JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Wednesday June 19

8:00RegistrationConvention Center Pre-Function
8:30SBIR/STTR Innovator Training Workshop (Additional Registration Required)Maryland 1-2
8:30DOD Cybersecurity Compliance for Contractors (Additional Registration Required)Maryland 5
9:00Views from Suppliers IINational Harbor 7
Session chair: Amelia Campbell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Business Model Innovation for Building Fusion Supply Chains
H. Jackson, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Handling US private company requests for ITER information
C.M. Greenfield, A. Lumsdaine, L.P. Cunningham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
A HTS magnet supplier company - Canyon Magnet Energy
H. Song, B. Santos, Y. Viouchkov, S. Van Sciver, Canyon Magnet Energy, US
High temperature superconductors as the key material for compact fusion: scale up challenges and investment opportunities
S. Samoilenkov, Faraday 1867 Holdings LLC, US
6-Lithium Enrichment
J.W. Elling, G.D. Jarvinen, S. Yarbro, J. Gatewood, P.T. Lueangrujiwong, Molten Salt Solutions, US
AI-enabled design of foam polymer targets for inertial fusion energy
A. Stein, V. I. Perumal, R. Frye, D. Beckett, C. B.S. Woodruff, UHV3D Inc, US
Building the fusion supply chain one company at a time: the New Mexico Energy Technology Incubator (NMETI)
S. Woodruff, J. Elling, C. Evans, A. Stein, New Mexico Energy Technology Incubator, US
9:00Tissue Engineering & Infection ControlNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Thomas Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
Fabrication of phytogenic nanocomposites as novel anticancer nanomedicine
S. Ghosh, T.J. Webster, Kasetsart University, TH
Advancing Chronic Wound Healing through Immune System Modulation Strategies
S. Zanganeh, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), US
Opportunities and challenges with 4D smart materials for tissue engineering
S. Lohfeld, University of Missouri-Kansas City, US
A Real BandAId: A Review of Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Tissue Engineering
T.J. Webster, Hebei University of Technology and Interstellar Therapeutics, US
4D Printing Technology Confers Remote Control Shape Change Properties to Biomaterials
H. Bouloussa, University of Missouri-Kansas City,, US
9:00Sustainability InnovationsChesapeake B
Session chair: Yusuke Matsuda, Quantum-Si, US
Smart Window Materials and Technologies - What to Select for Your Building?
B.P. Jelle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO
Cooling Films for a Warming Planet
T.J. Hebrink, 3M Company, US
All-natural, Eco-friendly Composite Foam for Highly Efficient Atmospheric Water Harvesting
B. Chen, S. Jing, T. Li, University of Maryland, College Park, US
Matium: The Material Medium; Making Recycling Profitable
B. Robin, Matium, Inc., US
Spark Modular Base Support Systems
J. Bishop, D. Bishop, G. Fernicola, Bishop Ascendant Inc., US
A New Technology-Based Tool for Building Profitable Biodiversity-Conserving Offerings
T.C. Haas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US
9:00Biorefining & Biomanufacturing 2Chesapeake A
Session chair: Lynn Wendt, Idaho National Laboratory, US
Electro-Enhanced Conversion of Wet Waste to Products Beyond Methane
K.F. Reardon, P. Atanassov, C. Bailey, W. Black, D. Bartholet, J. Chan, S. Decker, S. De Long, P. Ghadermazi, P.C. Gilcrease, M. Hickey, J. Kim, S. Lambrecht, H. Li, E. Lucero, S. Pittman, J.C. Quinn, J. Rico, V. Subramanian, D. Svedruzic, C. Urban, Colorado State University, US
Gasification Pathways to Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Z. El Zahab, GTI Energy, US
An Analysis of the Potential and Cost of the US Refinery Sector Decarbonization
P. Sun, V. Cappello, A. Elgowainy, P. Vyawahare, O. Ma, K. Podkaminer, N. Rustagi, M. Koleva, M. Melaina, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Department of Energy Biomanufacturing Product and Tool Development for Industry Adoption
J. Colangelo, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
Environmental and Economic Analysis of Value-added Products from Integrated Pulp Biorefineries
A. Banboukian, D. Kamath, S. Nimbalkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
9:00AI InnovationsChesapeake C
Session chair: Jan-Willem Handgraaf, Siemens, NL
SPOC: A novel high-throughput screening platform that generates kinetic binding data for biological validation of AI-designed monoclonal antibodies to SARS-CoV-2
B. Takulapalli, C. Agu, R. Cook, W. Martelly, L. Gusghari, INanoBio Inc., US
Autonomous Intelligent Architecture—Preliminary Results
T.A. Duong and Q.D. Duong, Adaptive Computation LLC, US
