JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect 2024 Innovation Awardees

TechConnect 2024 Innovation Awardees
Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLCDirect Conversion Process™, UHT Silicon Carbon Fiber (Fi-Bar™) Materials
Aegis Power SystemsBidirectional Power Converter
Ames National LaboratoryCritical Rare Earth Free Cerium Gap Magnets
Aquagga, Inc.PFAS (Forever Chemical) Destruction Units
Arch Systems, LLC.The Quantum Entanglement Detection Array with IoT Sensors (QEDA-IS)
AxelysA Virtual-Reality System for Planning Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
AxelysDevice for simultaneous converting of carbon dioxide and methane into a storable fuel and removing of nitrous oxide
AxelysEpsilon's NanoLens: The Future of Flat Lens Technology
AxelysIntuiBot Delta: Revolutionizing SME Automation with Speed and Simplicity
Bambax LimitedBambax
BILT IncorporatedBILT 3D Immersive Interactive Instructions
Biomineral Systems LLCBiomineral Soil Management and Agricultural Research Technologies (B-SMART) for Climate Resilience
Bioreplica LTDVertebral Prosthesis
BMP Chemicals & Reborn+Unlocking the full value of recycled plastics by removing color and adhesive impurities
Caelum Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.Rapid Pathology Intra-procedural Diagnosis (RPIDx)
CaSil Technologies LtdSubstantially increasing heat energy recovery and electricity generation from natural, sustainable 24/7 geothermal hot water
Centeye, Inc.Low SWaP Neuromorphic Vision for Drones and Embedded Applications
Cordelia BiosciencesA Blue Chemical Portfolio from the Coral Microbiome
Dance4HealingDance4Healing Patented AI telehealth platform
DxLab Inc.Portable and ruggedized infection diagnostic platform providing rapid, clinically actionable pathogen detection at deployed locations and military treatment facilities
Edge TechnologiesedgeCore - Data Twin Solution Driving Actionable Enterprise Decision Making and AI/ML Adoption
emTRUTHA Platform for Health Care Data Integration Using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
ENF Products, LLCElectrospun Nanofiber Pressure Sensor for Mapping Strain in Composite Materials
EPA P3US EPA People, Prosperity and the Planet
EPA P3 - University of Alabama at BirminghamBirmingham Air Pollution and Urban Heat Island Effect on the Low Income and Minorities.
EPA P3 - University of Alabama at BirminghamUrban water pollution extent and impact on the Village Creek in Birmingham, AL – Analysis and Mitigation strategies
EPA P3 - University of Alabama at BirminghamUrban water pollution extent and impact on the Village Creek in Birmingham, AL – Analysis and Mitigation strategies
EPA P3: Clarkson UniversityOn-farm microalgal cultivation for dairy feed supplement
EPA P3: Florida Atlantic UniversitySingle-Stage Process for Biogas Purification
EPA P3: Fort Lewis CollegePCR-Free Environmental Waterborne Bacteria Detection Using Raman Spectroscopy and Deep Learning
EPA P3: Georgetown UniversityEnhanced Detection and Removal of GenX from Water Supplies
EPA P3: Hamline UniversityEnhanced Detection of Lead Ions in Drinking Water Using Bismuth Nanoparticles
EPA P3: New Jersey Institute of TechnologyScalable 2D Semiconductor-Based Field-Effect Transistors for Rapid and Efficient Detection of Lead Ions
EPA P3: New Jersey Institute of TechnologyViral removal from bioaerosol using catalytically reactive air filtration under alternating electromagnetic fields
EPA P3: North Dakota State UniversityMembrane electrochemical reactor to remove PFAS from leachate
EPA P3: Purdue UniversityPEEPS - A Personalized Environmental Purification System
EPA P3: Rice UniversityChemical-free UV Unit that Degrades PFAS in Landfill Leachate Using Non-Toxic Boron Nitride
EPA P3: Southern Illinois University CarbondalePhysicochemical Degradation of Microplastics
EPA P3: Syracuse UniversityLow-cost Water Quality Sensor Unit for Non-navigational Rivers
EPA P3: The University of AlabamaA Flood-Induced Risk Assessment Model For Private Wells
EPA P3: The University of Texas at DallasMINTS Synergic Sensing for Air Quality Monitoring
EPA P3: UNC AshevilleRaspberry Pi-based fine particulate matter sensors
EPA P3: University of California RiversideEPA P3 Air Scrubber
EPA P3: University of Central FloridaRapid and simple MC-LR check to monitor blooms for early action
EPA P3: University of Maryland Eastern ShoreHawkquarium: Natural Approach in Antifouling Protection: Remedy for Safer Water for Fisherman, Boaters, and Cargo Ships.
