JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Wednesday June 21

7:00RegistrationConvention Center Pre-Function
8:00SBIR/STTR Agency Table TopsMaryland 1-6 Hallway
U.S. Department of Defense, US
U.S. Navy, US
U.S. Air Force, US
U.S. Army, US
U.S. Department of Energy, US
US Department of Education, US
9:00R&D Capital Summit - Fireside with Office of Strategic CapitalAnnapolis 1
Session chair: Katie Bilek, govmates, US
J. Evans, Office of Strategic Capital - DOD, US
9:55R&D Capital Summit - Investing in DisruptionAnnapolis 1
Session chair: Jonathan Kirkland, Baird, US
W. Blackwell, Booz Allen Ventures, US
M. Robinson, Razors Edge, US
A. Kinard, In-Q-Tel, US
10:50R&D Capital Summit - The Strength of America’s Capital MarketsAnnapolis 1
Session chair: Stephanie Alexander, govmates, US
J. Kirkland, Baird, US
R. Stehlin, JP Morgan Chase, US
J. Martin, ATI, US
9:00CHIPS: Advances in Packaging for New Chips InnovationChesapeake 3
Session chair: Joe Kline, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3DHI in Geiger-mode Avalanche Photodiode Arrays
D. Hill, J. Zhu, W. Chan, S. Griggs, N. Park, SRI International, US
Novel, Robust Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy Technology for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Applications
M. Ramkumar, SunRay Scientific Inc., US
What’s Missing in Your Cure Kinetics Model for Advanced Epoxy Molding Compounds?
R. Tao, S.P. Phansalkar, C. Kim, A.M. Forster, B. Han, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Enabling a circular economy of semiconductor process gases through Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
M.H. Weston, NuMat Technologies, US
9:00Materials CharacterizationChesapeake A
Session chair: Alex Norman, Princeton University, US
Quantifying Adsorbed Dispersant Layers on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Simple and Complex Environments
C.M. Sims, J.A. Fagan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Infrared CT Scan for Evaluating the Stress Response of Flexible Displays
J. Isbell, Materic, US
A versatile direct optical characterization method for morphology changes and swelling kinetics of smart hydrogels
G. Mu, J. Koerner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
MultiModal Domain Intelligent Decision Support
G. Olson, GT Digital Ltd., US
RippleGo - First AI-Based Voyage Planner for the Inland Waterways
A.R. Salindong, Trabus Technologies, US
Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning to Collect Road Conditions with Connected Vehicles
N. Kargah-Ostadi, Callentis Consulting Group, US
Detecting Engine Oil Defects From Images of Vehicle Components
A.K. Devarashetti, L. Forte III, W. Giegerich, Ph.J. Schneider, ACV Auctions, US
AI for cell culture monitoring in the closed loop
R. Krampl, A. Trcka, BioX Technologies, SK
9:00Materials for Sustainable BuildingChesapeake C
Session chair: Jan Kosny, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
Scalable and Sustainable Waste-Wood-Based Insulation Materials for Building Energy Efficiency
A. Siciliano, University of Maryland, US
Smart Windows for Energy-Efficient Buildings
B.P. Jelle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO
Materials from renewable resources – great future or just a modern trend? Are they really sustainable?
