JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
LambdaVisionM4.071N.L. Wagner, D. Sylva, H. Sylva, K. Dixit, J.A. Gr…Characterization of Protein-based Artificial Retina Thin Films Produced via Layer-by-Layer Assembly …
Laser ThermalT8.442J.T. Gaskins, B.F. Foley, D.H. Olson, J.L. Braun, …Advances in Thermal Metrology of Thin Films via Steady-State Thermoreflectance
Laser ThermalM8.426B.M. Foley, A.H. Jones, P.E. Hopkins, J.T. GaskinsEvaluating the Impact of Defects, Interfaces and Boundaries on Thermal Transport in 2D Materials Usi…
Laser ThermalM4.493J. GaskinsNano-probe Thermoreflectance Microscope (NTM)
Laser Thermal Inc.T2.343B.M. Foley, T. Bates, P.E. Hopkins, J.T. GaskinsCharacterizing Thermal Properties and Temperature-rise of High Frequency RF Transistors In-Operando …
Lawrence Semiconductor Research LaboratoryM4.246N. Rosson, A. Fischer, R. ScottSiGeSn for Monolithically Integrated Optoelectronic Devices on Silicon
Leibniz Institute of Polymer ResearchW5.441I. HermesResolving the impact of microstructure on optoelectronic properties via correlative atomic force mic…
Leibniz University HannoverM8.521A. Schadenhofer, J. KörnerReactive accelerated aging as a novel in vitro method for degradation studies of polymer materials
Leibniz University HannoverT2.124I. Lampouras, J. KörnerMass sensitivity of co-resonantly coupled dynamic mode cantilever sensors
LGEM4.631J. Kirby (invited)Review Panelist
Lighthouse AvionicsW2.343T. BairVirtual Control Tower
Lockheed MartinM4.497J. EpsteinReview Panelist
Lockheed MartinM4.518C. OwensReview Panelist
Lockheed MartinT2.446J. EpsteinReview Panelist
Lockheed MartinW2.347C. OwensReview Panelist
Lockheed MartinM4.461B. SegalPanelist
Lockheed Martin VenturesT4.634J. RichmondDBX Mentor
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