JUNE 19-21, 2023

Biotech & Medical

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2023 Speakers and Chairs Include: 

2023 Sector Program - Biotech & Medical

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8:15TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary Keynotes
9:00Challenges and Technologies in Critical Mineral Mining
9:00SPM: Dynamic Processes at Solid-liquid Interfaces
9:00Tissue Engineering
9:00Novel Chemical & Physical Sensors
9:00Army xTech Startup Summit
9:00Medtech & Space Sprint - Sponsored by Brycetech
1:30SPM: Machine Learning & Automation
3:30SPM User Facilities Leadership Panel
1:30Bio-based Nanomaterial
1:30Medical Device Technologies
1:30Biosensors & Medical Applications
1:30Army xTech Startup Summit
1:30NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) - Partnering
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception, Corporate Scout Speed Dating, Army xTech Showcase, Poster Session I (4:00 - 6:00)
4:00Bio-based Materials - Posters
4:00Tissue Engineering - Posters
4:00Medical Devices - Posters
4:00Sensors & Lab-on-a-Chip - Posters

Tuesday June 20

9:00Joint TechConnect & SBIR/STTR Keynote Program
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - Keynote (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
10:30SPM Based Chemical Spectroscopy
10:30Molecular Modeling
10:30Bio-based & Bio-inspired Materials
10:30Army xTech Startup Summit
11:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
11:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
1:30SPM in Biology & Medicine
1:30Innovations in Precision Health and Diagnostics for Health Wellness
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception, SBIR/STTR Program Office Meetup, Army xTech Showcase, Poster Session II (4:00 - 6:00)
4:00Precision Health - Posters
4:00Drug Delivery & Vaccines - Posters

Wednesday June 21

9:00Materials Characterization
9:00SPM: Nanomechanics & Tribology
9:00Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Drug Delivery & Vaccines
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)


