Optimized Spatial Resolution, Sensitivity, Measurement Speed and Artifact Reduction in Photothermal AFM-IR

C. Phillips, M. Wagner, Q. Hu, C. Li, P. Dewolf
Bruker Nano,
United States

Keywords: photothermal AFM-IR, SPM, artifact, performance, speed, nanoIR


Photothermal AFM-IR enables chemical identification through nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy. Since the technique’s development by Alexandre Dazzi in 2005 [1], significant progresses have been made in the IR laser sources, system designs and operating modes to improve the detection sensitivity, lateral resolution, measurement speed and correction for mechanical artifacts [2,3,4]. In this work we examine the key factors governing performance in photothermal AFM-IR and introduce different approaches to optimize performance. Each approach is illustrated with examples that achieve high sensitivity of