JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
Vadum Inc.M2.522N. KriplaniSkyPro - Data Augmentation for Rapid Automatic Target Recognition
Verndari, Inc.W2.365A. Van ProoyenVaxiPatch
Vertebral ProsthesisW2.366R. de PablosVertebral Prosthesis
ViBo HealthW2.364G. TravishDigiScan: Non-Invasive Health Tracking for Performance and Recovery
ViBo HealthT2.286G. TravishNon-Invasive Health Tracking for Optimal Performance & Recovery
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityT8.329A. Duong, I. Smith, K. Snyder, O. Bishop, E. Carpe…Process-Structure-Property Relationships in Additively Manufactured Phase-separated Permanent Magnet…
Virginia TechT8.327C.M.B. Gallagher, W.R. Archer, M.D. SchulzElucidating the Connection between Polymer Structure and Solution-Phase Rare-Earth Element Binding T…
Virginia TechM8.441G. LiuDegradation and Upcycling of Polyolefins to Valuable Chemicals
Virginia TechM4.181G. LiuUltrathin Polymer Composite Films for Next-generation Electromechanical Accoustics
Virginia TechM4.203A. NobleProcess Development and Techno-Economic Analysis for the Recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Critica…
Virginia TechT4.602A. GargAll-in-one Remote Wound Biofilm Management System
VIStology, Inc.M4.623M. KokarCompliance Testing of Systems Against SOSA Specification
Vital ViewT2.281C. Rauh, C. AdamsBreakthrough Total Body Fluid Monitoring system based on non invasive, non contact RF Technology
Vital View TechnologiesT8.384C. Rauh, C. AdamsInnovative use of RF Polarization Mode Dispersion Technology to create non invasive, non contact Sen…
VPI TechnologyT2.464W. FeltSelf-Coiling Trim-to-Fit Window Shade
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