TechConnect World 2019

TechConnect World 2019 Program - Tuesday June 18

8:30Joint SBIR/TechConnect Business Keynotes
9:00SBIR 101, Fireside Chat: SBIR PM Spotlight
9:30Fireside Chat: SBIR Company Spotlight
8:30Additive Manufacturing Fireside Chat
Session chair: S.H. Gardner
B. Rothenberg, nTopology, Inc., US
A. Saar, Siemens PLM Software, US
N. Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing Corporation, US
R. Fulop, Desktop Metal, US
J. Mead, UMass Lowell, US
8:30Biotechnology Keynotes
Engineered Biomaterials to Improve Human Health
G. Camci-Unal, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
Two Decades of Commercializing Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Real Products Helping Real Humans
T.J. Webster, Northeastern University, US
Development of Particulates Capable of Penetrating Physiological Barriers
S.A. Meenach, G. Jakaria, N. Shah, University of Rhode Island, US
8:30Quantum Engineering Materials
The Center for Integrated Quantum Materials
R.M. Westervelt, Harvard University, Center for Integrated Quantum Materials, US
Quantum Engineering Materials and Devices in Cambridge
W. Wilson, Harvard University, US
Harvard Quantum Initiative
E. Hu, Harvard University
J. Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Two dimensional materials for tunable quantum electronic and optical devices
L. Ju, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10:00Coffee Break
10:20SBIR/STTR Agency Briefings
10:20SBIR: Grant Opportunities for a Public Purpose
10:20SBIR One-on-One Meetings
10:303D Printing I
B. Rothenberg, nTopology, Inc., US
A. Saar, Siemens PLM Software, US
A Multiscale Modeling Suite for Part Qualification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
J. Liu, B. Jalalahmadi, Z. Liu, M. McReynolds, Sentient Science, US
Optimized, Biomimetic Design of Rocket Engines for Additive Manufacturing
K. Adriany, S. Guerin, A. Kieatiwong, A. Kochis, Z. Rogers, R. Weekes, Additive Rocket Corporation, US
Design and manufacture of a functional 3D-printed Stirling engine: A case study involving bound metal deposition of 17-4 PH
B.D. Ellis, Q. Campell, M. Filiault, A. Scopel, K. Rooney, University of Maine, US
Exploring the relationship between process and properties of 3D-printed PLA: Towards process-informed simulation
A. Grant, B.D. Ellis, M. Rais-Rohani, University of Maine, US
10:30Biomaterials Innovation I
Designer Cellulosic Biomaterials
J.M. Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
Inducible Bacterial Membrane Sculpting
D. Phillips, S. Glaven, U.S. Navy Research Laboratory, US
Development of tunable cell-laden bioinks
J. Kinsella, T. Jiang, G. Mungia-Lopez, J. Kort-Mascort, S. Flores-Torres, McGill University, CA
Structure-property relationships for wet dentin adhesive polymers
R. Parthasarathy, A. Misra, L. Song, Q. Ye, P. Spencer, Tennessee State University, US
10:30Surface Applications
Novel Sol-Gel Technology for Corrosion Prevention and Easy-Cleaning Applications
M. Clancy, UltraTech, US
SLIPS Amphiphilic Hybrids as promising environmental fouling control coatings
T. Galhenage, A. Vena, C. Cannon, T. Hunsucker, C. Khatri, A. Labak, T. Banks, P. Kim, J. Lomakin, Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc, US
Solution Grown Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings for Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Surface
T. Tao, J. Cho, Binghamton University, US
Sustainable, Transparent and Ready to Use Water-borne Corrosion Preventive Adhesion Promoter Nanocoating for Metallic Substrates
A. Tiwari, A. Chaturvedi, FLORA COATINGS, US
Development of Spray-on SLIPS (Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces) Coatings for Industrial Cleaning Applications
J. D’Eon, G. Paink, T. Nahum, G. Tremelling, P. Kim, Adaptive Surface Technologies, Inc., US
AWI High Performance Powder Coating TrioGuard
M. Wang, Armstrong World Industries, US
10:30Diagnostics & Bioimaging
"Living" Electronics for Bio-interfacing
X. Jiang, Tufts University, US
B. Rueda, Harvard Cancer Center, US
