Metal-Organic Frameworks on Textiles for Chemical Sensing, Filtration, and Detoxification

K.A. Mirica
Dartmouth College,
United States

Keywords: electronic textiles, smart membranes, metal-organic frameworks, personal protective equipment, chemical sensing, filtration, detoxification


Smart membranes that can alter their properties in response to external stimuli or environmental changes hold promise in advanced applications that combine filtration, sensing, and catalytic detoxification. Development of smart membranes with the capacity for achieving electronic transduction of physical and chemical information holds particular promise for wireless transduction and actuation of the filtration properties of these materials. This presentation will several strategies for fabricating smart membrane materials by integrating and patterning conductive layered two-dimensional (2D) metal−organic frameworks (MOFs) into textiles through direct solution-phase self-assembly from simple molecular building blocks. The functional utility of these materials will be discussed and demonstrated in the context of chemical sensing, filtration, and detoxification.