Zohra Tejani



As a lawyer with 25 years of experience primarily at the intersection of technology and public sector, Zohra believes that innovation from private sector technology companies can help governments solve big problems and better serve citizens.

Zohra’s superpower is helping technology and life science companies traverse legal and regulatory issues and achieve business objectives with their government grantors and public sector customers. For those companies doing business in the public sector, Zohra brings a thoughtful, creative approach to negotiating must-win deals. Leveraging in-house experience at Microsoft and VMware, she is a trusted advisor to founders, C-level executives, general counsel, and leaders in sales, product engineering, and information security.

Zohra works with companies of all sizes, helping to close funding agreements and procurement contracts and counsel on risks inherent with transacting with public sector entities including with US Federal (e.g., US Department of Defense), US State, and Local Governments, K12, Higher-Ed, quasi-governmental entities (e.g., US Postal Service), international organizations (e.g., United Nations), and tribal nations. She has a passion for emerging technologies and especially enjoys working with companies in the govtech, defense tech, civic tech, edtech, and smart city sectors.