M. Meyerson, A. Peretti, S. Percival, L. Small, Sandia National Laboratories, US
3:20Thermally Controlled Integrated Energy Storage Device for DoD Applications
M.K. Ram, PolyMaterials App, LLC, US
1:30Industrial Decarbonization: CCS & HydrogenNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Tim Barckholtz, ExxonMobil, US & Carlos Quiroz-Arita, Sandia National Laboratories, US
1:30Current and near-future decarbonization options for steelmaking
D. Pistorius, Carnegie Mellon University, US
1:55What does net-zero industry look like?
N. Sunny, N. Mac Dowell, Imperial College London, UK
2:15Insights and Best Practices for Planning and Executing Geologic Sequestration Projects
J. Lemaster, T. Eggeman, S. Quillinan, F. McLaughlin, Carbon Solutions, US
2:35Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane to Produce hydrogen Using Carbon as Catalyst
M. Nkiawete, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
2:55Challenges and Considerations of Implementing Carbon Capture at Industrial Point Sources
A. Erickson, Sargent & Lundy, US
3:15Techno-economic assessments of fuels or electricity production from biomass with CO2 capture
H. Luo, E.D. Larson, Princeton University, US
1:30Bio-based NanomaterialChesapeake C
Session chair: Helen Zha, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
1:30Recent Development in Microfibrillated Cellulose and Mineral/Microfibrillated Cellulose Composite Materials
Y. Jin, D. Skuse, S. Ireland, FiberLean® Technologies Ltd., UK
1:55Sustainable composite development through use of different form and scale of cellulose fibers and their applications via additive manufacturing from a yacht roof mold to a 3D-printed house
H.L. Tekinalp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:20Lignin - Potential Sources for Carbon Nagative Building Materials
Z. Cai, Q. Yan, Forest Products Laboratory, US
2:45Super Strong Wood Materials for A Sustainable Built Environment
J. Dai, InventWood, US
3:10Metal Cation Enabled Production of Hydrophobic and Water-resistant Lignocellulosic Packaging Materials and Tableware
X. Zhang, Mississippi State University, US
1:30Composites IINational Harbor 5
Session chair: Kenan Song, Arizona State University, US
1:30Multiphase Direct Ink Writing for Nanocomposite Manufacturing
K. Song, Arizona State University, US
1:50A Novel Process of Plating on Polymer Substrates
Z. Yang, C. Goode, J. Venter, Cirrus Materials Science, NZ
2:10Creep-Resistance in Thermoplastic Nanocomposites used for Load Bearing Applications
S.S. Vaezzadeh, R.K. Bradley, Lamar University, US
2:30Nanocomposite inks for printed neuromorphic electronics
N. Frick, T. LaBean, Freescale LLC, US
2:50Metal Organic Framework – Nanofiber Composites for Chemical Absorbance/Remediation
R. Shrestha, Materic Group LLC, US
3:10Microwave absorbing nanocomposite of silicon carbide and graphene nanopowder and a process thereof
A. Shore, Brite Carbon, US
1:30Medical Device TechnologiesChesapeake 12
Session chair: Jeannine M. Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
1:30Immunoregulatory dendritic cells in tissue development after muscle trauma
K. Sadtler, National Institutes of Health, US
1:55A novel hemostatic matrix that provides multi-day hemostatic control of junctional, high-pressure, and non-compressible hemorrhagic injuries
A. Jorgensen, M. Loll, D. Hickerson, W. Rowe, W. Hickerson, SiOxMed, US
2:15Formulation and Optimization of Cosmetic Coating to Protect Skin from Thermal Injury
S. Taczak, Materic, US
2:35Supporting Translation of Novel Neurotechnology Medical Devices through the NIH Blueprint MedTech Initiative
Y. Kostov, N. Langhals, L. Angelone, S. Gutowski, J. Tilghman, M. Wolfson, National Institute on Drug Abuse, US
2:55Wearable Artificial Kidney
V. Gura, Wearable Artificial Organs Inc., US
A.G. Loron, None, US
3:35Introducing MatriNova: A Paradigm Shift in Soft-Tissue Repair Using Nanofiber Technology
