JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
E2MC VenturesT4.633B. KortokraxDBX Mentor
E2MC VenturesT1.024R. RoettgenIn-Space Manufacturing as a Profitable and Investable Business
Eco Carbon LLCM8.442D. Saha, H. GrappeDe-plasticization of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Wastes into Value-Added Carbon Materials
EDM2.502E. MetzED
Edge TechnologiesM2.423J. JarmanedgeCore - Data Twin Solution Driving Actionable Enterprise Decision Making and AI/ML Adoption
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)T2.103D. Grandas, A. Sowder, M. Albert, B. SuttonEPRI Perspectives on Developing and Deploying Advanced Manufacturing Methods and Materials in Suppor…
Elemental Advanced MaterailW2.102R.G. Presswood Jr., I. BishopCleantech mass-production of carbon nanomaterials from unrecyclable materials and other carbonaceous…
Emerald Technology VenturesT2.528N. CameronReview Panelist
Emerald Technology VenturesT2.666N. CameronReview Panelist
Empire Consulting GroupT4.601B. GreerWhat is the US Congress and How Does it Help Me as an Innovator?
emTRUTHT2.681I. WoernerA Platform for Health Care Data Integration Using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
Enable Fusion Inc.T2.105Gyung-Su Lee, Chang-Ho Choi, Doowhan ChoiAccelerated Development of Fusion Power Plant with High-quality Fusion Supply Chain
ENF Products, LLCW2.344M. KhandakerElectrospun Nanofiber Pressure Sensor for Mapping Strain in Composite Materials
EOSM2.303F. RicheyDesign Considerations for Longer Duration Energy Storage Systems – Perspectives from the Eos Devel…
EPAM2.501A. RichardsEPA
EPFLM2.281G.E. Fantner, N. Hosseini, M. Neuenschwander, P. S…AFM cantilever structure revisited – improving AFM imaging speed through unconventional cantilever…
EPFLT2.202O. Guillaume-GentilFluidFM in Live Cell Biology: From Biomechanics to Single-Cell Omics
EquansM4.083M. LaneProcuring and Manufacturing Vacuum Systems for Fusion
EriVan Bio and University of FloridaT2.183N. NassiriKoopaeiDelivery of Therapeutic Plant-Derived Exosomes to the Brain for the Treatment of Mental Health Disor…
EriVan Bio LLCW2.362N. Nassiri KoopaeiA novel targeted drug delivery system to the brain
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