Gasification Pathways to Sustainable Aviation Fuel

D. Stevenson
GTI Energy,
United States

Keywords: gasification, biomass, conversion, bioenergy, SAF, fischer-tropsch


Biomass gasification holds promise as a sustainable pathway for producing fuels, offering a renewable alternative to fossil fuels while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through both the use of biogenic, renewable feedstocks and through the more economical capture of CO2 from the process which offers the potential for net-negative emissions when paired with carbon utilization or storage. GTI Energy has been a leader in gasification process development for over 50 years, having developed and commercially deployed fluidized bed gasification systems for conversion of biomass, coal and waste feedstocks and continuing the development of advanced, entrained flow gasification processes for greater efficiency and lower cost. This presentation delves into the various biomass gasification process options, exploring the underlying principles, technologies, and applications driving its advancement towards sustainable fuel production. This presentation will address the advantages of the thermochemical conversion pathways involved in biomass gasification, elucidating the chemical reactions and kinetics governing the transformation of biomass into synthesis gas (syngas). The discussion extends to the downstream processing of syngas, encompassing catalytic conversion technologies for the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels, such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and methanol synthesis. Emphasizing the importance of catalyst selection, reactor design, and process optimization, the presentation elucidates the pathways towards producing high-quality fuels with desirable properties and minimal environmental footprint. Overall, this presentation provides a comprehensive overview of biomass gasification as a key technology for producing sustainable fuels, encompassing technical, economic, and policy dimensions essential for advancing towards a more sustainable energy future. Through a summary of recent research findings, technological innovations, and industry perspectives, the presentation will provide attendees with a basis from which to understand the potential role for gasification based processes in the emerging bioenergy economy.