Non-Invasive Health Tracking for Optimal Performance & Recovery

G. Travish
ViBo Health,
United States

Keywords: consumer health, MRS, metabolomics


Human performance optimization is usefully considered as having three parts: fitness, recovery and nutrition. A focus on recovery is often made, given the induction of a robust inflammatory response during intense exercise. This response is tied to the intensity and duration of exercise, has implications for immune function and can contribute to chronic, low-grade inflammation associated with diverse pathologies. Over training and inadequate recovery not only compromises immune function but also impedes subsequent training sessions. We introduce a novel, objective approach to monitor and optimize performance through metabolomics. The DigiScan device employs targeted Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) to measure and track in-vivo metabolite concentrations. We propose that the DigiScan device can provide a rapid and accurate assessment of an individual's fitness state and recovery needs, and guide personalized interventions to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Key metabolites linked to health and present in elevated blood concentrations, offer precise insights into physical performance and recovery states. The DigiScan aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's fitness state, effectively mitigating injury risks and optimizing long-term performance outcomes. Ongoing efforts are dedicated to refining the DigiScan prototype, with a specific emphasis on enhancing sensitivity and enabling multi-metabolite detection. We present our status, results, plans, and use cases. Preliminary results from ground truth testing show that the DigiScan device can detect and quantify multiple metabolites in vivo with high sensitivity and specificity, and correlate well with standard MRS methods.