EPA P3: University of Nevada, Las VegasOptimized biochar/hydrochar for disinfection byproduct removal in water
EPA P3: University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaSampling Equipment for Water Sampling
EPA P3: University of Wyoming, Haub School of Environment and Natural ResourcesLeveraging Citizen Science + Mobile Device Photography to Collect Air Quality Data in Rural Recreation Sites
EriVan Bio LLCA novel targeted drug delivery system to the brain
Evercloak Inc.Membrane Dehumidification for Building Energy Use Reduction
FiteBac Woundcare LLCAdvanced Wound Healing
Forward Edge-AI, Inc.Isidore - A Low Cost, High Throughput, Quantum Resistant Space Encryptor
framergy, Inc.A Novel Advanced Manufacturing Pathway for Direct Incorporation of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Polymeric Sponges
Freescale LLCScaling Chiplet Integration Through Advances in Printed Interconnects
George Mason UniversityLaser manufacturing of graphene-nanoparticle composite
Giner, Inc.Heavy Duty Fuel Cell MEAs
Inhibit Coatings LtdNext generation antimicrobial materials for healthcare
Iowa State University Research FoundationUV-Absorbing Coating Including Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
Iris Technology CorpGenerative AI Requirements Development
Laser ThermalNano-probe Thermoreflectance Microscope (NTM)
Lighthouse AvionicsVirtual Control Tower
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.Remote Anchoring Micro Piler (RAMP)
Mithril Technologies, Inc.Flexible Mesh Reflector Antenna Technology for GEO Space Applications
MITONano-additive based sizing solution for recycled carbon fiber
MyRadarHyperspectral Orbital Remote Imaging Spectrometer (HORIS)
Nalu Scientific, LLCMachine learning enabled microchips for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging
Nanobio and tronics SA de CVNanoparticles for the inhibition of respiratory viruses
NISTReprogrammable Nucleic Acid-Based Biomarker Measurements
NuPhotonics LLCRF over Fiber System in a package
Oklahoma State UniversityA sensor and software solution for structural fagility monitoring
PlasmaGear​PFAS-Free Coatings Using GHGs-Free Process for Making Protective Garments Adapted for Climate Change
Polarity Medical Technology IncGERM NINJA - 3 Seconds ends Hospital Acquired Infections
PolyC Plastics and CompositesCannabinoid-Based Bioplastic Materials Ecosystem
PolyMaterials App, LLCThe sustainable high power and high energy based supercapacitors for DoD applications
Power 3D3d printed Lithium Ion battery electrodes
Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.Supramolecules as In vivo Sequestrants to Induce Drug Reversal
River Otter Renewables, IncPFAS Removal During Renewable Fuels Generation
Rochester Institute of TechnologyThe FlyBox
SC TechOPERA - Operational Process Efficiency and Resource Analytics
Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc.The M1 Platform for Automating Actions across Infrastructure Systems
Silicon AssuranceAnalyz™ - Pioneering a Software Platform for Advanced Security Analysis and Threat Mitigation of Hardware Designs
Singapore University of Technology and DesignMedium-doped Amorphous Glass (MAG) digital memory devices for next-generation edge AI and automotive applications
SiOxMedTransforming Battlefield Trauma Care with the SiOxMed Universal Combat Matrix
Software for Chemistry & MaterialsActive machine learning for accelerated materials design
Symphony Therapeutics, LLCOcuHeal™-UV400+: The First Ophthalmic UV-Sunblock Eyedrop Product
Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc.Subsea Communications Network to Enable Collaborative Swarms of AUVs
TELLUSAir Quality Monitoring Solutions
Tempest Droneworx, Inc.Harbinger™ Powered Sensor Array
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationBetter Bleeding Control Device
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationLong-Wave Infrared Phase Modulator and Device for Producing Polarization Ellipticity Standards
The Provenance Chain NetworkSupply Chain Transparenacy as a Service
The Research Foundation for SUNYAI Powered Cybersecurity Training Gamified
The Research Foundation for SUNYIgA Monoclonal Antibodies as a Prophylactic and Therapeutic Treatment for Dengue Virus Infection
The Research Foundation for SUNYInnovative Power Semiconductor & Power Packaging Solution
ThermaGEL Innovations, Inc.The Future of insulation
University of Maryland, College ParkLow-cost Atmospheric Water Harvesting Materials for Water Supply System
University of MinnesotaAdditives for repurposing mixed plastic waste
University of MinnesotaBiomass microbeads for personal care consumer products
University of North Carolina at GreensboroHigh Performance Bio-capacitor as a Miniature Supercapacitor
Vadum Inc.SkyPro - Data Augmentation for Rapid Automatic Target Recognition
ViBo HealthDigiScan: Non-Invasive Health Tracking for Performance and Recovery
Virginia TechAll-in-one Remote Wound Biofilm Management System
VIStology, Inc.Compliance Testing of Systems Against SOSA Specification
VPI TechnologySelf-Coiling Trim-to-Fit Window Shade
WalacorThe Walacor Platform
WatchRx, Inc.Smartwatch and care coordination solution to help seniors age in place
XRMedixPrecision without Radiation: Advanced Needle Guidance Technology for Percutaneous Needle Interventions
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