JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect 2023 Innovation Awardees

TechConnect 2023 Innovation Awardees
3 CulinaryMed Docssam
Advanced Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics (AIMES)Functional Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics
Ames National LaboratoryAluminum Cerium Alloys and Composites for Harsh Service Conditions
Ames National LaboratoryHigh strength aluminum/calcium composite conductor cable
Axon Medical TechnologiesThe Cog-Sobriety™ a Work Accident Reduction Tool: On-demand Cognitive Sobriety Test in 30 Seconds - Detect impairments regardless of underlying CAUSE
BotBuilt, IncRobotic Construction using AI, CV, and needing only 2D plans
BRYKA SKYSTOCKS, LLCHigh-gain high-power Planar Antenna array
Callentis Consulting Group, LLCEmbedded Concrete Resistivity Sensor System
CaSil Technologies LimitedEnhanced energy recovery from natural geothermal energy resources, and clean water restoration and protection
Cigent Technology Inc.Cybersecurity Embedded into Solid State Hard Drive Firmware
Copprium, Inc.Conductive Copper Inks
CyOne Inc.Wide-area Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Discovery (WISRD)
DeltaHawk Engines, Inc.Advanced Compression Ignition Aviation Propulsion System
Dynaflow, Inc.A Software Tool for Microbubble Enhanced HIFU for Non-invasive Tumor Ablations
EndoTheia, Inc.Eye-in-Ear device
Enig Associates, Inc.elementalGEO(TM)
Espre Technologies, Inc.A Secure Wireless IoT Chipset for Smart Building and Smart City Applications
Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLCElectric - VTOL Hybrid LTA (Lighter Than AIr) Unmanned AIrships
Genesis Codes IncSAUCED ( Smart, Adaptive, Ultra-Reliable, Cyber-Resilient, Efficient Data Infrastruture )
Georgia State UniversityCarbon Monoxide Prodrug and Related Delivery Systems for Therapeutics
Georgia State UniversityMethod to Separate Heavy Rare Earth Elements from Kaolin Mining Waste
HIDENN-AI, LLCHiDeNN-MCA: Hierarchical Deep-learning Neural Network enabled Multiresolution Clustering Analysis Software Toolkit for Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Performance of Composite Structures
Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Centre (FLAIR)ARGUS – Anomaly Recognition Graphical Universal System
Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Centre (FLAIR)Interactive Control System for Robot Manipulation with AR Technology
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilAutonomous Air-Ground Cooperative Tunnel Inspector
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilDual-laser Hybrid Polishing Technology
Hyperboloid LLCCryogenic Helium Gas Flow Meter
Inatel - Instituto Nacional de TelecomunicaçõesAI-based Linearization Schemes for 5G/6G Fiber/Wireless Systems
Inatel – Instituto Nacional de TelecomunicaçõesHigh Performance Dual-band and High Gain Antenna
Inatel – Instituto Nacional de TelecomunicaçõesPoF – Power over Fiber: A Novel Approach for Energy Transmission
Isosceles Pharmaceuticals, Inc.A dissolving, sharps-free microneedle intradermal injection platform for site specific nonopioid pain relief
JANAS MATERIALS INC.A new coating additive that enables the environment-friendly water-based wood stains
JaseciLabsJaseci: a technology stack for bleeding edge AI
KeyCaliber, Inc.Risk-informed Cyber Asset Management
Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)Advanced alkaline water electrolysis stack for green hydrogen production
LightSpeed Concepts Inc.Revolutionary Affordable 3D Sand Printer for Metalcasting Agility, Lightweighting & Advanced Materials
Maplewell EnergyJANiiT – Advanced Energy Management System
Margik Inc.Organic lighting devices
MemComputing, Inc.MEMCPU Platform
MetakosmosA multi environment commercial spacesuit platform
Microbeam Technologies Inc.Predictive Critical Mineral Measurement Software
MicroSiliconReal-Time Paramagnetic Sensing for Oil Field Optimization and Process Control
Molecular Rebar Design, LLCSilane-modified Molecular Rebar® for EV Tires
NatrionNatrion: A Leading Technologies’ Company in Solid-State Battery Components
necoTECHEV-Powered Mobile 3D Concrete Printing of In Situ Material
Neoskye Inc.Datalink-Enabled AI for Fire Optimization
NeuroInDx, Inc.Linear Displacement Adhesion Assay (LiDiAA)
Neurxstem IncHuman Brain Disease Models
Neurxstem IncHuman Brain Model of Opioid Addiction and Novel Therapeutics
Novare Products LLCA lean, affordable robotic technology that provides a unique functionality and option to current robotic furniture / assisted access products
Orbital Composites, Inc.Advanced Manufacturing Tech
Pacific Advanced TechnologySmallest Infrared Hyperspectral Camera
Precient Technologies LLCMembrane Biofilm Reactor (MBfR)
Quantica GmbHNovoJet Printhead Technology
RadmantisRobotic routing for uncrewed finfish farming
River Otter Renewables, IncRiver Otter Reactor (ROR) - a waste and water solution system
Rowan UniversityWireless Approach for Vibration Estimation of Structures (WAVES)
RVmagnetics, a.s.passive contacless MicroWire sensor (based on bistable magnetic microwires)
SingletO2 Therapeutics LLCA safe, rapid, and effective way to cure gum disease
SixLine SemiconductorAligned Carbon Nanotube RF Devices for Next-Gen Wireless Communication
Soliyarn, Inc.Environmentally friendly and efficient smart garments and heated textiles
Sonogen Medical, Inc.Next generation diagnostic and therapeutic bone fracture healing
Spectrohm, Inc,High-Speed High-Throughput Imaging with Radio Waves
Stanford University - Office of Technology Licensing3D Bioprinting using Stiffened Polymer Bioinks and Bioorthogonal Crosslinkers
Stanford University - Office of Technology LicensingHigh-density, direct photo-patterning of stretchable electronic polymers
Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc.Compact subsea lidar for micro/mini ROVs and AUVs
Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc.Compact Underwater Lidar System
Texas State UniversityDataTwin: A Proactive Data Management Solution
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationCapillary-Embedded Rapid Adaptable Multiscale (CERAM) Bioprinting for Engineering Large Vascularized Tissues
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationEnclosed Hollow Needle Blister-Packs for Drug Delivery
The Australian National UniversityGyro-Magnetometer for Inertial Navigation Systems
The Australian National UniversitySystem and Algorithm for high efficiency thermal energy storage
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAmmonia Powered Fuel Cell-based Electric Vehicle
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityBiomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Grafts
The Provenance Chain Network Inc.Blockchain Enabled, Supply Chain Transparency for Defense Supply Chains
Trabus TechnologiesSpectrally Efficient Peer-to-Peer (SEPP) Wireless Technology
University of ArizonaWireless Battery Personalized Wearable Electronics
University of Iowa Technology InstituteSantos - the only physics-based virtual human model
University of MinnesotaCompostable polyester plastics
University of Pennsylvania or University of Pennsylvania-Penn Center for InnovationMultistable elastic pixels (MEPs) for reversible programming of optical properties
University of Pennsylvania-Penn Center for InnovationNanocircuits at optical frequencies
University of WaterlooHighly Conductive Covalently Bonded Electrodes for Fast Charging Li-ion Batteries
VeridatTrust-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution
ZILA BioWorksIndustrial Bioplastics for a Circular Carbon Economy
Zylo Therapeutics, Inc.Z-pods®
Zymeron CorporationOpiTracker for Universal Detection of Opioid
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