Monday June 19

8:15TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary KeynotesMaryland B
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect Division ATI
9:00Challenges and Technologies in Critical Mineral MiningTBA
Session chair: Santa Jansone-Popova, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Full-value Copper Mining: A Gateway to Critical Mineral Resources
S. Duyvesteyn, D. Wellman, K. Jenkins, C. Eyzaguirre, C. Smith, Rio Tinto, US
A unique North American Source of Gallium, with its challenges
L. Fortin, A. Pucci, Rio Tinto, CA
Understading China’s Rare Earth Subsidies and Structural Advantages
J. Kennedy, ThREE Consulting, US
Satellite-Based Hyperspectral Analysis for Improved License to Operate and Lifecycle Operations in Mining
R.P. Weaver, Orbital Sidekick, Inc., US
Rare Earth Elements: Changing Supplies and Market Sector Demands
M. Nkiawete, R. Vander Wal, Penn State University, US
Portable Luminescent Sensing Technologies for Economically Critical Metal Ions
S. Crawford, J. Baltrus, K-J Kim, N. Diemler, National Energy Technology Laboratory/Leidos, US
Art of the Possible: High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Radiation for Mine Tailings Characterization in Re-mining Operations
G. Ray, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, Cornell University, US
9:00SPM: Dynamic Processes at Solid-liquid InterfacesTBA
Session chair: Liam Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
In situ and Operando Force-based Atomic Force Microscopy For Probing Local Functionality in Energy Storage Materials
N. Balke, North Carolina State University, US
Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscopy Reveals Tunable Angle-dependent Electrochemistry at Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Y. Yu, K. Zhang, D. Kwabena Bediako, George Mason University, US
Mapping electrical double layer structure over nanostructured surfaces with three-dimensional atomic force microscopy.
B.A. Legg, M. Zhang, J. Heo, E. Nakouzi, J.J. De Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
Faster and gentler: new scan algorithms and probes for AFM
P. Ashby, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
9:00Tissue EngineeringTBA
Session chair: Thomas Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
A Novel, Biocidal and Permanent Surface Modification Technology to Protect Medical and Non-Medical Surfaces
H. Bouloussa, DeBogy Molecular, Inc., US
Bacterial and human cell-synthesized metal nanomaterials: turning bacterial pathogens and human cells into clinical assets
D. Medina Cruz, SynCell Biotechnology, US
Design of Biomimetic ECM-like Matrices for Guided Tissue Formation
H. Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Converged Biofabrication Technologies for High-Content Tissue Model Engineering
Y. Shrike Zhang, Harvard Medical School, US
Human Clinical Tissue Engineering Trials
T.J. Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
Gelatin Methacryloyl Granular Hydrogels: High-throughput Microgel Fabrication, Lyophilization, Chemical Assembly, and 3D Bioprinting
A. Sheikhi, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Absolute Quantification of Genomic Targets for Cell Counting
M. Cauble, H-J He, J. Almeida, S. Sarkar, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Light Transmission Aggregometry Method to Measure Tumor Cell Cluster Dissociation
B. Schnoor, R.K. Kottana, A.L. Papa, George Washington University, US
9:00Novel Chemical & Physical SensorsTBA
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Services Company, US
Continuous Methane Sensing for Rapid Detection and Repair of Intermittent Emitters
A. Speck, SLB, US
A smart and nanostructured perovskite for selective NO sensing in a broader temperature range
B. Saruhan, S. Nahirniak, Ch. Krasmann, R. Lontio Fomekong, German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.), DE
Cryogenic Helium Flow Sensor System
K. Jordan, G. Biallas, Jefferson Science Associates, US
Wireless and Battery-Less Universal Power Consumption Monitoring Sensor
W. Yu, Archimedes Controls Corp., US
Development of electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials for demanding industrial applications
D. Swett, Aramco Research Services, US
Ultrawideband Multistatic Positioning System
E. Heidhausen, University Research Foundation, US
Miniaturized contactless sensors based on magnetically bistable microwires
R. Varga, RVmagnetics, a.s., SK
9:00Army xTech Startup SummitMaryland 3
9:00Medtech & Space Sprint - Sponsored by BrycetechMaryland 4
1:30SPM: Machine Learning & AutomationTBA
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
Real-Time Physics-Constrained Machine Learning in Multidimensional Atomic Force Microscopy
J.C. Agar, Drexel University, US
A deep learning content-based image retrieval tool for AFM topography maps
B. Rajabifar, 3M, US
Automated and autonomous scanning probe microscopy for understanding and controlling dynamics in ferroelectric materials
R. Vasudevan, B. Smith, A. Khojandi, S.M. Valleti, S. Jesse, Y. Liu, S.V. Kalinin, M. Ziatdinov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:30SPM User Facilities Leadership PanelTBA
Session chair: G. Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
Managing an SPM Shared User Facility at MIT
A. Schwartzman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
C. Newcomb, Stanford University, US
J. Tresback, Harvard University, US
L. Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
1:30Bio-based NanomaterialTBA
Session chair: Sean Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd., US & Junyong Zhu, U.S Department of Agriculture, US
Maleic Acid Hydrotropic Fractionation: Effective Deconstruction of Lignocellulose for Multi-Products Biorefinery
J.Y. Zhu, USDA Forest Products Laboratory, US
Recent Development in Microfibrillated Cellulose and Mineral/Microfibrillated Cellulose Composite Materials
Y. Jin, D. Skuse, S. Ireland, FiberLean® Technologies Ltd., UK
Path toward commercializing cellulose nanomaterials
X. Zhang, Washington State University, US
