JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
fabric8labsW2.148I. Winfield, T. Ouradnik, M. MatthewsMetal 3D Printing Using Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing, Revolutionizing the Electronics Indu…
Fabrisonic LLCT4.304M. NorfolkEmbedding Sensors via Metal 3D Printing
Fabrisonic LLCT4.222P. Bahn, M. NorfolkSolid State Metal 3D Printing for Space
Falconwood Inc./US NavyM2.428M. SchweitzerReview Panelist
Falconwood Inc./US NavyM2.526M. SchweitzerReview Panelist
Faraday 1867 Holdings LLCW1.025S. SamoilenkovHigh temperature superconductors as the key material for compact fusion: scale up challenges and inv…
Faradyne PowerT2.263B. NichollsProduction of Turbostratic Graphene from Biomass to Improve Safety and Performance of Lithium-Ion Ba…
FHTM8.222B. Sullivan, M. Merwin, J. Beaudry, Y. SahooRapid R2R Prototyping of Novel Technologies
FiteBac Woundcare LLCW2.386M. EtchellsAdvanced Wound Healing
Flawless Photonics Inc.M4.435M. VestelRevolutionizing Space Manufacturing: Sharing Insights from the Breakthroughs in Optical Glass Fabric…
FORMING GmbHM4.087S. Mueller, S. Gall, R. Nitschke, A. GoraiebExtrusion of BeTi Beryllides from powder
FORMING GmbHM4.122S. Mueller, S. Gall, R. Nitschke, F. GenschHigh-precision magnesium microtubes for stents with improved mechanical properties
Forward Edge-AI, Inc.M4.511E. AdolpheIsidore - A Low Cost, High Throughput, Quantum Resistant Space Encryptor
framergy, Inc.T2.444R. OzdemirA Novel Advanced Manufacturing Pathway for Direct Incorporation of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Polymeric Sponges
Fraunhofer CANM2.161J. Niehaus, S. Becker, T. JochumHow to increase the energy efficiency of a LCD by the use of a quantum dot enhancement film emitting…
Fraunhofer CANM2.164S. Becker, E. Salikhova, J.S. NiehausSynthesis of NIR quantum dots and their application
Freescale LLCW2.341N. FrickScaling Chiplet Integration Through Advances in Printed Interconnects
Fusion Industry AssociationT2.102A. HollandBuilding a fusion energy supply chain - results of the FIA 2024 Supply Chain Report
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