JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc.M4.496E. LarsonSubsea Communications Network to Enable Collaborative Swarms of AUVs
TDA Research, Inc.T2.262G. Srinivas, S. Schwab, S. Nguyen, S. DietzEfficient Production of Low-Cost Battery Electrode Materials
TechConnect ATIM1.101M. LaudonWelcome to TechConnect
TechConnect ATIM4.498B. RomanowiczReview Panelist
TechConnect ATIM1.102D. Yablon, J. RochaTechConnect Overview: Connecting Research, Accelerating Innovation
TechConnect ATIM4.628B. RomanowiczReview Panelist
TechConnect ATIT1.022M. LaudonAdvanced Manufacturing in Space - Catalyst Community Launch
TechConnect World Innovation ConferenceM2.053D. YablonPanelist
TechConnect, ATIT4.621L. MurphreeDBX Welcome & Introductions
TEDCO - State of Maryland's Venture Capital FirmT4.632K. Hill RichieDBX Mentor
TELLUSM4.621C. LuftAir Quality Monitoring Solutions
Tempest Droneworx, Inc.M4.622D. AbramovitzHarbinger™ Powered Sensor Array
Texas Tech UniversityM8.343T. Basak, R. Panackal Shibu, A. Zannat, J. L. Sham…Recent Advances in Biofunctional and Sustainable Chitin-Based Materials
Texas Tech UniversityM8.443A. Zannat, J.L. ShamshinaFungal Chitin as a Renewable and Abundant Alternative to Crustacean Chitin
Texas Tech UniversityM8.444R. Panackal Shibu, J.L. ShamshinaEconomically viable Viable Approaches for the generation Generation of Chitin Nanomaterials and Thei…
Texas Tech UniversityM8.504T. Basak, J. L. ShamshinaAnalyzing the Influence of Microarchitectural Design on Chitin Cell Culture Scaffolds for 3D Tissue …
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationM4.627W. JonesLong-Wave Infrared Phase Modulator and Device for Producing Polarization Ellipticity Standards
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationT2.685W. JonesBetter Bleeding Control Device
Thaero LLCW2.164C. Chidiac, T. DolmetschRadiation Shielding Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT) Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
The George Washington UniversityM4.123K. Morris, C. Bilynsky, A-L. PapaPhenotype independent capture of circulating tumor cells using magnetic probes
Sponsors & Partners
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