JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

Pacific Northwest National LabM4.365Research on Low-Cost Na Battery Chemistry for LDES Applications
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryM4.201Non-Equilibrium Transport Driven Separations (NETS) Initiative
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT2.381An in situ look at interfacial structure and dynamics during nucleation and self-assembly
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT2.383The role of additives on the thermodynamics and kinetics of nucleation, crystal growth and dissolution
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryW5.404Program biopolymer-van der Waals interfaces
Pasadena City CollegeT8.406Finite Difference Simulation of Surface Smoothing Induced by Atomic Layer Etching
Pasadena City CollegeT8.502Understanding Electronic Properties of Gold and Streptavidin-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Use in Photothe…
Pasadena City CollegeW2.182Student Centered Undergraduate Research Experiences in Creating Virtual Digital Twin Cleanroom
Penn State UniversityM4.205Sector Allocations and Supply Chain Considerations for Rare Earth Elements
Penn State UniversityM4.262Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Natural Gas and Regeneration: An Overview
Penn State UniversityT4.205Projected Growth Rates for NdFeB Permanent Magnets: Nd plus Dy Demands Across End Use Sectors Through 2050
Pennsylvania State UniversityM4.481Visuotactile Sensor Fusion for Bio-inspired Multisensory Integration
Pennsylvania State UniversityT8.363A 2D Cryptographic Hash Function Incorporating Homomorphic Encryption for Secure Digital Signatures
PerkinElmerM8.463Overview of Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Utilizing Numerous Analytical Techniques
Pfeiffer VacuumM4.082The Crucial Role of Vacuum Technology in Fusion Energy Development
Phalanx CorporationM8.426Quantum Photonic Energy Cell
Philander Smith UniversityT8.341DeepFake Technology for Breast Cancer Dataset Generation Using Autoencoders and Deep Neural Networks
Physics Inverted MaterialsT4.361Towards chemical foundation models for digital prediction of experimental measurements
Plug PowerM4.261Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acids for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyzers, are We Stuck with Forever Chemic…
POLLEN Metrology Inc.T2.144Collaborative and Holistic AI driven process control software platform to accelerate IC Manufacturing
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