JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
Karlstad UniversityM4.154B. MesicImpact of pressure and time on water absorption of coated paperboard
Kasetsart UniversityW2.021S. Ghosh, T.J. WebsterFabrication of phytogenic nanocomposites as novel anticancer nanomedicine
Keio Univ.M8.423Y. KamiharaReview on Functional Mixed Anion Layered Compounds (MALC) and Computational Chemical Analysis on a R…
KICET (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & TechnologyM8.562Y.J. Kim, Y.J. YoonDevelopment of Magnesium Hydroxide and 5Mg(OH)2·MgSO4·3H2O Synthetic Tuning System through Basic/A…
Koch ModularT2.441M. Villegas  Koch Modular Corporate Spotlight
Koch ModularT2.447M. Villegas  Review Panelist
Koch ModularT2.467M. Villegas  Review Panelist
Koch ModularT2.526TBAReview Panelist
Koch Modular Process SystemsT8.261D. GlatzEfficient Recovery and Purification of Biobased Chemicals Utilizing Liquid-to-Liquid Extraction Tech…
Koch Modular Process SystemsM2.242D. Glatz, B. CrossUtilizing Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE) or Solvent Extraction (SX) in the Efficient Recovery and Pu…
Koch Modular Process SystemsT8.328B. CrossInnovations in Liquid-Liquid Solvent Extraction for the Efficient Recovery of Critical Minerals and …
Koch Modular Process SystemsM8.465M. VillegasModular Pilot & Demonstration Systems - Accelerating the Global Transition to Clean Energy
Koch Modular Process SystemsM8.481W. Gallei, K. ParkinsonStrategies for Effective Contaminant Removal in Industrial Wastewater: A Comparative Study of Steam …
Koch Modular Process SystemsT2.163D. Glatz, B. CrossEnhancing Critical Material Recovery: Replacing Mixer-Settlers with Agitated Extraction Columns
Korea Atomic Energy Research InstituteM4.383J.-B. Hwang, E.-S. KimA New Solid-state Diffusion Welding Method for Fe- and Ni- based Superalloys
Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and TechnologyT8.351S. Hyun, J. Park, G-A Ryu, Y. Han, S. BaikDigital twin models developed by computer simulations and A.I. algorithms for real-time characteriza…
Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and TechnologyM8.464J. Park, B. Kim, G-A. Ryu, H.S. Jang, S. Hyun, S. …A digital twin model of ceramic powder manufacturing process using computer simulation and machine l…
Korea Institute of Ceramics Engineering and TechnologyT8.409G. Kim, S. Hyun, H. KoEstimating solid-liquid interfacial anisotropy using phase-field simulations and machine learning
Kyoto FusioneeringT2.106K. SekoTBA
Kyoto Fusioneering AmericaM4.081B. UppalBeyond Science: Engineering a Fusion Power Plant
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