B. Kasal, Fraunhofer WKI Braunschweig Germany, DE
Coal-based Bricks & Blocks (CBBs): Process Development to Prototype Fabrication Coupled with Techno-Economic Analysis and Market Survey
J.W. Heim II, R.L. Vander Wal, The Pennsylvania State University, US
9:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & CharacterizationChesapeake 11
Session chair: Jan Niehaus, Fraunhofer IAP-CAN, DE
Cadmium Reduced QDs for Superior Brightness and Stability within RoHS Limits
J. Niehaus, S. Becker, Fraunhofer IAP-CAN, DE
Novel hydrogen peroxide-responsive polymer nanoparticles for medical applications
E. Hughes, H. Cartwright, A. Stevens, L. Chen, E. Van Keuren, J. Reder, M. Ramstack, P. Kang, Georgetown University, US
Meta-control of a Heat Pump Nanoparticle Film
W. Kohn, Z.B. Zabinsky, Y. Shen, University of Washington, US
Investigating the Synergistic Action of Tio2-Sds Nanoparticles Using Venturi-Shaped Micromixer
H. Hoorfar, K.Y. Motlagh, Z.S. Motamedi, S. Fardindoost, University of Victoria, CA
Synthesis and application of multicomponent nanoparticles
E. Van Keuren, E. Hughes, O. Bulgin, Y. Chung, S. Taylor, H. Cartwright, L. Chen, R. Alan, A. Keegan, A. Stevens, Georgetown University, US
Colloidal microchannel formation of binary particle solution
R. Dumont, B. Li, Kennesaw State University, US
A new gold standard in catalyst
S. Lim, S.H. Kang, QuantumCat Co., Ltd., KR
Reactive Laser Ablation Synthesis in Solution (r-LASiS): A facile route for one-pot synthesis of Al/C-based composite energetic nanomaterials (ENMs) with tailored interfacial structures
D. Mukherjee, University of Tennessee, US
9:00Rare Earths and Permanent Magnets - Innovations & ChallengesNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Andriy Palasyuk, Ames National Laboratory, US
L.E. Friedersdorf, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US
NdFeB Permanent Magnets: Projected Demand Comparisons Across End Use Sectors
J.W. Heim II, R.L. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
Mechanically robust high magnetic-performance Sm-Co sintered magnets through microstructure engineering
B. Cui, Ames National Laboratory, US
Enhanced magnetic anisotropy in lanthanum M-type hexaferrites by quantum-confined charge transfer
D. Paudyal, C. Bhandari, M.E. Flatté, Ames National Laboratory, US
Additive Manufacturing of NdFeB Bonded Permanent Magnets: Prospects and Challenges
M. Parans Paranthaman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Room Temperature Electrorefining of Critical Metals from End-of-Life Permanent Magnets
V. Murugesan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
9:00SPM: Nanomechanics & TribologyNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
Contact Resonance AFM using Long, Massive, Flexible Tips
R.C. Tung, N. Zimron-Politi, University of Nevada, Reno, US
In Situ Study of the Pressure-Dependent Lubrication Mechanism of Phosphonium Phosphate Ionic Liquid in Nanoscale Single-Asperity Sliding Contacts
Z. Li, O. Morales-Collazo, J.T. Sadowski, H. Celio, A. Dolocan, J.F. Brennecke, F. Mangolini, The University of Texas at Austin, US
Improved Contact Resonance Atomic Force Microscopy Data Analysis Techniques
N. Zimron-Politi, R.C. Tung, University of Nevada, Reno, US
The influence of nanoscale mechanical property distribution on macroscopic performance of polymer composites
B. Pittenger, S. Osechinskiy, J. Thornton, S. Loire, T. Mueller, Bruker, US
Maximizing information extraction from AFM nanoindentation — Best practices to algorithms
R. Sheridan, C. Brinson, Duke University, US
Force Spectroscopy Measurements with a focus on viscoelasticity and elasticity of SiO2 nanoparticles on etched biotite and muscovite surfaces
S.S.S. Uygan, D. Yablon, C. Kielar, E. Vogelsberg, D. Erb, P. Müller, T. Heine, K. Monakhov, B. Abel, C. Fischer, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, DE
Traceability of NIST Reference Cantilever Array for Standard Reference Material 3461
G.A. Shaw, R.S. Gates, W.A. Osborn, M.J. McLean, J.J. Filliben, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Strengthening Polylactic Acid by Salification: Surface Characterization Study
J. Schlosser, K. Fouladi, B. Eslami, Widener University, US
9:00Advanced Materials for Engineering ApplicationsChesapeake 2
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US & Jim Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
The Spring's the Thing: How Kirigami Techniques and Biomimetic Adhesives can Remake Materials
D. Sameoto, University of Alberta, CA
Micromachined Aerodynamics Measurement Technologies
R. White, Tufts University, US
Geothermal Energy and Nanostructured Calcium Silicate – Climate Change Mitigation and Clean Water Protection
J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington and CaSil Technologies Ltd, NZ
Tunable properties and microstructure net-shape aluminum matrix composites parts fabricated via 3D printing.