Robust Defect Detection for Binder Jet 3D Printing with Semi-Siamese Neural Networks
Y. Niu, University of Connecticut, US
AI-driven CO2 injection performance optimization for saline aquifers – Overcoming injection challenges for optimal CO2 sequestration
K. Katterbauer, A. Alhashboul, H. Chen, A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco, SA
Development of active prior learning system for experimental education using metaverse-based AI virtual human (Ailey)
J. Oh, S.-H. Park, Soongsil University, KR
9:00Advanced Materials for Engineering ApplicationsChesapeake 1
Session chair: Jim Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Recent Advances in Structural Carbon Nanotube Composites
E.J. Siochi, NASA Langley Research Center, US
Cleantech mass-production of carbon nanomaterials from unrecyclable materials and other carbonaceous sources
R.G. Presswood Jr., I. Bishop, Elemental Advanced Materail, US
Laser-Engineered Graphene-Metal Composites
D.E. Colmenarez Lobo, M.A. Khan, P. Kang, George Mason University, US
Inorganic Material: WSe₂ as a Hole Transport Material for Perovskite Solar Cells
S. Aryal, A.B. Kaul, University of North Texas, US
A novel nanoadditive platform enabling the broad CNT application and use
A. Malofsky, Nano Catalytics, US
Nanomaterials in HVAC Systems to Improve Energy Efficiency, Water Production and Decarbonization
A. Taylor, M. Joyce, Exaeris Climate Technologies, US
Advanced composite electrolyte membranes for energy conversion and green-H2 production
A. Bose, University of Houston, US
Digital Transformation of Materials: An Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Approach
K. Fritz, Questek Innovations, US
Navigating the Challenges of Establishing a Competitive Organic Photovoltaic Industry in Europe
T. Kolbusch, H. Rooms, R. Reuscher, Coatema, DE
9:00SPMConnect: Chemical SpectroscopyNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
AFM-IR technique development in applications to industrial research
G. Haugstad, B. Luo, B. Curtin, K. Wormuth, University of Minnesota, US
Cross-correlated SPM and TERS/TEPL imaging: unique tool for nanoscale structural characterization of 2D semiconductors and the vertical / lateral heterostructures thereof.
A. Krayev, HORIBA Scientific, US
Optimized Spatial Resolution, Sensitivity, Measurement Speed and Artifact Reduction in Photothermal AFM-IR
C. Phillips, M. Wagner, Q. Hu, C. Li, P. Dewolf, Bruker Nano, US
9:00Novel Additive ManufacturingNational Harbor 6
Session chair: William "Cy" Wilson, NASA, US
3D Printable Polymer/Glass Composites
K. Song, T. Sobczak, D. Patil, UGA, US
Repairable Concentric Braced Frames through Additive Manufacturing
I.M. Mantawy, H. Farhoud, Rowan University, US
Plasma assisted 3d print head
M. Steele, Juniper Technologies, LLC, US
Inkless Additive Manufacturing of ZnO Schottky Diodes with a Commercial Dual Laser Dry Multimaterial Printer
S.R. Peeples, A. Patel, M. Mahjouri-Samani, NASA, US
Metal 3D Printing Using Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing, Revolutionizing the Electronics Industry
I. Winfield, T. Ouradnik, M. Matthews, fabric8labs, US
9:00InSpace Infrastructure FabricationAnnapolis 1-2
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Menzel Engineering Design, US
In-Space Manufacturing of Antennas for Global Scale Communications and Energy
A. Badesha, C. Nielsen, D. Stevens, Orbital Composites, US
Near room temperature production of segregated network composites of carbon nanotubes and regolith as multifunctional, building materials in space
J.R. Garcia, E. Caffrey, L. Doolan, D.V. Horvath, T. Carey, C. Gabbett, J.N. Coleman, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Radiation Shielding Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT) Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
C. Chidiac, T. Dolmetsch, Thaero LLC, US
In-situ production of silicon carbide (SiC) from Lunar and Martian regolith
S.K. Nithya Srimurugan, S. Sathyan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, IN
Spaceflight Qualification of Additive Aluminum
S. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
9:00XR for Semiconductor Workforce Development and TrainingNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Jared Ashcroft, Pasadena City College, US
Co-designing Generative AI-powered Immersive Learning Experiences for Workforce Training
R. Jha, C. Johnson, SimInsights Inc, US
Student Centered Undergraduate Research Experiences in Creating Virtual Digital Twin Cleanroom
J. Ashcroft, I. Jha, A. Ashcroft, D. Kelley, J. Zhu, A. Rodriguez, A. Dong, F. Chen, K. Hong, G. Codina, Pasadena City College, US
How to overcome Reality's semiconductor self-identification, training and up-skilling challenges