S. Soliman, Matregenix, US
1:30Biosensors & Medical ApplicationsChesapeake 11
Session chair: Sehoon Chang, Aramco Services Company, US
1:30Node-Pore Sensing: How a (Humble) Four-Terminal Measurement Can Measure the Mechanical Properties of Single Cells
L. Sohn, University of California, Berkeley, US
1:55A Diagnostic Device for Detecting Biomarkers of Organ Injury in Saliva
A.E. Saunders, R.K. Baldwin, S.J. Oldenburg, Fortis Life Sciences, US
2:15A Low-Cost Graphene Biosensing Platform for Multi-Analyte Point-of-Care Diagnostics
B. Fenech-Salerno, M. Holicky, C. Yao, F. Torrisi, Imperial College London, UK
2:35Nanosensor Coupling to Human and Plant Interfaces for Real Time Chemical Information Transfer
M. Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
3:003D Nano-Printing Sensors for High-Fidelity Sensory Manikin Skin in Medical Simulation Training
X. Liu, T. Ko, J. Cai, A. Gnatt, L. Yeh, A. Hoffman, D. Summers, Nanobiofab, US
3:20Nanostructured Biomimetic ACE2 Memristive Electrochemical Sensors Speed up the Screening of a S1 SARS CoV-2 Inhibitor Candidate ABS02 Compared with the Performance of Remdesivir
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
1:30TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Energy, Efficiency, EnvironmentMaryland 1
Session chair: S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
1:30Emerald Technology Ventures Innovation Spotlight
N. Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures, CA
1:45Enhanced energy recovery from natural geothermal energy resources, and clean water restoration and protection
J. Johnston, CaSil Technologies Limited, US
1:52JANiiT – Advanced Energy Management System
T. Checca, Maplewell Energy, US
1:59Real-Time Paramagnetic Sensing for Oil Field Optimization and Process Control
J. Lovell, MicroSilicon, US
2:06Natrion: A Leading Technologies’ Company in Solid-State Battery Components
A. Kosyakov, Natrion, US
2:13Membrane Biofilm Reactor (MBfR)
C. Ray, Precient Technologies LLC, US
2:20River Otter Reactor (ROR) - a waste and water solution system
A. Thomas, River Otter Renewables, Inc, US
2:27Robotic routing for uncrewed finfish farming
R. Huber, Radmantis, US
2:34in-water refueling system
D. Mayer, TechLink, US
Review Panelist
N. Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures, CA
Review Panelist
S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
Review Panelist
P. Parthiban, Just Venture Labs, US
Review Panelist
M. Mazzocco, Alytic, Inc. (U.S. Navy), US
1:30TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Advanced Materials & Chemicals IIMaryland 2
Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
1:30National Corn Growers Association Innovation Spotlight
S. McKay, National Corn Growers Association, US
1:45A new coating additive that enables the environment-friendly water-based wood stains
Y. Li, Janas Materials Inc., US
1:52Discrete Mult-walled Carbon nanotube HIV Therapy Technology
K. Swogger, Molecular Rebar Design, LLC, US
1:59Functional Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics
T. Kirscht, Advanced Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics (AIMES), US
B. Sullivan, Flexcon, US
2:13Silane-modified Molecular Rebar® for EV Tires
K. Swogger, Molecular Rebar Design, LLC, US
2:20Method to Separate Heavy Rare Earth Elements from Kaolin Mining Waste
K. Franklin, Georgia State University, US
Review Panelist
TBA, National Corn Growers Association, US
Review Panelist
B. Romanowicz, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
Review Panelist
M. Rinkunas, The Global Innovation Advisory, US
Review Panelist
J. Epstein, Lockheed Martin, US
1:30NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) - Partnering (Pre-Registration Required)Annapolis 1
Join ERVA and TechConnect for a Workshop and help us ideate engineering research priorities that advance U.S. R&D and solve society's most vexing problems.
