Technology Enabling Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen Production and Use

J.M. McMullan
ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions Technology,
United States

Keywords: hydrogen, low carbon, technology, scale, integration, energy, development


Technology Enabling Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen Production and Use Dr. Jason M. McMullan – Hydrogen Technology Integrator, Low Carbon Solutions Technology ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Co., Annandale, New Jersey, United States Energy is essential for human development and improving living standards around the world. Society faces a challenge to provide reliable and affordable energy to meet the needs of growing population, while reducing environmental impacts, including the risks of climate change. Progress on society’s energy and climate objectives requires practical approaches, new technology solutions, and collaborations and partnerships that enable human development and economic progress. ExxonMobil established its Low Carbon Solutions business in early 2021 focusing on carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen and biofuels, leveraging our core capabilities in technology, scale, integration, and people. This presentation will provide an overview of energy fundamentals, ExxonMobil’s strategy, and innovative approaches to technology development in the Hydrogen area.