JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and TechnologyM8.281J.H. Sung, J-S YuAg-loaded hollow carbon framework for stable anode-free Li metal batteries
Dance4HealingW2.361A. LiDance4Healing Patented AI telehealth platform
Dartmouth CollegeT2.125K.A. MiricaMetal-Organic Frameworks on Textiles for Chemical Sensing, Filtration, and Detoxification
Deagu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and TechnologyM8.384M. I. Maulana, H.-Y. Lee, C. Gyan-Barimah, and J.-…Cobalt Nitride-Implanted PtCo Intermetallic Catalysts for High Performance Fuel Cell Cathode
Defense Architecture Systems, Inc.M4.538J. LeshoReview Panelist
Deloitte ConsultingT2.353L. CromleyPanelist
DHAT2.601C. GibneyModerator
DHSM2.507C. BeneshDHS
Digital SurfW2.223M. CognardThe challenge of automating and summarizing analysis of particles in multiple AFM datasets
DoDT2.501G. SimsModerator
DoDT2.641M. WilliamsModerator
DoDM2.512G. SimsDoD
DoDT4.411M. WilliamsModerator
DOET2.491E. ChantModerator
DOEM2.301I. GyukEnergy Storage Opening Remarks
DOEM2.509E. ChantDOE
DOTM2.505D. ShafferDOT
Dow, IncM2.341T.D. FinleyPreparing for a more volatile water supply, and management, future that has already arrived!!
Drexel UniversityM1.103Y. GogotsiMXenes – 2D Building Blocks for the Future Technology
Duke UniversityT4.244R.J. Sheridan, I. Saito, L.C. BrinsonPushing AFM to the boundaries — Validating mechanical property measurement near a rigid substrate
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