Vital View: A Startup from the Notre Dame University's IDEA Center
C. Cali, Vital View Technologies, US
Multivalent DNA Biochips for Investigations of Cancer Cell Spreading with Nanoscale Spatial Resolution and SingleMolecule Control
Da Huang, London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK
B-SMART: Biosensors for Sepsis Monitoring with Augmented Reality Technology
R. de la Rica, A. Alba-Patiño, C. Adrover, S.M. Russell, Balearic Islands Health Research Institute (IdISBa), ES
10:30Nanomaterials EHS
Biological Impacts of Nanoscale Materials: Relating Nanoparticle Dissolution to Diameter, Shape and Surface Coating
V.L. Colvin, Brown University, US
Toxicity screening of a panel of silica nanoparticles reveals a role for lipid peroxidation in silica-induced cell death
B. Fadeel, Karolinska Institutet, SE
Toxicity Evaluations of Nanoclay Systems throughout their Life Cycle
A. Wagner, A.P. White, M.C. Tang, S. Agarwal, T.A. Stueckle, Y. Rojanasakul, K.A. Sierros, R.K. Gupta, C.Z. Dinu, West Virginia University, US
Determining nanomaterial risk with the aid of real-time with electronic cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS)
H. van der Walt, A. Skepu, L. Sikhwivhilu, Mintek, ZA
Carbon-based Advanced and Nano-enabled Technologies: Addressing Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects across the Product Life-Cycle
J.A. Shatkin, K.J. Ong, J.E. Ede, Vireo Advisors LLC, US
10:30Packaging Materials Innovation
Vibration Assisted Injection Molding for PLA with Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Reduced Cycle Time
P. GAO, A. Duhduh, A. Kundu, J. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
Novel Nanosilica - latex Polymer Dispersion Composites and Their Beneficial Environmental Application in Water Barrier Coatings for Paper-based Packaging
J.H. Johnston, B. Mesic, M.J. Cairns, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Gas Barrier Enhancement via Multilayered Thermoplastic Polymer/Fluorophosphate Glass Composites
D. Vennerberg, Bemis Company, Inc., US
Recycling flexible film packaging from medical waste
M.J. Sobkowicz, J. Vera-Sorroche, F. Ullrich, Y. Wang, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Closed Loop Circular Economy Approach for Oil- and Water-Resistant Paper Products
M. Rabnawaz, Michgian State University, US
10:30Synthesis of Novel 2D materials
Controlling Defects at the Atomic Scale in 2D materials: Enhanced Catalysis and Optical Emission
M. Terrones, Pennsylvania State University, US
Low Cost, Low Temperature and Fast Growth of Electronic Grade 2D MoS2 Continuous Films
H. Medina, S.W. Tong, C. Manzano, W. Liao, W. Yang, L.K. Tan, W-W Tjiu, C. Zhu, D-Z Chi, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, SG
X-M Zhang, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth and Characterization of Iron-doped WS2 Monolayers
S. Fu, K. Kang, X. Wang, S. Chen, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Rotational Sputtering Growth of 6-inch Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Layers
J-W Chai, Institute of Materials research and Engineering, SG
Direct Patterned Growth of Molybdenum Disulfide Using a Focused-Ion Beam
J.A. Maurer, S.F. Bartolucci, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, US
10:30Frontiers of Characterization
Imaging Perovskites' Dynamic Processes at the Nanoscale
M.S. Leite, University of Maryland, US
Nanomechanical Properties of a Mazed Bicrystal Microstructure
A.F. Schwartzman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
A programmable transmission electron detector for nanomaterials characterization in a scanning electron microscope
J. Holm, B. Caplins, R. Keller, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Fast in situ 3D characterization of nano-materials with X-ray full-field nano-tomography: latest developments at the Advanced Photon Source
V. De Andrade, M. Wojcik, A. Deriy, S. Bean, D. Shu, P. KC, F. De Carlo, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Observation of pronounced electron-phonon coupling in a point defect in monolayer WS2 on the single atom scale
