Welcome to the Post Pollution Future with LanzaTech

T. Dower
United States

Keywords: circular economy, industrial decarbonization, waste-based feedstocks, biotech, synthetic biology, sustainable aviation fuel, chemicals


This presentation will explain how LanzaTech harnesses the power of biology and big data to create climate-safe materials and fuels by converting waste carbon into new everyday products that would otherwise come from virgin fossil resources. Founded in 2005, Illinois-based LanzaTech, Inc., is a leading Carbon Capture and Transformation (“CCT”) company combining synthetic biology and engineering to transform waste carbon into materials and high-value products representing a total addressable market opportunity of over $1 trillion. These products include sustainable fuels, fabrics and packaging that people use in their daily lives. LanzaTech’s CCT technology can provide a profitable pathway to achieving the decarbonization goals of participants in many industries, as CCT technologies are expected to increasingly be used within industrial sectors of the economy as a critical method used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meeting mandates and climate goals. Using a variety of waste feedstocks, LanzaTech’s technology platform highlights a future where consumers are not dependent on virgin fossil feedstocks for everything in our daily lives. The company’s goal is to challenge and change the way the world uses carbon, enabling a new circular carbon economy where carbon is reused rather than wasted, skies and oceans are kept clean, and pollution becomes a thing of the past.