M. Seleznev, J. Roy-Mayhew, J. Faust, Markforged Inc., US
Nano and Single-Atom Catalysts Manufacturing Assisted by Inexpensive Custom Designed Low-Temperature Plasma
M.M. Feng, Polykala Technologies LLC, US
Novel Low Energy, High Speed Ambient Catalysis of Polymerization through Solid Objects
A. Malofsky, Srinagesh Potluri, Nano Catalytics, Inc., US
Thermally Conductive Composite with High Mechanical Strength
S-K Koh, C&G Hitech Co., Ltd., KR
9:00Printed & Flexible ElectronicsChesapeake B
Session chair: Yiliang Wu, CollTech North America, US
Data-Driven Manufacturing of Hierarchical Functional Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications
H.T.H. Shi, Western University, CA
How to Make Flexible Printed Circuits More Reliable
A. Yu, CollTech, US
Process planning and development of a multi-axis, multi-material, multi-tool Electronic Packaging (3M3D) technique using Additive Manufacturing
S. Karam, S. Bilén, G. Manogharan, Penn State University, US
Direct-Write Mask Free Fabrication of Quality 1D-2D Hybrid Nanomaterials on Supported or Suspended Platforms using Custom Inks and Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis.
I. Kuljanishvili, Saint Louis University, US
9:00Recent Advances in HydrogenNational Harbor 13
Session chair: John Kopasz, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Advanced Light-Weight HTPEM Fuel Cells for the Aviation Industry. Performance evaluation and development progress.
A. Ivanenko, Hypoint, US
Development of Megawatt Scale Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolyzer Stacks
B. Lakshmanan, Versogen, US
PGM-free Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by PEM Water Electrolyzer
D-J Liu, Argonne National Lab, US
Development of Stable Ni-based Binary Electrodes for Alkaline Water Electrolyzer under Dynamic Operation
M. Kim, H-S Cho, C. Lee, S. Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), KR
Improvements to Integrate Water Electrolysis for H2 Production from Renewable Sources
H-S Cho, M. Kim, C. Lee, S. Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), KR
Consideration of the re-use of Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Pipelines for Hydrogen Transport
T. Williamwest, O. Abunomah, P. Ogunlude, E. Gobina, The Robert Gordon University, UK
9:00TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Biotech & MedicalMaryland 1
Session chair: E. Mooney, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
A dissolving, sharps-free microneedle intradermal injection platform for site specific nonopioid pain relief
B. Lanier, Isosceles Pharmaceuticals, Inc., US
Linear Displacement Adhesion Assay (LiDiAA)
L. Kudo, NeuroInDx, Inc., US
Human Brain Model of Opioid Addiction and Novel Therapeutics
R. Anand, Neurxstem Inc, US
A Software Tool for Microbubble Enhanced HIFU for Non-invasive Tumor Ablations
J. Ma, Dynaflow, Inc., US
Eye-in-Ear device
S. Wevster, EndoTheia, Inc., US
OpiTracker for Universal Detection of Opioid
J. Zhou, Zymeron Corporation, US
Review Panelist
E. Diehl, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, US
Review Panelist
J. Bindra, University of Ottawa , CA
Review Panelist
A. Emondi, NTT Research, US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
9:00TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Manufacturing, Instrumentation IIMaryland 2
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, US
Robotic Construction using AI, CV, and needing only 2D plans
B. Wadas, BotBuilt, Inc, US
Passive contacless MicroWire sensor (based on bistable magnetic microwires)
V. Marhefka, RVmagnetics, a.s., SK
