JUNE 19-21, 2023

Drug, Biomolecule, and Vaccine Delivery

Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery

Symposium Co-Chairs

Steven ZulloSteven Zullo
Program Director
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering/NIH

Thomas AnchordoquyExploiting the Refractory Response to Limit Off-Target Accumulation
Thomas Anchordoquy
Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado

Puneet TyagiPuneet Tyagi
Senior Scientist

Presentations in this session focus on strategies for improving the delivery of traditional small molecule drugs, proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, or genetic material (RNA, DNA). The route of administration can be systemic (e.g., IV, oral) or local (e.g., IM, topical), with the goal of enhancing delivery beyond current approaches. The delivery improvement can be in terms of timing, control, or dosing, but may also address challenges associated with biological responses to the delivery vehicle such as toxicity and immunogenicity.

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2023 Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 20

4:00Drug Delivery & Vaccines - Posters

2023 Symposium Program

Tuesday June 20

4:00Drug Delivery & Vaccines - PostersExpo Hall AB
Charge booster tags for controlled release of therapeutic proteins from injectable gels
I. Kwon, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), KR
Pivots caused by the pandemic for Surfactant Administration and Airway for Very low birth weight Infants
C. Bernstein, BB Medical Surgical, US
Short Carbon Nanotube Enabled Delivery of mRNA as an HIV-1 Vaccine Candidate
Y. Xu, T. Ferguson, O. Vest, K. Smith, M. Tsuji, X. Kong, C. Tison, Luna Labs USA, US
Bone marrow-targeted drug delivery technology
X. Li, J. Rong, D. Su, J.Z. Zhou, Zymeron Corporation, US
Topics & Application Areas
  • Sustained/controlled release
  • Ligand-mediated delivery
  • Improved accumulation at desired site
  • Stimulation of specific immune pathways
  • Avoidance of adverse effects and toxicity
  • Robust resistance to disease
  • Other

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