Advancing Chronic Wound Healing through Immune System Modulation Strategies

S. Zanganeh
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT),
United States

Keywords: chronic wounds, immune system modulation, multifunctional wound dressing, endogenous repair


The current landscape of chronic wound treatment is fraught with challenges, including persistent bacterial infections, biofilm formation, and the complexities of prolonged inflammation, which significantly hinder the healing process. In response to these challenges, our research introduces an innovative multifunctional wound dressing designed to accelerate wound healing through a targeted modulation of the immune system. This novel dressing utilizes a composite of nanofibers, natural biopolymers, and a carefully selected array of proteins and peptides to directly engage and support endogenous repair mechanisms. Unlike traditional treatments, which often address only a single aspect of the wound healing environment, our approach is holistic, aiming to harmonize the wound's microenvironment by enhancing angiogenesis, promoting epithelial migration, and stimulating cell proliferation, all while managing the inflammatory response. This strategic modulation of the immune system not only tackles the root causes of chronic wound stagnation but also paves the way for a more effective, streamlined healing process. Our findings suggest that such an approach could represent a significant leap forward in the management of chronic wounds, offering a promising alternative to existing therapies by prioritizing the body's innate healing capabilities.