Sustainable composite development through use of different form and scale of cellulose fibers and their applications via additive manufacturing from a yacht roof mold to a 3D-printed house
H.L. Tekinalp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Lignin - Potential Sources for Carbon Nagative Building Materials
Z. Cai, Q. Yan, Forest Products Laboratory, US
Super Strong Wood Materials for A Sustainable Built Environment
J. Dai, InventWood, US
Metal Cation Enabled Production of Hydrophobic and Water-resistant Lignocellulosic Packaging Materials and Tableware
X. Zhang, Mississippi State University, US
1:30Medical Device TechnologiesTBA
Session chair: Jeannine M. Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
K. Sadtler, NIH, US
Introducing MatriNova: A Paradigm Shift in Soft-Tissue Repair Using Nanofiber Technology
S. Soliman, Matregenix, US
A novel hemostatic matrix that provides multi-day hemostatic control of junctional, high-pressure, and non-compressible hemorrhagic injuries
A. Jorgensen, M. Loll, D. Hickerson, W. Rowe, W. Hickerson, SiOxMed, US
Formulation and Optimization of Cosmetic Coating to Protect Skin from Thermal Injury
S. Taczak, Materic, US
Supporting Translation of Novel Neurotechnology Medical Devices through the NIH Blueprint MedTech Initiative
Y. Kostov, N. Langhals, L. Angelone, S. Gutowski, J. Tilghman, M. Wolfson, National Institute on Drug Abuse, US
Wearable Artificial Kidney
V. Gura, Wearable Artificial Organs Inc., US
A.G. Loron, None, US
Retrofitting the American Football Helmet with Energy-Absorbing Superelastic Nitinol
J. Sousa, Western Michigan University, US
Microwave-assisted synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (HA) for production of bioabsorbable nanocomposites of PLGA-HA
G.J. Colmenares Roldán, L.M. Agudelo Gomez, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos Palacio, Ceipa, CO
1:30Biosensors & Medical ApplicationsTBA
Session chair: Sehoon Chang, Aramco Services Company, US
Node-Pore Sensing: How a (Humble) Four-Terminal Measurement Can Measure the Mechanical Properties of Single Cells
L. Sohn, University of California, Berkeley, US
Soft MXene-nylon filament microelectrodes for high-resolution, localized detection of neural transmitters and electrical simulation
L. Bi, Drexel University, US
A Diagnostic Device for Detecting Biomarkers of Organ Injury in Saliva
A.E. Saunders, R.K. Baldwin, S.J. Oldenburg, Fortis Life Sciences, US
A Low-Cost Graphene Biosensing Platform for Multi-Analyte Point-of-Care Diagnostics
B. Fenech-Salerno, M. Holicky, C. Yao, F. Torrisi, Imperial College London, UK
Nanosensor Coupling to Human and Plant Interfaces for Real Time Chemical Information Transfer
M. Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
3D Nano-Printing Sensors for High-Fidelity Sensory Manikin Skin in Medical Simulation Training
X. Liu, T. Ko, J. Cai, A. Gnatt, L. Yeh, A. Hoffman, D. Summers, Nanobiofab, US
Nanostructured Biomimetic ACE2 Memristive Electrochemical Sensors Speed up the Screening of a S1 SARS CoV-2 Inhibitor Candidate ABS02 Compared with the Performance of Remdesivir
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
1:30Army xTech Startup SummitMaryland 3
1:30NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) - PartneringMaryland 4
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception, Corporate Scout Speed Dating, Army xTech Showcase, Poster Session I (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall AB
4:00Bio-based Materials - PostersExpo Hall AB
Different Techniques and Methods Employed to Maintain and Provide Specific Environment in Bioenergy
A. Omer, Eri, UK
Investigating Cannabidiol and Garcinol as Antimicrobial Agents against Bacteria
A. Azzouz, K. Vig, Earlham College, US
Universal Precursor for Efficient Sugar Synthesis
Z. Na, C.C. Keen, National University of Singapore, SG
4:00Tissue Engineering - PostersExpo Hall AB
Developing Customizable Scaffolds with Antimicrobial Properties for Vascular Tissue Regeneration using Low Temperature Plasma (LTP)
K. Vig, Alabama State University, US
Biodegradable PDLLA periodontal tissue regeneration scaffold prepared by electrospinning
D. Jeong, D.Y. Lee, Daelim University, KR
4:00Medical Devices - PostersExpo Hall AB
Evaluation of a Powered toothbrush new technology with saliva collection
B. Dasari, M. Strickland, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, US
Mechanical and In Vitro Bioactivity Study of Barium-based Bioactive Glass/Starch Nanobiocomposite as Candidate Graft Material for Bone Repair
E.R. Essien, V.N. Atasie, K. Tekelu, J.O. Kekene, L.A. Adams, University of Lagos, NG
Nanoparticles of hydroxide and magnesium oxide: formation of PLGA nanocomposite and possible biomedical application
G.J. Colmenares, L.M. Agudelo, M. Londoño, S. Mesa, F. Jaramillo, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos Palacio, Ceipa, CO
Physicochemical characterization of collagen films integrating PLGA nanocapsules, fabricated by electrospinning
L.M. Agudelo Gómez, J.A. Carlos Cornelio, L.M. Hoyos Palacio, G.J. Colmenares Roldán, Ceipa, CO
4:00Sensors & Lab-on-a-Chip - PostersExpo Hall AB
Portable device for multiple pathogen detection via LAMP
V.M. Lugo-Ramírez, R.G. Ramírez-Chavarría, E. Castillo-Villanueva, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MX
Integrated Dual-Modality Microfluidic Sensor for Biomarker Detection
J. Bjerke, Iowa State University, US
Quantum-based sensing of biomolecules using fluorescent nitrogen vacancy-center nanodiamonds
A. Rampersaud, I. Rampersaud, C. Fletcher, M. Slocum, L. Drummy, Columbus Nanoworks, US
A mechano-electrical and potentially biocompatible transduction platform for smart hydrogel-based sensors
B. Ahmed, C.F. Reiche, F. Solzbacher, J. Körner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
Portable Multi-Diagnostic Device
L. Velazquez, G. Cruz, D. Shirley, AxoTech LLC, US
A Novel Approach for Microplastic Detection Based on the Triboelectric Method in a Microfluidic Platform
M. Hoorfar, A. Motalebizadeh, S. Fardindoost, University of Victoria, CA
Advanced Nanoparticles Enhanced Mechanical Sensors Design for Ultrasonic Applications
L. Bivolarsky, Perceptive Sensors Technology, Inc.,, US