K.A. Cochrane, B. Schuler, J-H. Lee, C. Kastl, C. Chen, E. Barnard, E. Wong, F. Ogletree, S. Aloni, A. Schwartzberg, J. Neaton, A. Weber-Bargioni, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, US
Breaking the Size Barrier: Advances in Accurate Nano-Particle Sizing and Distributions with Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)
S. Barton, J.-L. Brousseau, Xenocs, US
10:30AI for Materials Development I
Learning from Small Data: Optimization of Complex Material Systems with Hierarchical Machine Learning
N. Washburn, Carnegie Mellon University, US
Combining data-driven models with physics-based models for industrial materials discovery, design, and manufacturing
S. Sankaranarayanan, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Graph Networks as a Universal Machine Learning Framework for Molecules and Crystals
C. Chen, University of California, San Diego, US
Combining data-driven models with physics-based models for industrial materials discovery, design, and manufacturing
L. Subramanian, Dassault Systems, US
Accelerating Materials Development with Uncertainty-Aware Sequential Learning
E. Kim, Citrine Informatics, CA
10:30Micro & Bio Fluidics
Towards Practical Translation of Acoustically-Driven Microfluidic Devices: Multimodal Modular Individual Addressability of Microarray Plates
L.Y. Yeo, RMIT University, AU
"Extreme Microfluidics” Label-Free of Sorting of Extremely Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and Clusters
M. Toner, Harvard Medical School, US
A Microfluidic High Pressure and High Temperature Coriolis Effect Flowmeter
C. Harrison, M. Sullivan, Schlumberger-Doll Research, US
Droplet Migration in Ionic Surfactant Gradients
N. Shi, A. Mashat, T. Squires, A.I. Abdel-Fattah, Exploratioin and Petroleum Engineering Center-Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC), Saudi Aramco, SA
Systematic Analysis of Droplet Deformation in Closed Electrowetting-based Lab-on-a-chip System
Y. Guan, B. Li, M. Zhu, S. Cheng, J. Tu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CN
Development of a disposable centrifugal droplet generation platform for digital nucleic acid analysis
Y. Zhu, X. Huang, X. Lin, J. Li, M.R. Hoffmann, California Institute of Technology, US
Microfluidics for nanofiber wet-spinning
T. Ono, T. Watanabe, Okayama University, JP
10:30Gold & Silver Nanoparticles in Medicine
Silver & Gold Advanced Materials and Devices
T. Keel, World Gold Council & Silver Institute, US
Gold and silver nanoparticles for rapid diagnostics in infectious diseases
K. Hamad-Schifferli, University of Massachusetts, Boston, US
Gold Nanorods: An Ideal Material for Plasmonic Photothermal Cancer Therapy
L. Pagliaro, Siva Therapeutics, Inc., US
Discriminated properties of PEI functionalized gold nanoparticles (Au-PEIs) predetermined by synthetic routes of ligand exchange and reduction processes: Paths and Fates
T.J. Cho, J.M. Gorham, J.M. Pettibone, V.A. Hackley, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Biologic targeting of nanozymes through biomolecular surface corona
H.K. Daima, Amity University Rajasthan, IN
Quercetin synthesized amylase capped metal nanozymes for industrial applications
P.N. Navya, S. Sanjana, M.U. Medha, R. Madhyastha, H. Madhyastha, S.P. Srinivas, M. Maruyama, H.K. Daima, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, IN
10:30Nanotechnology for Water Treatment
3D Printed Membranes for Water Treatment
J. McCutcheon, University of Connecticut, US
Water Treatment Membranes using a Stable and Bactericidal Nano Diamond Material
A. Colon, J. Avalos, G. Morell, B.R. Weiner, R. Ríos, University of Puerto Rico, PR
Polyaniline coated bacterial cellulose mat for the hexavalent chromium removal
K. Jahan, N. Kumar, V. Verma, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IN
The Use of Focused Aerosol Deposition in the Collection and Analysis of Nanoparticles from Ultrapure Water Systems Used in Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Industry
