MultiModal Domain Intelligent Decision Support

G. Olson
GT Digital Ltd.,
United States

Keywords: data fusion, data conversion, cross domain analysis


The number of sensors, devices and open sources providing data to analysts and decision makers is overwhelming their abilities to rapidly assess a situation or potential threat. AI based multimodal technolgy that pre-curates based on advanced semantic and contextual search techniques and uses cognitive computational processes and geospatial intelligence to more quickly analyze the disparate data will significantly help the analysts and decision makers with Intelligent Decision Support identify risk and enabling them to provide actionable intelligence to first reponders and warfighters at the edge. This platform correlates data from multiple and disparate sources, visualizing the results displaying the video, images, maps, text and data in an intuitive user display and interface. Current heat maps, fractals and charts make rapid assessment more difficult and forces the analyst to figure out what the images represent before they can initiate an appropriate response. Analysts and decision makers need intelligent systems that support their efforts.