JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
IBMT2.082R. BasemanSmartFab Data and Analytics - Challenges and Opportunities
IBM ResearchM4.411D. SchmidtPanelist
IBM Research (Zürich)M4.462L. LeePanelist
Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. SinaiT2.203A. GaitasAdvancements in BioAFM: Fluid Micro Cantilevers and Novel Thermocouple Devices for Cellular Analysis
Idaho National LabT4.183D. HartleyLogistics for Large Scale Biorefineries: Impacts of Carbon Management and Supply System Maturation
Idaho National LaboratoryM2.201Y. Fujita, A. Ku, E.A. Kocs, A. Haddad, R.W. GrayMaterials Challenges for the Energy Transition: How Innovation Can Make a Difference
IDE TechnologiesM4.404A. EhrePowering circular water economy with technology
iFyberM8.502F. Tabatabaei, N. Byrnes-Shaver, T. ContiDevelopment of a Three-Species Biofilm Model on Ex Vivo Porcine Skin Tissues
iFyberM8.503M. Javid, F. Tabatabaei3D-Printed Tool for Creating Standardized and High-Throughput Burn Wounds in Ex Vivo Human Viable Sk…
IMET CorporationM4.405M. Gencer, K. GencerIMET Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology
INanoBio Inc.W2.082B. Takulapalli, C. Agu, R. Cook, W. Martelly, L. G…SPOC: A novel high-throughput screening platform that generates kinetic binding data for biological …
Indian Institute of ScienceM8.424S.S. Jugade, S. Sadighikia, P. van Deursen, P. Sen…Nanomechanical Probing of Confined Water in Graphene-Liquid Cells
Indian Institute of Science, BangaloreT2.221A. MisraGraphene and MoS2 based Two Dimensional Ultramicro-supercapacitor
Indian institute of technology MadrasT8.463S. Rahul, G.K. SuraishkumarOxidative stress based strategy for enhancement of bacteriorhodopsin production in Halobacterium sal…
Indian Institute of Technology MadrasW2.165S.K. Nithya Srimurugan, S. SathyanIn-situ production of silicon carbide (SiC) from Lunar and Martian regolith
Indium Corporation, IMT ApprenticeshipM4.473K. McDanielPanelist
Infinite CoolingM4.403M. DamakEnhancing the efficiency of cooling towers
Infinity Power LLCT2.466J. KwonSelf-charging Electrochemical Generator
Inhibit Coatings LtdM2.462E. TateNext generation antimicrobial materials for healthcare
InnoTech Precision Medicine, IncT2.283R. Khosravi-Far, B. Griffith, C. Brown, H. GamagePoint-of-use multiomics diagnosis for accurate and timely precision diagnosis
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