A novel nanoadditive platform enabling the broad CNT application and use

A. Malofsky
Nano Catalytics,
United States

Keywords: nanotubes CNT CNTs nanoparticles conductivity toughening strengthening plastics adhesives coatings composites sealants paints electronics


Nano Catalytics novel particle structures enable the easy introduction of nanotubes, nano fibers and other nano structures into a composition without the typical high viscosity increases and with far greater property efficiency. By example, toughening plastics and almost any polymer composition or reactive monomer composition is facilitated by combining the nanotubes with a wide range of nanoparticles where property translation vastly improves per unit volume of nanotubes. You need a lot less. We see dramatic increases at low dosages in elongation without losing strength if desired and or dramatically higher impact without losing stiffness. We will present a range of application data including competitive technology comparisons across plastics, adhesives and the like. The big bonus is also by tying up nanotubes and lime structures into particles, no special personal protective equipment or handling equipment is required. Accordingly, this new class of products enables a far far broader use of nano materials safely, effectively and at much lower cost with products than can last far longer, perform better and deliver new property combinations.