Interactive Control System for Robot Manipulation with AR Technology
Y. Li, Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Centre (FLAIR), HK
NovoJet Printhead Technology
J. Kuhrt, Quantica GmbH, DE
Wireless Approach for Vibration Estimation of Structures (WAVES)
A. Trias Blanco, Rowan University, US
Copper and tin 3D-printing ink for electronics
D. Mayer, TechLink, US
High-gain high-power Planar Antenna array
S. Mirchandani, Bryka Skystocks, LLC, IN
Review Panelist
C. Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, US
Review Panelist
M. Snider, ATI - Navy ManTech, US
Review Panelist
D. Ojika, Flapmax, US
10:00Student Leaders Conference - Coffee with Mike Kiley: Informal Entrepreneurship Q&ALobby
TBA, Lockheed Martin, US
M. Kiley, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
10:30TechConnect Innovation Pitches: Medical Devices & MaterialsMaryland 1
Session chair: E. Mooney, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
The Cog-Sobriety™ a Work Accident Reduction Tool: On-demand Cognitive Sobriety Test in 30 Seconds - Detect impairments regardless of underlying CAUSE
M. Zarreii, Axon Medical Technologies, US
A safe, rapid, and effective way to cure gum disease
A. Lyons, SingletO2 Therapeutics LLC, US
Next generation diagnostic and therapeutic bone fracture healing
J. Winder, Sonogen Medical, Inc., US
Capillary-Embedded Rapid Adaptable Multiscale (CERAM) Bioprinting for Engineering Large Vascularized Tissues
G. Tan, Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization, US
Enclosed Hollow Needle Blister-Packs for Drug Delivery
W. Jones, Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization, US
Biomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Grafts
X. Zhao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
A lean, affordable robotic technology that provides a unique functionality and option to current robotic furniture / assisted access products
W. Crolley, Novare Products LLC, HK
Review Panelist
E. Diehl, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
Review Panelist
C. Paul, Henkel, DE
Review Panelist
A. Emondi, NTT Research, US
9:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Inside the Head of an EvaluatorMaryland 3
Learn key insights on the criteria used to evaluate SBIR/STTR proposals.
E. Hawkes, Jr., Office of Investment & Innovation, US
J. Thabet, DARPA, US
H. Nahar, USDA, US
E. Nelson, SBIR, US
9:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Working with DoD PrimesMaryland 4
Gain insight into the role major primes play in acquisition programs and how R&D from other businesses transitions into those programs.
M. Williams, DoD, US
P. Staszak, Boeing, US
A. Carroll, Raytheon, US
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
T. Reid, Northrop Group, US
10:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Executing My AwardMaryland 3
E. Blatt, Scale LLP, US
B. LaCroix, Jameson & Company, US
10:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Cybersecurity Resources for Small Business ResearchMaryland 4
Leave with an understanding of what needs to be done during Phase I to comply with grants/contracts and to put your organization in the best position for Phase II.
E. Page-Littleford, Office of Investment & Innovation, US
K. Kiernanz, Office of Investment & Innovation, US
11:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Spotlight - Climate TopicsMaryland 3
G. Lind, NOAA, US
11:00SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit: Phase IIIMaryland 4
Learn the keys to a successful SBIR/STTR journey and Phase III success.
