On the role and value of BECCS in deep decarbonisation scenarios

N. Mac Dowell
Imperial College London,
United Kingdom

Keywords: BECCS, carbon dioxide removal, CCS, bioenergy


Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) has been identified as being key for meeting long term climate goals. Whilst there is a broad portfolio from which to choose, bioenergy with CCS (BECCS) is unique in that it can both provide an energy service (heat, power, hydrogen, mobility) concurrently with removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Given its prominant role in many IAM scenarios, BECCS is simultaneously one of the highest profile and most controversial options for CDR at scale. In this contribution, we will discuss some fundamental concepts of BECCS - does it actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and generate energy? With what efficiency? Will it impact food prices? What is the best use of biomass?