Digital Transformation of Materials: An Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Approach

K. Fritz
Questek Innovations,
United States

Keywords: materials, simulation, advanced materials


Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) methodologies are effective tools to reconfigure the materials development process and accelerate implementation of new higher performance alloys into demanding applications. New alloys, meeting specific desired property goals, can be designed much more quickly and at less cost than empirical trial and error methods. This is achieved at the parametric design stage by predicting precise chemical composition and processing parameters of the alloy, using extensive thermodynamic and kinetic databases, with ICME computational tools, integrating materials science, applied mechanics, quantum physics and advanced properties modeling. QuesTek Innovations LLC has been using ICME technologies and its Materials by Design® methodology to optimize legacy alloys and design entirely new alloys tailored specifically for industry across a variety of elemental systems including Al, Ti, Ni, Fe and stainless steel. This talk will cover the technical approach and successes of QuesTek’s materials design and modeling projects in industry, additional opportunities for application of ICME to materials development and component production, and offer a view of commercial implications.