1:30SBIR/STTR Innovator Training Workshop (Additional Fee Required)Maryland 4-5
1:30Army xTech Startup Summit (Private Meeting)Maryland 6
3:00Legal Perspective: Strategic IP and Funding Considerations for Innovative CompaniesMaryland 1
Innovation requires short-term and long-term vision, not to mention grit and stamina. It also requires strategic forethought to ensure your intellectual property is adequately protected throughout the journey from innovation to commercialization. Join attorneys from legendary Silicon Valley based law firm Fenwick & West as they shed light on IP strategy considerations - trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets - you should have top of mind.  Then, dive into the similarities and differences between private funding and government funding, including parameters of SBIR Phase 1 and beyond.
D. Brownstone, Fenwick, US
P. Grilli, Fenwick, US
Z. Tejani, Fenwick, US
C. Schwartz, Palantir Technologies, US
4:00Student Leaders Conference - WelcomeChesapeake 10
Internal Welcome Remarks
B. Brough, Q. Spadola, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception, Corporate Scout Speed Dating, Army xTech Showcase, Poster Session I (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall AB
4:00TechConnect Business Team Meet & GreetExpo Hall AB
4:00TechConnect Corporate Scout Speed DatingExpo Hall AB
Arkema, US
BryceTech, US
Dundee Precious Metals, US
Henkel, DE
Linde, IE
Rio Tinto, US
TechLink, US
Resonac, US
Raytheon, US
Saint-Gobain, FR
Koch Modular Process, US
Dow, US
ATI - Innovation Funding Pipeline, US
ATI - Navy ManTech, US
ATI - Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Consortium, US
ATI - Medical & CBRN Defense Consortium, US
4:00Graphene & Carbon Nanostructures - PostersExpo Hall AB
Honeycomb-Structured S and N Dual-Doped Highly Graphitized Carbon as a Catalyst Support for Rh Nanoparticles: High Performance Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
C-H Shin, H-Y Lee, F.K. Tareq, J-S Yu, Deagu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Effect of graphene oxide additives via interfacial templating on the graphitization of carbon-carbon (C-C) composites
S. Ike, S. Ling, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
4:00Polymers - PostersExpo Hall AB
Harvesting environmental water by hydroscopic hydrogels embedded in delinquent salt and ‎carbon nanotube
N. Hamidi, I. Williams, H. Hamidi, M. McKinney, E. Smalls, P.‎D. Ferguson, South Carolina State University, US
Understanding the Effect of Fabrication Technique on Plarn Properties
U. Ezimora, L.P. Davila, University of California Merced, US
Evaluation of PET degradation under accelerated weathering
S-S. Jhang, R. Cook, S. Rostampour, B.H. Liu,, L-P. Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Scalable Catalytic Deuteration of Polyolefins
G. Larsen, T. Guin, K. McDonald, C. Malone, J. Folkert, Savannah River National Laboratory, US
4:00Additive Manufacturing - PostersExpo Hall AB
Rapid Prototype Tooling For Rapid Composite Manufacturing
H. Watts, Mississippi State University, US
Overview of Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Utilizing Numerous Analytical Techniques
C. Stephan, T. Dillon, PerkinElmer Inc, CA
Layer time optimization in large-scale additive manufacturing via a reduced physics-based model
E. Jo, L. Liu, N. Garg, U. Vaidya, S. Chakraborty, F. Ju, S. Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Microreactor-Assisted Nanomaterial Deposition for Additive Manufacturing
A. Chang, Oregon State University, US
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications - PostersExpo Hall AB
Corrosion resistant coatings from bio-derived sodium alginate and inorganic components for metallic materials
T. Moskalewicz, M. Warcaba, A. Łukaszczyk, AGH University of Science and Technology, PL
Flexible Personal Thermoregulatory Device Embedded with Silver Nanoparticle
A. Hazarika, B.K. Deka, D.Y. Kim, H.W. Park, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Superconductors in Space @ Ambient Temperature for Boost-Phase Missile Interception
W.C.W. Lau, LAU Superconductors, US
High thermal capacity silica-based fibers for potential application as insulators
C. Robinson, A. Sahu, S. Banks, R. Nelson, American Nano, LLC, US
Reinforced High Temperature Superconductors for Nuclear Fusion?
