Graphene and MoS2 based Two Dimensional Ultramicro-supercapacitor

A. Misra
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,

Keywords: graphene, supercapacitor


Small-scale microfabricated energy storage devices have gained attention due to the compatibility with the on-chip electronic systems. The feasibility of developing two-dimensional layer of materials provided a unique opportunity to develop such devices. The talk will describe the work on microfabricated supercapacitor using graphene and metal dichalcogenides. Field effect transistors device comprised of two overlapping layers, are used as cathode and anode for a symmetric supercapacitor. A solid-state electrolyte was used to fabricate the electrochemical cell. The controllable density of states in semiconductor using back gate field enormously enhances the energy storage capacity (~3000%) of the supercapacitor for an optimum applied back gate potential. A systematic study presents the effect of number of layers of the two-dimensional materials and a variation in the back gate field. The advances device offers a vast application in energizing on-chip circuitry. Reference: Panwar, Vinod; Chauhan, Pankaj; Kumar, Sumana; Tripathi, Rahul; Misra, Abha, “Gate field induced extraordinary energy storage in MoS2-graphene based ultramicro-electrochemical capacitor”, ACS Energy Letters ACS Energy Lett. 2023, 8, 3, 1510–1519.