Development of active prior learning system for experimental education using metaverse-based AI virtual human (Ailey)

J. Oh, S.-H. Park
Soongsil University,

Keywords: metaverse, experiment education, prior learning, artificial intelligence


For students unfamiliar with experimental subjects and research, comprehensive prior education encompassing areas such as environmental safety, equipment/device usage, and experimental precautions is indispensable. However, dedicating ample time to conduct weekly learning content on these topics within the semester poses an inconvenient challenge. Neglecting this aspect may lead to potential safety hazards. The objective of this study is to formulate an active prior learning system utilizing a combination of the metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual humans. The proposed system, operationalized through the Aileyverse, integrates virtual human (Ailey) interactions within the metaverse space. Within this framework, we have successfully implemented diverse advanced education modules, including safety protocols and preliminary experiments. Virtual humans in Aileyverse facilitate immersive, sophisticated experimental education, leveraging artificial intelligence technology to provide constructive feedback and complement the learning experience for students.