Quantum Computing and Simulations for Energy-related Applications

H.P. Paudel, Y.-L. Lee, S. Crawford, M.-T. Nguyen, B. Avramidis, D. Alfonso, Y. Duan
National Energy Technology laboratory,
United States

Keywords: quantum computing, quantum information science, variational quantum eigensolver, carbon capture


While quantum computing(QC) is considered as a paradigm shift in our basic understanding of physical computation, effective implementation of QC in energy applications also depends on progress and development in the dimensions of both QC hardware and algorithms. To fully address the status and future challenges of QC applied within the energy sector, in this presentation, we firstly summarize recent advancements on the applications of QC to energy infrastructure and materials, complex energy system processes, advanced manufacturing, and energy system security. Then, we will demonstrate the results of QC performed both on a simulator and a quantum device targeting on energy-related applications.