W.C.W. Lau, LAU Superconductors, US
PoF – Power over Fiber: A Novel Approach for Energy Transmission in B5G Networks
L.C. Souza, A.C. Sodré Jr., Inatel - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações, BR
New Coating Additives: Tiny Soap Particles that Help Repel Water
Y. Li, Iowa State University, US
Contribution of Thermal Radiation to the Temperature Profile of Ceramic Composite Materials via a (2-D) Two Flux Model
K. Orikasa, M. Landazuri and A. Tremante, Florida International University, US
4:00Energy Storage - PostersExpo Hall AB
Hybrid Electro-Optics for Integrated Photonics
L.E. Johnson, D.L. Elder, S.R. Hammond, K.M. O’Malley, NLM Photonics, US
Ex situ structure-properties analysis of CeOx-TiOx-RGO as a potential groundbreaking Na-ion supercapacitor material
F. Caballero-Briones, N. Gnanaseelan, F.J. Espinosa-Faller, J. Mustre, J. Lezama, R.A. Colina-Ruiz, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, MX
4:00AI Innovations - PostersExpo Hall AB
AI and THz Based Advanced Hardware Security and Reliability Testing for VLSI
N. Akter, J. Suarez, M. Shur, N. Pala, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Machine learning pipeline of novel peptide and protein generation with refined selection for production in vivo
S.N. Dean , J.A.E. Alvarez, P.M. Legler, A.P. Malanoski, US Naval Research Laboratory, US
Adversarial probabilistic AI
T. Ekin, Texas State University, US
Real-Time Intelligent Surveillance using Ethical Anomoly Detection
S. Reid, C. Neff, Chimeras, US
Innovation in Contracting and Focus on SBIR Phase IIIs
A. Donahoo, A. Rouse, GSA, US
Detection of Distracted Driving using Deep Learning Algorithm
A.S. Hasan, D. Patel, M. Jalayer, Rowan University, US
4:00Industrial Decarbonization - PostersExpo Hall AB
Carbon Catalyzed Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane: Connecting Nanostructure to Deposition Conditions and Rates
M. Nkiawete, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
Development of the Joule Hive™ High Temperature Thermal Battery to Electrify Industry
B. Truong, D. Stack, P. Stephenson, Electrified Thermal Solutions, US
The Role of Biochar Concentration on the Structure and Electrical Performance of MnO2-Biochar Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitor Applications.
