JUNE 17-19, 2024


SBIR/STTR Innovator Training Workshop

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Participants may receive electronic copies of Presentations and other materials provided by Training Leads.
Registration Fee: $200 before April 26 or $275 after April 26


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This presentation reviews Agency types and missions, Grants vs. Contracts, the SBIR and STTR funding landscape, project phases, topics, assistance, references, tools, innovations – and how to make the most of the SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit opportunity.

This workshop begins with some basics of the SBIR/STTR programs, including important recent changes coming from the programs' recent reauthorization. It then covers a simple but effective four step process for developing a competitive Phase 1 SBIR or STTR proposal to any of the 11 participating agencies. The workshop is suitable for newcomers to the SBIR/STTR programs, as well as those who have previously submitted Phase 1 proposals but have not received awards. Even successful Phase 1 winners will find relevant and useful information, particularly as the SBIR/STTR programs evolve toward greater emphasis on commercialization.


Jim Greenwood
Greenwood Consulting Group

This interactive tutorial profiles fiscal mistakes typically made by new SBIR/STTR contract or grant awardees, examines special accounting requirements and relevant language, and is suitable for small firms at any level, and state/regional service providers who need SBIR and STTR expertise.

Overview - The Ten Most Common Financial Mistakes that new Contractors and Grantees Make. During this action packed overview, Ed will highlight some of the top financial mistakes that he has seen small grantees and contractors make over the years with special focus on the two that he has seen put dozens of Companies out of business – unacceptable accounting systems, and improperly projecting indirect rates.

The overview session will present useful tips and practical information on the special accounting requirements and language that you need to understand that are embedded in cost reimbursement-type SBIR/STTR phase II awards.

Once Ed gives you the "helicopter ride" to make sure you understand the big picture, then we dive into the main subtopics.

What is an acceptable accounting system - Once you understand the big picture, it's time to set up the accounting system so you'll pass the pre-award audit and receive your phase 2 award.

Developing your knowledge about indirect rates - Once you understand the difference between a direct, indirect and unallowable expense, it's time to start applying the concepts to your specific situation. We will help you to understanding of how indirect rates affect your business, and how to project the right indirect rates for you. We give special emphasis to making sure you understand what really drives your indirect rates.

Always audit ready - Proofing Your Accounting System -Once you've won your award, we will detail the elements you must maintain on an ongoing basis for your accounting system to be government audit proof.

These core elements include:

  1. Having a proper chart of accounts and vouching transactions,
  2. The policies and procedures that you must have,
  3. The support you'll need for time & expenses, including consultant and subcontractor costs.

We will get into the specifics of how to properly invoice the Government and the supporting documents you need to properly invoice your government contracts or to support draw downs on your grants.

Next, we will explore the seven (7) different types of audits that government contracts are subjected to and the three (3) types of grant audits.

Finally, we'll explain the most cost effective ways to manage the unique financial aspects of your award.


Ed Jameson
CEO, Jameson & Company CPAs

This interactive tutorial examines key steps in developing a competitive SBIR or STTR Phase II proposal to any participating Federal agency, and is suitable for small firms with some SBIR/STTR experience, and state/regional service providers who need SBIR and STTR expertise. Emphasis on commercialization.

Winning a Phase II SBIR/STTR award is what your Phase I project is all about. This half-day session addresses key elements of the process of getting ready to write a competitive Phase II proposal—including the concept of "managing your Phase I SBIR/STTR to get to Phase II." That management/planning effort involves a number of key elements. Successful completion of the Phase I technical work is clearly critical in terms of proving the new concept…but that is only the start.

As much as half of the Phase I work goes beyond completing technical tasks and writing reports. It includes interaction with the sponsor, the extensive effort that goes into preparing a detailed Commercialization Plan, identifying and negotiating with "Phase III" partners for contingent-commitment letters, designing the Phase II work plan, boosting team credibility for Phase II, and other important activities that are not spelled out in your Phase I work plan. All of those issues will be discussed. The workshop will also cover the fundamentals of Phase II technical proposals. Proven tools and processes used in getting ready to write a Phase II will be introduced, and attendee interaction and participation will be encouraged.


Jerry Hollister
CEO, Principal Consultant, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting (BBCetc)


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