The SAE AMS - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium

B. Bihlman
SAE Industry Technologies Consortia,
United States

Keywords: material specifications, standards, additive manufacturing, 3D printing


The SAE AMS - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium (AMDC) is a global, neutral, and collaborative forum for organizations in aerospace and other safety critical industries to convene and mutually support an agreed upon method for generating pedigreed additive manufactured material property data which meets the requirements for inclusion in industry accepted databases and serves as a basis for generating specification minima for international standards. Formed by SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, AMDC gathers organizations across the additive manufacturing (AM) value chain – feedstock producers, equipment manufacturers, service bureaus, researchers, post-processors, mechanical testing facilities, and parts manufacturers – with advice from regulators to build, test, and analyze the test coupons needed to build the datasets underlying new material specifications. The analyzed data from the mechanical testing of the test coupons forms datasets that are the basis for new AM material specifications. Those material specifications in-turn are part of the AM part qualification ecosystem necessary for broad industrialization of AM, especially for safety critical industries such as aerospace. This presentation provides an overview of the goals, strategy, processes, and progress that AMDC is using in support of industry needs.