G. Van Schooneveld, P. Keady, D. Oberreit, CT Associates, Inc, US
Synthesis of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (nZVI) Stabilized By Microbial Surfactant and their Application for Adsorption of Lead (Pb2+) from Polluted Water
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
Ultrahigh Performance of Novel Energy-efficient Capacitive Deionization Electrodes based on 3D Nanotubular Composites
N. Allam, The American University in Cairo, EG
10:30Li & Na Battery Materials
Electrode materials for sodium ion storage
X.S. Zhao, The University of Queensland, AU
Regulating the Electrode Structure and Interface for Sodium Metal Batteries with Superior Electrochemical Stability
W. Li, Dartmouth College, US
Design of nano-structured cathode materials for Li-ion battery applications
D. Murukanahally Kempaiah, E. Hilder, I. Honma, University of South Australia, AU
Composite Electrode for High Performance Ultracapacitors and Batteries
N. Brambilla, J. Cooley, Nanoramic Laboratories, US
Nanostructured Manganese Oxides for Energy Storage
K.J. Takeuchi, E.S. Takeuchi, A.C. Marschilok, Stony Brook University, US
10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis II
Highly tunable platform for biomimetic catalysts from nanocrystal-polymer composites
M. Cargnello, A. Riscoe, C. Wrasman, A. Aitbekova, E. Goodman, A. Herzing, S. Bare, Stanford University, US
Designer Porous Materials for Clean Energy, Fresh Water, and Efficient Catalysis
M. Dinca, MIT, US
Self-assembled Mesoporous Organosilicas; a versatile family of high surface area porous supports
Q. Li, M. Afeworki, D.C. Calabro, R.J. Colby, M. Kochersperger, B.K. Peterson, S.C. Weston, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, US
Aluminum modified dendrimeric nanosilica as support for metallocene catalysts: the role of textural and acidic properties
D.M. Cecílio, A. Fernandes, J.P. Lourenço, M. Rosário Ribeiro, Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE), Instituto Superior Técnico - IST, Universidade de Lisboa, PT
Tailoring silica gel porosity for catalysis applications
Y. Hu, P. Shah, PQ Corporation, US
10:30Concrete Innovation
Service Live Modeling of Concrete Structures as a Component of Sustainable Construction
Y. Bu, Twining, Inc., US
Sustainable Concrete: Enhancements and Challenges
L. Assi, K. Carter, E. Deaver, H. Dekhn, and P. Ziehl, University Of South Carolina, US
Electrokinetic Nanopozzolan Particle Transport Factors and their Influence on Hardened Cement Paste Enhancement
H. Cardenas, D. Sumy, H. Zhong, Louisiana Tech University, US
A New 1.5-Nanometer Titanium Treated Portland Cement
S.J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc., US
A Review on Recent Advances in Printable Cementitious Materials
A. Moeini, University of Sherbrooke, CA
Metasurface-enabled broadband achromatic optics
W-T. Chen, F. Capasso, Harvard University, US
R. Devlin, Metalenz, US
10:30Student Leaders Conference: Career Pathways Panel
11:15SBIR/STTR Agency Briefings
11:15SBIR: Staying On Track: Aligning Your Company for Success in the DoD
11:15SBIR One-on-One Meetings
10:30Advanced Materials Innovation Spotlights: SABIC, Eastman
Session chair: Nick Kacsandi, TechConnect Ventures, US
SABIC Innovation Spotlight
R. Singh, SABIC, US
Eastman Innovation Spotlight
B. Boyd, Eastman, US
Low-Cost Manufacturing Process For High-Performing Intermediate Band Solar Cells
J. McKinley, University of Central Florida, US
Continuous Dual Track Fabrication of Polymer Micro/nanofibers Based on Direct Drawing
D. Jao, Rowan University, US
Micro^3Plasma Source
S. Annavarapu, Tufts University, US
Pylux Polysulfide Thermosets
R. Reit, Ares Materials, US
Nanostructured Squeezable Gels as a Separations Platform
J. Harvey, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Platform Technology for creating Functional Additives for Corrosion Protection, Corrosion Detection, Antimicrobial, Superhydrophobic and Personal Care Products.
