Accelerated Development of Fusion Power Plant with High-quality Fusion Supply Chain

Gyung-Su Lee, Chang-Ho Choi, Doowhan Choi
Enable Fusion Inc.,

Keywords: Fusion Energy, Supply Chain, Carbon Neutrailty


In the era of the climate crisis, accelerated development and deployment of fusion plants are urgently needed to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Fusion startups are growing rapidly in countries around the world to meet this goal. To achieve faster commercialization of fusion energy, it is essential to establish a fusion supply chain that ensures high quality and manufacturing competitiveness, while also incorporating new ideas and technologies such as AI. Given these global demands, not only large-sized companies in Korea have reached the peak of competitiveness in manufacturing industries such as nuclear, defense and heavy industries, but also SMEs and venture companies that make up the value chain have begun to actively participate in building the fusion supply chain. They utilize their experience and achievements in the field of fusion accumulated through the KSTAR Project and ITER Project. In this effort, the EnableFusion Inc. is playing a leading role as an engineering and manufacturing platform to integrate them.