Tuesday June 20

9:00Joint TechConnect & SBIR/STTR Keynote ProgramMaryland A
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect Division ATI
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - Keynote (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland C
10:30SPM Based Chemical SpectroscopyTBA
Session chair: Liang Gong, 3M, US
Exploiting infrared light-matter interactions to explore complex systems at the nanoscale
L. Tetard, University of Central Florida, US
Single electron spectroscopy and ultrafast time resolution by AFM
P. Grutter, McGill University, CA
Elucidation of silk fiber formation by multi-modal SPM
S. Cohen, Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
Infrared correlation nanoscopy with unprecedented spectral coverage
T. Gokus, attocube Systems AG, DE
Correlative Nanoscale Topographical, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Property Mapping with Dimension IconIR
C. Li, C. Phillips, Bruker Nano Surfaces and Metrology, US
10:30Molecular ModelingTBA
Session chair: Jan-Willem Handgraaf, Siemens Digital Industries Software, NE
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Dynamic Hydration Layer in a Polyzwitterionic Polymer
J.A. Clark, V.M. Prabhu, J.F. Douglas, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
How molecular simulations can help to energetic transition?
D. Pantano, Total Energies, US
Molecular Dynamic Simulation Study on the Effects of Moisture Content on the Water Activity and Glass Transition Temperature of Food Carbohydrates
L. Abudour, General Mills, US
Predicting mechanical and rheological properties of adhesives using coarse-grained molecular dynamics
N.K. Hansoge, Z. Liu, 3M, US
First-principles study of the tritium diffusion and formation in γ-LiAlO2 pellets
Y. Duan, T. Jia, H. Paudel, Y.-L. Lee, D. Senor, A.M. Casella, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
10:30Bio-based & Bio-inspired MaterialsTBA
Session chair: Helen Zha, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Biopolymers for materials, tissues and foods towards a sustainable future
D. Kaplan, Tufts University, US
Bioengineering Protein Universe: Food, Feed, Materials
M. Demirel, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Circular Biomaterials at Industrial Scales
D. Bierend, Ecovative Design, US
Sustainable Synthesis of Silk-Inspired Polymers
A. Connor, M. Koffas, R.H. Zha, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
10:30Army xTech Startup SummitMaryland 6
11:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland A
11:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland C
Session chair: Qilin Li, Rice University, US
Ion Selective Ion Exchange Membranes for the specific Recovery of Phosphorous and Lithium
D. Jassby, E. Hoek, J. Wang, A. Iddya, University of California, Los Angeles, US
2D nanomaterial-based multifunctional membranes for metal and oxyanion removal
B. Mi, University of California at Berkeley, US
Effect of Film Thickness and Temperature on the CO2 Sorption in Poly(ethyleneimine)
J.R. Hoffman, A.E. Baumann, C.M. Stafford, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Correlating the Diffusion of Water in Model Polyamides with Controlled Cross-link Densities to their Performance in Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Desalination
V.J. Witherspoon, K. Ito, C.R. Snyder, M. Tyagi, T.B. Martin, P.A. Beaucage, R.C. Nieuwendaal, R.S. Vallery, D.W. Gidley, J.D. Wilbur, D. Welsh, C.M. Stafford, C.L. Soles, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Opportunities and Challenges of Membrane Separation in Chemical Industry
Y. Liu, J. Liu, A. Singh, Dow Inc., US
Synergistic Effect of Combining UIO-66 and Mxene nanosheets in Pebax Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 Capture and Separation
E. Gebrie Ajebe, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW
1:30SPM in Biology & MedicineTBA
Multiplexed nanoscale viscoelastic mapping of melanoma cells as a biomarker of tumor progression and metastasis
A. Cartagena-Rivera, National Institutes of Health (NIH), US
Malaria derived-EVs properties and function studied by Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
I. Rosenhek-Goldian, P.A. Karam, I. Azuri, E. Dekel, M.I. Morandi, S.R. Cohen, N. Regev-Rudzki, Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
Evaluation of FluidFM for genome editing in single cells
S. Patange, S. Maragh, U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