T. Sadowski, M. Martone, V. Adamski, A. Grynyk, K. Roman, J. Scanley, R. Singhal, C. Broadbridge, Southern CT State University, US
Decarbonization of the US Steel Industry
J.H. Ng, K. Lee, G. Zang, P. Sun, E. Amgad, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Assessing the Feasibility and Cost of Decarbonizing the U.S. Refinery Sector
P. Sun, V. Cappello, A. Elgowainy, P. Vyawahare, O. Ma, K. Podkaminer, N. Rustagi, M. Koleva, M. Melaina., Argonne National Laboratory, US
Spirulina-laden cements for green construction materials: effects of algae incorporation on the mechanical properties and environmental impact of cement
M-Y. Lin, P. Grandgeorge, A.M. Jimenez, C. Quiroz-Arita, E. Roumeli, University of Washington, US
Strong and Stiff Bioplastics from Spirulina Cells
H. Iyer, P. Grandgeorge, A.M. Jimenez, I.R. Campbell, M. Parker, M. Holden, M. Venkatesh, C. Quiroz-Arita, E. Roumeli, University of Washington, US
Low-Carbon Dialkoxyalkanoate (DAOA) Diesel Fuels
N.R. Myllenbeck, C. Quiroz-Arita, Sandia National Laboratories, US
4:00Bio-based Materials - PostersExpo Hall AB
Universal Precursor for Efficient Sugar Synthesis
Z. Na, C.C. Keen, National University of Singapore, SG
Total value chain testing solutions for biodiesel and bioethanol production – from feedstock to final blend
C. Stephan, N. Lancaster, PerkinElmer Inc, CA
4:00Tissue Engineering - PostersExpo Hall AB
Developing Customizable Scaffolds with Antimicrobial Properties for Vascular Tissue Regeneration using Low Temperature Plasma (LTP)
K. Vig, Alabama State University, US
4:00Medical Devices - PostersExpo Hall AB
Evaluation of a Powered toothbrush new technology with saliva collection
B. Dasari, M. Strickland, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, US
Novel Analytical Model for Medical Oxygen Production Equipment
H. Oyaisi, O. Abunumah, P. Ogunlude, E.B. Abunumah, A. Giwa, E. Gobina, R. Prabhu, Royal Cornhill Hospital, UK
Evaluation of the biocompatibility of SiOxD Wound Matrix
A. Jorgensen, M. Loll, D. Hickerson, W. Hickerson, SiOxMed, US
Analytical Methods for Implantable Medical Devices: Bioprosthetic Heart Valves and Hip Implants
C. Stephan, K. Neubauer, E. Pruszkowski, B. Yuan, K. Yadav, PerkinElmer Inc, CA
Handheld Point-of-Care Device for Rapid and Contactless Application of an Antibacterial Nanofiber Matrix for Wound Healing
S. Soliman, Matregenix, US
4:00Sensors & Lab-on-a-Chip - PostersExpo Hall AB
Quantum-based sensing of biomolecules using fluorescent nitrogen vacancy-center nanodiamonds
A. Rampersaud, I. Rampersaud, C. Fletcher, M. Slocum, L. Drummy, Columbus Nanoworks, US
A mechano-electrical and potentially biocompatible transduction platform for smart hydrogel-based sensors
B. Ahmed, C.F. Reiche, F. Solzbacher, J. Körner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
A Novel Approach for Microplastic Detection Based on the Triboelectric Method in a Microfluidic Platform
M. Hoorfar, A. Motalebizadeh, S. Fardindoost, University of Victoria, CA
Viscometry of microliter biofluids
C. Kim, J. Shim, S. An, M. Lee, D. Weitz, W. Jhe, Seoul National University, KR
Fabrication and Performance Studies for Nanopillar Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors
R.L. Cromartie, Y. Zhao, K.D. Benkstein, K.L. Steffens, S. Semancik, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
OpiTracker for Universal Detection of Opioid
G. Zhang, J. Zhou, Zymeron Corporation, US
Developing a Plasmonic Sensor for Liquid-Phase Biomedical Applications
S. Sayin, Y. Zhou, K.D. Benkstein, K.L. Steffens, S. Xin, S. Semancik, M. Zaghloul, The George Washington University, US
Developing Biosensors for High Throughput Drug Screening against Muscular Dystrophy
R. Mahrat, R. Chaturvedi, Calico Biosciences, US
3D Micro-instrumentation for Organoid Intelligence (OI)
C. Acha, D. George, K. Murugesan, A. Pantula, D-M Alam El Din, D. Patel, L. Smirnova, D. Gracias, Johns Hopkins Univerisity, US
Remote, Non-Contact Monitor of Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Pulse Oximetry, Pain, Mood, Perfusion, and other parameters
A. Wallace, T. Heintz, A. Badathala, Atapir, US
Sponsors & Partners
SBIR/STTR Agency Partners