JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

Nano CatalyticsW2.105A novel nanoadditive platform enabling the broad CNT application and use
NanobiofabT4.124WoundSentry: A Revolutionary AI-Driven Wearable for Enhanced Infection Detection
Nanoscience InstrumentsM2.162Spark Ablated Nanoparticle Synthesis with VSP-P1
Nanoscience InstrumentsM4.386Electrospinning in Industry: Versatile and Scalable Nanomaterials Production
Nanosurf AGT4.241Nanomechanical analysis of materials using photothermal off-resonance actuation
NASAT4.382Technology Maturation for In-Space Manufacturing
NASAW2.147Inkless Additive Manufacturing of ZnO Schottky Diodes with a Commercial Dual Laser Dry Multimaterial Printer
NASA Langley Research CenterT2.122Microwave Interrogation of Woven Straps under Light Loading for Inflatable Applications
NASA Langley Research CenterT2.305Defect Detection in ISC Cylinder Using Spoof Plasmon Polaritons
NASA Langley Research CenterW2.101Recent Advances in Structural Carbon Nanotube Composites
NASA/MSFCT4.392Laser Beam Welding for in-Space Joining Demonstrated Under Vacuum on the Ground and By Parabolic Flight Experi…
National Cheng Kung UniversityT2.126Development of Quantum Well Thermocouples in Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters
National Energy Technology laboratoryM4.243Quantum Computing and Simulations for Energy-related Applications
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.122Measuring Structure-Property Relationships in Polymer Composites Containing Metal-Organic Frameworks
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.184Exploration of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems for Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Separations via Automated Fluorescenc…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.143Exploring the Impact of Feature Density on the Performance of Nanopillar Plasmonic Biosensors
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW5.444Numerical modeling for piezo force microscopy measurements
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)M4.125Simulations of exhaled breath aerosol deposition to support laboratory breath aerosol measurements
National Institutes of HealthW5.403Single molecule analysis of nucleosomes by high-speed atomic force microscopy
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryW2.065Department of Energy Biomanufacturing Product and Tool Development for Industry Adoption
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