B. Pearman, SynMatter LLC, US
Conductive Oxide Thin Films from Aqueous Solution
D. Dickson, Oregon State University, US
R. Singh, SABIC, US
B. Boyd, Eastman, US
P. Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
J. Kossmann, Applied Ventures, US
10:30Energy/Sustainability Innovation Spotlights: Alytic, Navy, Novartis
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect, US
Alytic Innovation Spotlight
M. Mazzocco, Alytic, US
Novartis Business Services
J. Goudreau, Novartis Business Services, US
Photovoltaic Devices Based on Guided Nanowire Arrays
R. Kreizman, Yeda Research & Development Co. Ltd., IL
A Renewable Hydrogen Production Technology Using Waste as Feedstock
A. Borole, Electro-Active Techologies, LLC, US
Transforming Organic Waste into Renewable Energy Solutions
R. Sullivan, ITility, LLC, US
Rationally Designed, Nanoarchitectured Catalyst
S. Liu, Metalmark Innovations, Inc., US
Recyclable fabrics for passive personal thermoregulation
S. Boriskina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Process to Improve Lithium Ion Battery Life and Capacity
L. Micek, University of Minnesota - Technology Commercialization, US
M. Mazzocco, Alytic, US
J. Goudreau, Novartis Business Services, US
G. Rao, US Small Business Administration, US
12:00Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
1:20SBIR/STTR Agency Briefings
1:20SBIR: Follow on Funding: How to Commercialize Your Phase II
1:20SBIR One-on-One Meetings
1:20SBIR/STTR Agency Briefings
2:15SBIR: Building Your Business
3:10SBIR: Accepting Government Funding
1:303D Printing II
S. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
N. Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing Corporation, US
R. Fulop, Desktop Metal, US
Controlling Form and Function through Metal Additive Manufacturing
Z. Cordero, Rice University, US
Projection two-photon lithography for high-throughput nanoscale 3D printing
S.K. Saha, V.H. Nguyen, S-C Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials
J. Mead, C. Hansen, A. Ma, J. Qi, D. Kazmer, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
1:30Biomaterials Innovation II
The Race for Bioactive Scaffolds
Y. Mao, S. Fung, J. Kohn, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, US
Helical Rosette Nanotubes: Design, Structure, and Biomedical Applications
H. Fenniri, Northeastern University, US
NanoZip: Tetrameric Supramolecular Coupling Toolkit for Nanomaterials and Drug Delivery
C. Gromisch, V.L.M. Herrera, N. Ruiz-Opazo, M.W. Grinstaff, Boston University, US
Bio-Ionic Liquid Conjugated Gels: Hemostatic, Antimicrobial and Highly Adhesive Hydrogel for Traumatic Surgery
V. Krishnadoss, T. Hannah, C. Miller, E. Ellis, A. Kapetanakis, A. Patel, I. Noshadi, Rowan University, US
M. Seon-Lutz, A. Hebraud, A.-C. Couffin, S. Vignoud, G. Schlatter, CEA-Leti, FR
Synthesis of bioinspired star-shaped nanocontainers through seATRP
I. Zaborniak, P. Chmielarz, Rzeszow Univeristy of Technology, PL
1:30Nanoparticles in Diagnostics & Imaging
Gold Nanoprisms as Optical Coherence Tomography Signal Amplifiers for Contrast Enhanced Imaging of Tumor Microvasculatures In Vivo
P. Si, E. Yuan, O. Liba, Y. Winetraub, S. Yousefi, E. SoRelle, D. Yecies, R. Dutta, A. de la Zerda, Stanford University, US
It Only Takes One: Chronic Inflammation and Pain Control with a Single Dose of a Targeted Nanomedicine
J. Janjic, L. Liu, M. Herneisey, E. Lambert, F. Zor, H. Karagoz, V. Gorantla, Duquesne University, US
Fluorescent and Magnetic Stellate Mesoporous Silica for Bimodal Imaging and Magnetic Hyperthermia
F. Perton, M. Tasso, G.A. Muñoz Medina, M. Ménard, C. Blanco-Andujar, E. Portiansky, M.B. Fernández van Raap, D. Bégin, F. Meyer, S. Bégin-Colin, D. Mertz, CONICET, AR
Phage-mimicking, infection reporting, fluorescent antibacterial nanoparticles to detect and clear infectious agents from wounds.