The Effect of Lipid Bilayer Dehydration on its Physical Properties
N. Kampf, Y. Dong, Y. Schilt, W. Cao, U. Raviv, J. Klein, Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
Elucidating the pH-driven conformational shift of R-bodies, a force generator in bacteria, with in situ AFM
S. Zhang, University of Washington, US
Designed Interfaces Between Proteins and Inorganic Crystals for Templated Assembly and Co-Assembly
S. Yadav, A. Stegmann, B. Helfrecht, H. Pyles, C. Mundy, S. Zhang, D. Baker, J. de Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
1:30Innovations in Precision Health and Diagnostics for Health WellnessTBA
Session chair: Prakash Nallathamby, Notre Dame University, US
NearWave Imager: The First Entirely Handheld Real-time Frequency-Domain Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Imaging System
R. Stillwell, Nearwave, US
Size-tunable Indocyanine Green Based Contrast Agent Platform for Different Photoacoustic Imaging Applications.
S. Singh, G. Giammanco, D.J. Lawrence, J.L. Moran, P.V. Chtinis, R. Veneziano, George Mason University, US
Using Geometric Unified Digital Biomarkers to Detect Neurological Diseases
W. Gu, Dasion (Data-to-Decision) Corporation, US
A Multimodal Approach To Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Mental Readiness with VR
V. Somareddy, Neuro Rehab VR, US
Detection and treatment of endometriosis using a novel nanomedicine platform
Y. Park, A. Demessie, A. Luo, O.R. Taratula, A.S. Moses, P. Do, L. Campos, Y. Jahangiri, C.R. Wyatt, H.A. Albarqi, K. Farsad, O.D. Slayden, O. Taratula, Oregon State University, US
Biomimetic, Antibiotic Free, Nanoparticles for Agent Agnostic Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Action including ESKAPE Pathogens
J. Hopf, J. Olesk, C. Evans, J. Ross, D. Donahue, V. Ploplis, F. Castellino, S. Lee, P.D. Nallathamby, University of Notre Dame, US
Stem Cell Precision Medicine Human Brain Disease Models
R. Anand, Neurxstem Inc, US
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-a-ChipTBA
Session chair: Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
Membrane displacement traps for deterministic droplet and cell manipulation
M. Yeh, J. Harriot, D.L. DeVoe, University of Maryland, US
Sensitive POC (point-of-care) system to detect virus from the environmental and fecal samples using graphene oxide
J. Min, Chung-Ang University, KR
Automated Acoustic Levitation Sample Delivery for Multiple Synchrotron and XFEL Beam Lines
P.T. Docker, D. Axford, V. Baker, Diamond light Source, UK
Soft, tissue-integrated microfluidics for self-powered, wireless biosensors and biofluid-activated batteries
A.J. Bandodkar, North Carolina State University, US
Microfluidic cartridges for fast and highly sensitive automated immunoassay at point-of-care settings
S. Wang, Y. Zhou, Z. Li, The George Washington University, US
Electro-confinement nano-membrane desalination
J. Ma, W. Wei, G. Qin, Beihang University, CN
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland A
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland C
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception, SBIR/STTR Program Office Meetup, Army xTech Showcase, Poster Session II (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall AB
4:00Precision Health - PostersExpo Hall AB
Harnessing Emerging Technologies to Deliver Ecologically Valid Precision Therapeutics 
R. Kalungam, F. Elshobokshy, University of the District of Columbia, US
Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Based Models for COPD Exacerbation Prediction
N. Orangi-Fard, Georgia Gwinnett College, US
A Landscape of Infectious Disease In Vitro Diagnostic Devices: From 2000 to Present
E. Bradford, MRIGlobal, US
Identifying Polyploid Cells in Tissue Images to Aid in Drug Development for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
C. Rouse, Southwest Research Institute, US
Translation of Cellular-Resolution OCT Images to H&E-Like Stained Images via Generative Adversarial Network
S.T. Tsai, C.H. Liu, S.L. Huang, National Taiwan University, TW
4:00Drug Delivery & Vaccines - PostersExpo Hall AB
Charge booster tags for controlled release of therapeutic proteins from injectable gels
I. Kwon, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), KR
Pivots caused by the pandemic for Surfactant Administration and Airway for Very low birth weight Infants
C. Bernstein, BB Medical Surgical, US

