Student Centered Undergraduate Research Experiences in Creating Virtual Digital Twin Cleanroom

J. Ashcroft, I. Jha, A. Ashcroft, D. Kelley, J. Zhu, A. Rodriguez, A. Dong, F. Chen, K. Hong, G. Codina
Pasadena City College,
United States

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Cleanroom Digital Twin, Semiconductor Manufacturing


This student panel will share an undergraduate research experience in the creation of a virtual digital twin cleanroom simulation that can be used in community college and K-12 schools to introduce and better prepare students for work in semiconductor manufacturing. Access to real life cleanrooms for K-12 and community college students is challenging as the excessive expanses and limited access does not provide for an accessible education experience in learning about cleanroom techniques and skills. The creation of a virtual cleanroom will provide more accessible and equitable opportunities into the semiconductor education and workforce pathway. Students from Pasadena City College and Palos Verdes High School have been partnering with the University of California, Irvine, Somerset College, and SiminSights, a company dedicated to creating virtual world teaching tools, to create these digital twins as part of an undergraduate research experience supported by the Micro Nano Technology Education Center, an NSF funded Center dedicated to filling the MNT skilled technical workforce. The panel will share their experiences and opportunities provided by participating in this experience.