P. Nallathamby, University of Notre Dame, US
Fluorescent organic nanoparticles demonstrating high FRET efficiency for their use as bioimaging probes
J. Morla-Folch, G. Vargas-Nadal, A. Ardizzone, S. Kurhuzenkau, S. Illa-Tuset, M. Kober, C. Sissa, J. Faraudo, K.D. Belfield, A. Painelli, J. Veciana, N. Ventosa, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), US
Metamaterial-Enhanced MRI Shielding Solutions
T. Vargo, K. Grossman, J. Miragliotta, A. Hope, Integument Technologies, Inc., US
Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery Platforms for Enhanced Chemoradiation of Colorectal Cancer
A. DuRoss, M. Metcalf, J. Rosch, M. Neufeld, C. Sun, Oregon State University, College of Pharmacy, US
1:30Nanoparticles in Agriculture, Foods & Consumer Products
Engineered nanomaterials for the suppression of fungal and viral crop disease in agriculture
J.C. White, W. Elmer, R. Hamers, C. Ma, J. Borgatta, Y. Rui, B. Xing, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, US
Exposure and Toxic effects of MWCNTs Released from Polymer Products
J. Sipe, Duke University, US
Health Effects of Foodborne Engineered Nanoparticles: Case Studies of Nanoemulsions and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
H. Xiao, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
Inhalation Exposures to Nanoparticles due to the Use of Nano-enabled Consumer Products: What We Know and What We Would Like to Know
G. Mainelis, Rutgers University, US
Evaluating the Safety of Nanomaterials for Food-Related Uses
J. Ede, J.A. Shatkin, C. Sayes, K. Ong, Vireo Advisors, LLC, CA
Quantitative and toxicological assessment of air-liquid cell exposure to NM-containing spray formulations using a custom-built setup
F.S. Bierkandt, J. Tentschert, H. Jungnickel, P. Laux, A. Luch, P. Bergelt, M. Stintz, E. Visileanu, H. Hinterbichler, H. Steiner, G. Brenn, F. Goni de Cerio, J.D. Brain, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), DE
Polymer-Nano composite degradation, release, detection, and toxicity of nanomaterials during accelerated aging
E. Sahle-Demessie, C. Han, E. Varughese, H. Shi, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US
1:30Catalyst Innovations
NSTF Catalyst and Electrode Development for Fuel Cells and Water Electrolyzers
A. Steinbach, 3M, US
Next generation oxygen reduction catalysts based on intermetallic structures
J. Spendelow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
Recent Developments in Designing Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
S. Siahrostami, University of Calgary, CA
Durability study of Metal-Organic Framework Modified Nitrogen-doped Graphene Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reactions
H. Singh, S. Zhuang, E.S. Lee, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
Development of Non-precious Metal Based Catalyst and Flexible Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Devices
M. Nath, J. Masud, W.P.R. Liyanage, U. DeSilva, A. Swesi, Missouri University of Science & Technology, US
Defect Engineered Single-Layer MoS2 Dendrites as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
W. Xu, S. Li, M. Pasta, J.H. Warner, University of Oxford, UK
1:302D Materials: Electrical Optical & Thermal Properties
Probing heat flow in large graphene bubbles with a single laser beam
W. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
Twist Angle Dependent Thermal Conductivity of supported Twisted Bilayer Graphene by Raman Spectroscopy
G. Luis-Matos, A. Limbu, T. Perez, W. Weiner, B. Morell, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, US
Exploring the Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of New Emerging 2D Materials and Devices
M.R. Amer, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and University of California Los Angeles, US
Enhanced Thermal Boundary Conductance in Atomically Thin Ti3C2Tz MXene
