Creating the Extended Reality of the Future with Artificial Intelligence and Computational Design

L-F. Yu
George Mason University,
United States

Keywords: virtual reality, augmented reality, personalized training, artificial intelligence, serious games, computer graphics, computational design


With the advancement in extended reality (XR), what will the future of work, entertainment, and everyday life be like 5-10 years from now? In this talk, I will discuss recent advances of our research group on using artificial intelligence and computational design approaches to devise novel user experiences, content-creation tools, and user interfaces for envisioning the XR of the future. More specifically, I will discuss how to use optimization techniques to automate the design of human-centric virtual environments and to personalize VR training for safety and fitness; how to devise AI-driven user interfaces to assist users with navigation and teleoperation in virtual environments; and how to integrate computer vision and scene understanding techniques into the creation of intelligent, human-friendly avatars such as virtual pets, virtual assistants, and storytellers in XR. I will end my talk by discussing many interesting research problems which are key to unlocking the full potential of extended reality. Please refer to my website for details of the research projects that I will discuss: