Microwave Interrogation of Woven Straps under Light Loading for Inflatable Applications

W. Wilson, T.C. Jones, E. Tucker, G. Szatkowski
NASA Langley Research Center,
United States

Keywords: microwave, strain, inflatables, woven, straps


NASA uses woven straps for restraint layers in inflatable structures. This work investigates the use of microwaves to measure low level loading in the woven straps. More specifically, microwaves from a linearly polarized antenna are used to investigate four straps composed of Vectran and Kevlar with ratings of 6,000 lbs and 12,000 lbs of force. The straps are all lightly loaded from 2kg to 10kg in 2kg increments. The spectral centroid (SC) technique has been used for the dimensionality reduction method to evaluate the microwave data. The SC method was used to reduce the data from 10001 points to a single point that corresponds to the amount of load on the strap.