Z. Hemmat, A. Salehi-Khojin, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
Spin-orbit splitting and electron-induced luminescence at vacancies and substitutional defects in monolayer WS2
B. Schuler, K. Cochrane, J.-H. Lee, C. Kastl, S. Refaely-Abramson, D. Qiu, S. Barja, C. Chen, N. Borys, F. Ogletree, S. Aloni, A. Schwartzberg, S. Louie, J. Neaton, and A. Weber-Bargioni, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
Tunable as-grown graphene contacts to semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides
S. Subramanian, K. Xu, S. Moser, D. Deng, N.A. Simonson, D. Waters, J. Li, R.M. Feenstra, S.K. Fullerton-Shirey, J.A. Robinson, The Pennsylvania State University, US
1:30Materials for Drug and Gene Delivery I
The Use of Exosomes from Cow Milk for Oral Drug Delivery
J.L. Betker, B.M. Angle, M.W. Graner, T.J. Anchordoquy, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, US
Engineering nanoscale exosomes for targeted delivery of imaging and therapeutic reagents to hematopoietic stem cells
Z. Ehlinger, A. Beard, D. Levy, M.A. Do, B. Lu, Santa Clara University, US
Formulation of Peptide Loaded Layer-by-Layer Nanoparticles Targeting PepT1 Intestinal Transporters: A new strategy for oral peptide delivery
B. Gourdon, C. Chemin, J.-M. Péan, P.T. Hammond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Engineering Nanoparticles for Internalization and Transport in Pulmonary Epithelia
M.D. Golam Jakaria, S. Meenach, University of Rhode Island, US
pH-Sensitive Liposome Drug Carrier System as a Novel Treatment for Brain Infection Diseases
C. Bartomeu Garcia, D. Shi, T.J. Webster, Northeastern University, US
Silk-based nano- and microencapsulation of bioactive drugs for controlled delivery
X. Wang, J. Wu, H. Gong, Y. Wang, Z. Zheng, G. Li, D. Kaplan, Soochow University, CN
Partnering with Frederick National Lab for Nano-based Drug Delivery
M. Scully, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer, US
1:30Membrane Technology for Oil & Gas Industry
Polymer self-assembly for novel membranes: Water treatment and chemical separations
I. Sadeghi, S. Lounder, P. Bengani-Lutz, A. Asatekin, Tufts University, US
Mixed-matrix membranes for natural gas purification
Z. Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Applications of advanced materials in membrane separations and polymer sustainability
B. Sundell, Aramco Services Company, US
Scaled Fabrication of Asymmetric Nanocomposite Membranes
T. Harris, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
Nano-enabled membranes for Canada's oil sands produced water treatment
M. Sadrzadeh, B. Khorshidi, H. Nazaripoor, A. Karkooti, A. Asad, A.M. Koupaei, University of Alberta, CA
Mixed-matrix membranes for natural gas purification
W.S. Chi, B.J. Sundell, K. Zhang, D.J. Harrigan, S.C. Hayden, Z.P. Smith, MIT, US
1:30AI for Materials Development II
Towards Autonomous Materials Research Systems
J. Hattrick-Simpers, NIST, US
Autonomous Research for Carbon Nanotube Synthesis
Benji Maruyama, Air Force Research Laboratory, US
Polymer Genome: An Informatics Platform for Rational Polymer Design
H. Tran, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
A Self-Driving Laboratory for Accelerating Materials Discovery
C.P. Berlinguette, J.E. Hein, A. Aspuru-Guzik, B.P. MacLeod, F.G.L. Parlane, B. Lam, University of British Columbia, CA
Smart design of organic and organometallic materials using automated machine learning methods and workflows
H.S. Kwak, T. Robertson, C.M. Krauter, K. Leswing, M.D. Halls, Schrodinger, Inc., US
Computational screening of Li and Na fast ion conductors using high-throughput bond-valence calculations and machine-learning analysis
Javier Carrasco, CIC Energigune, ES
1:30Computational Fluid Dynamics – in Memory of Edward Furlani (1952-2018)
The Life and Work of Dr. Edward Furlani
I. Karampelas, FLOW-3D, US
Computational Fluid Dynamics Models for the Rational Design of Magnetic Microseparators – In Memory of Dr. Ed Furlani