J. Spyres, Training All People, Inc (Tap3d), US
AR/VR Experiences - Demonstration of Providers
9:00TechConnect Innovation Spotlights: AI, Data, Cyber, DefenseMaryland 3
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa, TechConnect/ATI, US
Scaling Chiplet Integration Through Advances in Printed Interconnects
N. Frick, Freescale LLC, US
PolyMaterials App, LLC
M. Ram, PolyMaterials App, LLC, US
Lighthouse Avionics
T. Bair, Lighthouse Avionics, US
ENF Products, LLC
M. Khandaker, ENF Products, LLC, US
The M1 Platform for Automating Actions across Infrastructure Systems
G. Scott, Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc., US
Energy Prediction for Intelligent and efficient Command and Control
S. Haag, Exergi Predictive, US
The Quantum Entanglement Detection Array with IoT Sensors (QEDA-IS)
N. Abhimitra, Arch Systems, LLC, US
Review Panelist
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
Review Panelist
M. Ryan, ATI, US
Review Panelist
TBA, Northrop Grumman, US
Review Panelist
J. Bindra, University of Ottawa, CA
Review Panelist
J. Blumenau, AAR Corporation, US
10:00Scanning Probe Microscopy of 2D MaterialsNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
Torsional Force Microscopy of Van der Waals Moires and Atomic Lattices
M. Pendharkar, Stanford University, US
Scanning probe microscopy as a tool to uncover new phenomena in twisted 2D materials
A. Luican-Mayer, University of Ottawa, CA
The challenge of automating and summarizing analysis of particles in multiple AFM datasets
M. Cognard, Digital Surf, FR
Exfoliation of Nanoribbons from Bulk van der Waals Crystals for Optical and Electronic Characterization
A.P. Saunders, A. Krayev, V. Chen, A.C. Johnson, A.S. McKeown-Green, H.J. Zeng, E. Pop, F. Liu, Stanford University, US
Mechanical, electrical and KPFM investigations of ultrathin membranes of MoSSe alloy
J. Serafińczuk, A. Piejko, M. Tamulewicz-Szwajkowska, K. Król , R. Kudrawiec, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, PL
10:15TechConnect Innovation Spotlights: Biotech, Pharma, HealthMaryland 3
Session chair: Emma Mooney, TechConnect ATI, US
Dance4Healing Patented AI telehealth platform
A. Li, Dance4Healing, US
A novel targeted drug delivery system to the brain
N. Nassiri Koopaei, EriVan Bio LLC, US
Portable and ruggedized infection diagnostic platform providing rapid, clinically actionable pathogen detection at deployed locations and military treatment facilities
H.J. Suk, DxLab Inc., US
DigiScan: Non-Invasive Health Tracking for Performance and Recovery
G. Travish, ViBo Health, US
Bioreplica LTD
R. de Pablos, Vertebral Prosthesis, ES
A novel liquid which may be incorporated into many materials. This stable fluid delivers broad pathogen control plus substantial medical benefits including non-inflammatory and accelerated wound healing.
M. Etchells, FiteBac Woundcare LLC, US
Review Panelist
J. David, BryceTech , US
Review Panelist
S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight LLC, US
Review Panelist
L. Palestrini, ATI, US
11:00CHIPS Workforce Development Symposium and Student Leaders Conference Closing Remarks and Summary Discussion (SLC Participants Only)National Harbor 12
Session chair: Maria Fernanda Campa, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
1:30SPMConnect: SPM of Cells, Biomolecules & BiomaterialsNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Simona Patange, NIST, US
Revealing a « New Microbiology » using Long-Term Time-Lapse Atomic Force Microscopy
H.A. Eskandarian, Harvard Medical School, US
Discovery of a fundamental class of solid matter with the atomic force microscope
O. Sahin, Columbia University, US
Single molecule analysis of nucleosomes by high-speed atomic force microscopy
D.P. Melters, K.C. Neuman, Y. Dalal, National Institutes of Health, US
Program biopolymer-van der Waals interfaces
S. Zhang, W. Zhou, J. Chen, B. Harris, M. Baer, C.L. Chen, J. DeYoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
3:00SPMConnect: Electrical modes II (Electromechanics)National Harbor 5
Session chair: Peter Grutter, McGill University, CA
Resolving the impact of microstructure on optoelectronic properties via correlative atomic force microscopy
I. Hermes, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, DE
Improved AFM Measurement Accuracy and Precision Using Quadrature Phase Differential Interferometry for Tip Displacement Sensing
R. Proksch, A. Labuda, J. Lefever, J. Li, F.T. Limpoco, B. Ohler, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Inc., US
Numerical modeling for piezo force microscopy measurements
G. Stan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
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