R. Couick, GSA, US
B. Guaf, Innovative Defense Technologies, US
9:00Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science Accelerator Research and Development and Production (ARDAP), Annual Principal (PI) Meeting: Session 1 - Industrial Partnerships in Accelerator TechnologyMaryland 5
Session chair: C. Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Introduction & Welcome
C. Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Development of the U.S. Vendor base for high power RF klystrons
S. Lenci, Communications & Power Industries, Inc., US
Towards industrial manufacturing of alkali antimonide photocathodes by automated thin film growth
V. Pavlenko, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
Manufacturing full-scale high gradient copper accelerators: Electron beam welding and allied processes
P. Carriere, RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC, US
10:30Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science Accelerator Research and Development and Production (ARDAP), Annual Principal (PI) Meeting: Session 2 - Accelerator Physics and SimulationMaryland 5
Session chair: C. Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Computational methods for nanotip array electron sources
B. Erdelyi, Northern Illinois University, US
Nonlinear Dynamics Studies in Ring Accelerator with Square Matrix Method and Rigid Rotation Diffeomorphism
Y. Hao, Michigan State University, US
Numerical Optimization for Spin Dynamics in Electron (Positron) Storage Rings
G. Hoffstaetter, Cornell University, US
Modeling high energy density conditions for electron beams at 4th generation light sources
N. Cook, RadiaSoft, LLC, US
9:00DOE Federal Laboratory TTO Senior Manager Meeting (Private Meeting)Chesapeake 1
9:00Army xTech Startup Summit (Private Meeting)Maryland 6
1:00Lockheed Partner Meeting (Private Meeting)Chesapeake 3
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland CD
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
1:30SPM: Voltage Modulated SPM ModesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Jason Kilgore, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Using electrostatic force microscopy to investigate localized charges on single-walled carbon nanotubes
E. Christensen, T. Tumiel, M. Amin, T. Krauss, University of Rochester, US
High speed imaging of surface charge dynamics via Spiral Scanning KPFM and Gaussian Process inpainting
M. Checa, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Measurement sensitivity in electrostatic force and force gradient microscopy-based modes
G. Stan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Measuring Dynamics in Energy Materials with Time-Resolved Atomic Force Microscopy
R. Giridharagopal, M.D. Breshears, D.S. Ginger, University of Washington, US
Quantitative Piezoresponse Force Microscopy for Process Optimization of Scandium-doped Aluminum Nitride in Acoustic Resonator RF Filters
B. Ohler, F.T. Limpoco, R. Proksch, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Inc, US
Exploring Sub-Coercive Field Domain Wall Motion Dynamics with Piezo Response Scanning Oscillator Microscopy
S. Raghuraman, K. Kelley, S. Jesse, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
12:40Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science Accelerator Research and Development and Production (ARDAP), Annual Principal (PI) Meeting: Session 3 Superconducting Accelerator R&DMaryland 5
Session chair: C. Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Businesses Models for Advanced Superconductors and Superconducting Magnet Technology
L. Cooley, Applied Superconductivity Center, Florida State University, US
Design, prototype and testing of a SRF cavity for a low-cost, compact accelerator for environmental applications
G. Ciovati, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, US
Optimization of superconducting radio frequency properties of sputtered Nb3Sn films for accelerator applications
G. Eremeev, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US
A metallurgical approach to improving Nb SRF Cavity Performance
P. Lee, Florida State University, US
2:20Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science Accelerator Research and Development and Production (ARDAP), Annual Principal (PI) Meeting: Session 4 New Particle Sources and Accelerator ConceptsMaryland 5
Session chair: C. Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Energy, US
From Theory to Practical High Brightness Photocathodes
W. Schroeder, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
On-Chip Integrated Photonics based Photocathodes
R. Kapadia, University of Southern California, US
Demonstrating Improved Lifetime in Superlattice Photocathodes
M. Andorf, Cornell University, US
Extreme Longitudinal Compression of Optimized Beams for MEV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction
G. Hoffstaetter, Cornell University, US
Using the multi-Petawatt ZEUS facility for laser wakefield acceleration
K. Krushelnick, University of Michigan, US
Feedback & Final Remarks from DOE
E. Colby, U.S. Department of Energy, US
1:00SBIR Breakout Meeting (Private Meeting)Chesapeake B
1:30DOE Federal Laboratory TTO Senior Manager Meeting (Private Meeting)Chesapeake 1
1:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland CD
1:00SBIR/STTR ESO Meeting (Private Meeting)Chesapeake 10
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