JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

Gauss Labs Inc.T2.143From Lab to Fab: AI-Powered Metrology for High-Volume Manufacturing
George Mason UniversityM2.142Laser-Engineered Graphene-Metal Composites
George Mason UniversityM2.182Laser manufactured 3D graphene neural electrodes
George Mason UniversityM4.382Investigating the Corrosion Behavior and Mechanism of Aluminum Covetics Fabricated with Laser-Induced Graphene
George Mason UniversityM4.485Laser-induced 3D Graphene for High-performance Optical Sensors
George Mason UniversityM8.423Laser-Induced Graphene-Palladium Nanohybrids for Flexible and Wearable Gas Sensor
George Mason UniversityT2.301Optimizing Graphene-Metal Composites Manufacturing Through Laser Photothermal Processing Modeling and Computat…
George Mason UniversityW2.103Laser-Engineered Graphene-Metal Composites
George Washington UniversityM4.163Well-defined functional aromatic polyamide brushes for high performance coatings and anti-fouling surfaces
Georgia Institute of technologyT2.223Graphene Oxide Membranes for Fractionation and Separation of Organic Mixtures
German Aerospace Center DLRT8.294High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage for the Decarbonization of the Energy System
Gismo Power LLCT4.161The Rise of Plug-In Solar in North America
Goeppert LLCM4.402PFAS detection with advanced solid-state nanopore chips
Goeppert LLCM4.433In-Space Production of MoS2 Films for Next-Generation Electronics
Goeppert LLCT2.123New-generation spacecraft water monitoring with flight-ready solid-state nanopores
Gran Systems Co., Ltd.T8.461Spectrometer In Space as a Manufacturing Quality Tool for Material Manufacturing
GraphyteT4.184Permanent, Affordable and Scalable Carbon Removal through Carbon Casting
Great Zimbabwe UniversityM8.504Co-Crystallization of Plant-Derived Antimalarial Drugs: An Alternate Technique for Improved Physicochemical Qu…
GTI EnergyW2.062Gasification Pathways to Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Guild Associates, Inc.M4.124SampleCAP: A power-free system for biomolecule concentration
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