Amy D'Agostino

Program Manager

xTech, Army

Dr. Amy D’Agostino leads the Army’s premier prize competition program, xTech, which focuses on bringing innovative science and technology to the warfighter.  Previously, Dr. D’Agostino worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a Human Factors researcher.  In her time at the NRC, Dr. D’Agostino also built and implemented the NRC’s innovation program.  Dr. D’Agostino transitioned to her role in the Army in Fall 2021.  Dr. D’Agostino received a BA in Psychology from West Chester University, an MA and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Connecticut and is the author of numerous manuscripts and technical reports. She has received several awards including a Meritorious Service Award in 2020 from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.