Wednesday June 21

9:00Materials CharacterizationTBA
Session chair: Alex Norman, Princeton University, US
Quantifying Adsorbed Dispersant Layers on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Simple and Complex Environments
C.M. Sims, J.A. Fagan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Infrared CT Scan for Evaluating the Stress Response of Flexible Displays
J. Isbell, Materic, US
A versatile direct optical characterization method for morphology changes and swelling kinetics of smart hydrogels
G. Mu, J. Koerner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
Rheological characterization of natural ultrasound gel with and without nanomaterials
L. Rakesh, Central Michigan University, US
9:00SPM: Nanomechanics & TribologyTBA
Contact Resonance AFM using Long, Massive, Flexible Tips
R.C. Tung, N. Zimron-Politi, University of Nevada, Reno, US
In Situ Study of the Pressure-Dependent Lubrication Mechanism of Phosphonium Phosphate Ionic Liquid in Nanoscale Single-Asperity Sliding Contacts
Z. Li, O. Morales-Collazo, J.T. Sadowski, H. Celio, A. Dolocan, J.F. Brennecke, F. Mangolini, The University of Texas at Austin, US
Improved Contact Resonance Atomic Force Microscopy Data Analysis Techniques
N. Zimron-Politi, R.C. Tung, University of Nevada, Reno, US
The influence of nanoscale mechanical property distribution on macroscopic performance of polymer composites
B. Pittenger, S. Osechinskiy, J. Thornton, S. Loire, T. Mueller, Bruker, US
Maximizing information extraction from AFM nanoindentation — Best practices to algorithms
R. Sheridan, C. Brinson, Duke University, US
Force Spectroscopy Measurements with a focus on viscoelasticity and elasticity of SiO2 nanoparticles on etched biotite and muscovite surfaces
S.S.S. Uygan, D. Yablon, C. Kielar, E. Vogelsberg, D. Erb, P. Müller, T. Heine, K. Monakhov, B. Abel, C. Fischer, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, DE
Traceability of NIST Reference Cantilever Array for Standard Reference Material 3461
G.A. Shaw, R.S. Gates, W.A. Osborn, M.J. McLean, J.J. Filliben, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Strengthening Polylactic Acid by Salification: Surface Characterization Study
J. Schlosser, K. Fouladi, B. Eslami, Widener University, US
9:00Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Drug Delivery & VaccinesTBA
Session chair: Steve Zullo, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, US
Photo-Responsive Nanomedicine for Placenta Visualization and Photo-Hyperthermia for Potential Management of Ectopic Pregnancy
O. Taratula, A. Moses, L. Kadam, O. Taratula, L. Myatt, M.K. Baldwin, Oregon State University, US
Small Molecule Drug to Treat Space Travel Induced Bone Reduction
J. Barnett, J. McCall, H. Blair, J. Soboloff, W. Geldenhuys, ExesaLibero Pharma, Inc, US
Breaking Silos of Formulations in Preclinical, First-in-Human Trial, and Phase 3 Clinical Trial Stages
K. Olmstead, Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc., US
COVID-19 Vaccines: Technology Transfer And Licensing Facilitated Rapid Deployment
E. Nesbitt, U.S. International Trade Commission, US
Nucleic acid delivery by functionalized exosomes
J. He, University of Virginia, US
Purification of Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) from the Ostrich (Struthio camelus) by Staphylococcal Protein A (SpA) Affinity Chromatography
A. Justiz-Vaillant, P. Akpaka, C. Palmer, Tulane University, US
Development of safe anticoagulant- a bioactive peptide from Porphyra yezoensis
A. Mehta, Vellore Institute of Technology, IN
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland A
9:00Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland C
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland A
1:30Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit - (CWMD/MCDC Members meeting)Maryland C
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