Point-of-use multiomics diagnosis for accurate and timely precision diagnosis

R. Khosravi-Far, B. Griffith, C. Brown, H. Gamage
InnoTech Precision Medicine, Inc,
United States

Keywords: point-of-use, multiomics, precision diagnosis, screening, monitoring, response to therapy


Inaccurate or over-diagnoses can result in unnecessary treatments, and issues associated with diagnostic tests in primary care settings have contributed to more than 47% of diagnosis errors in recent years. InnoTech Precision Medicine is presently in the process of developing an advanced medical diagnostic platform that, through our patented technology, enables the flexible and precise detection of multiple categories of disease biomarkers simultaneously at the point of use. Our innovative and patented approach will substantially reduce the likelihood of false results and offer a more precise and comprehensive understanding of diseases, even in their earliest stages. Our technology is poised to be a groundbreaking solution, not only for routine medical diagnosis but also in military settings with user-friendly, point-of-need diagnostics that can be a life-saving tool for soldiers and a critical resource for addressing future pandemics. This technology is founded on our chemical workflows that guide samples from collection to results, all within a single, reusable, disease-specific lab-on-chip cartridge. This cartridge possesses the capability to multiplex the detection of multiple categories of disease biomarkers in a single test and is accompanied by a universal, battery-operated detection device, ensuring effortless and accurate biomarker detection. Equipped with a decision algorithm, the device will analyze the presence of specific biomarkers and present clear results to the user.