DOE Overview of Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Research, Development, and Demonstration

A. Shultz
U.S. Department of Energy,
United States

Keywords: industrial efficiency, decarbonization, DOE


The US Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) accelerated the development and equitable adoption of technologies that eliminate industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) and increase resource efficiency. IEDO executes this mission by funding research, development, demonstrations, strategic analysis, and technical assistance projects; supporting research facilities and technical expertise; convening experts; and providing relevant and high-quality information to decision-makers, especially on industrial best practices. This work is performed along three primary pillars: • Energy- and Emissions-Intensive Industries. IEDO accelerates the readiness of emerging industry-specific technologies to decarbonize the most energy- and emissions-intensive industrial subsectors by investing in sector-specific applied R&D and pilot-scale demonstration for processes and technologies that advance the four pillars of decarbonization; and focusing particularly on chemicals, iron and steel, food and beverage, cement, forest products, and other subsectors informed by analysis and stakeholder engagement. • Cross-Sector Technologies. IEDO accelerates the readiness of industrialized energy- and emissions-reducing component and equipment system technologies, across a broad range of industries, by investing in cross-sector applied R&D and pilot-scale demonstration for processes and technologies that advance electrification, utilization of low carbon fuels, and energy efficiency; focusing on decarbonization of thermal processes, utilization of low carbon fuels, emerging technologies to enable decarbonization, and reducing the energy and emissions impact of water and wastewater treatment; and prioritizing technologies that can be readily integrated with existing processes as well as emerging, next-generation production technologies with potential for transformative impact • Technical Assistance and Workforce Development. IEDO partners with and enables industry to accelerate the adoption of technologies, programs, and best practices that improve efficiency and decarbonization; and contributes to the development of a diverse mix of new workers and upskill existing workers for the industrial jobs of the future. This presentation will overview IEDO’s projects, partnerships, and goals in these areas to achieve the Biden administration’s goal of achieving a net-zero energy sector by 2050.