J. Gomez-Pastora, The Ohio State University, US
Computational Modelling of Magnetohydrodynamic Drop-on-Demand Additive Manufacturing
V. Sukhotskiy, I.H. Karampelas, P. Vishnoi, S. Vader, Z. Vader, A. Verma, G. Garg, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
Computational Modeling of CathodicVoltage Controlled ElectrochemicalTreatment of Biofilms In-vivo
A. Mokhtare, M. Ehrensberger, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
Applications of Computational Transport Analysis: Micro to Macro - In memory of Edward P. Furlani
A. Verma, P. Vishnoi, I. Karampelas, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
Computational Analysis: Additive Manufacturing and Electiocal Simulation Devices - In memory of Edward P. Furlani
P. Vishnoi, A. Verma, I. Karampelas, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
Optical and Photothermal Behaviors of Colloidal and Self-Assembled Magnetic-Plasmonic Nanostructures
K. Liu, X. Xue, V. Sukhotskiy, E.P. Furlan, University at Buffalo, US
1:30Materials for Printed & Flexible Electronics
Electroactive Fluoropolymers for Printed Electronics
L. Judovits, Arkema, Inc., US
Challenges and Opportunities for Carbon Semiconductors-based Flexible Electronics
Y.H. Wang, University of Maryland, US
A New Category of Transparent Conductive Films: Printed Carbon Nanotube Hybrids
D.J. Arthur, R. Prada Silvy, CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc., US
Barium strontium titanate nanocomposite dielectric inks with variable dielectric constants for printed electronics
O. Ranasingha, M. Haghzadeh, C. Armiento, A. Akyurtlu, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, US
High Electrical Conductivity, Facile Sintered, Copper Nano Particle Inks for Flexible Electronics and Additive Manufacture
K. Reed, Zero Valent Nano Metals, Inc, US
Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Devices
H. Dai, M. Spaid, cambrios advanced materials, US
The Use of Thin Films of Boron Nitride Nanotubes in Printable Electronics
C. Paquet, Y. Martinez-Rubi, M. Genest, J. Guan, B. Simard, P.R.L. Malenfanta, National Research Council of Canada, CA
1:30Novel Physical & Chemical Sensors
W. Partridge, Jr., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Chemiresistors: Low Cost and Near Zero Power Sensors
T.M. Swager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Trace Detection of Explosives Using Metal Oxide Nanostructured Catalysts
P. Ricci, A. Rossi, A. Kelly, O. Gregory, University of Rhode Island, US
Thermal Nucleation for High Pressure Fluid Phase Measurements
M. Sullivan, C. Harrison, Schlumberger-Doll Research, US
Novel lab on a chip techniques to efficiently pre-screen chemicals at close to harsh underground reservoir conditions for applications in oil industry
M. Kawelah, G. Jian, W. Wang, S. Chang, A. Gizzatov, A.I. Abdel-Fattah, Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center—Boston, US
Large-Area Microchannel Plates and Photodetectors
T. Cremer, B.W. Adams, M. Aviles, C. Ertley, M.R. Foley, C. Hamel, A. Lyashenko, M.J. Minot, M.A. Popecki, M.E. Stochaj, W.A. Worstell, J.W. Elam, A.U. Mane, M. Gebhard, O.H. Siegmund, Incom Inc., US
Piezoelectric response to MWCNT reinforced PVDF nanofiber membrane with Plasma
P. Sultana, M. Khan, M.S. Saadatzi, S. Banerjee, T. Farouk, Georgia Southern University, US
1:30Silver & Gold in Advanced Materials
M. LeMieux, Electroninks, Inc., US
Gold catalysts for high performance air purification applications
E. Mendoza Gómez, Astrea Materials, ES
Antimicrobial Coatings for Food Safety
E. Tate, Inhibit Coatings, NZ
Aulana®: Nanogold Coloured Wool Apparel and Bespoke Rugs for Luxury Markets – A Journey Through Discovery, Development and Commercialisation
J. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Rational design of nanostructured bimetallic AuAg supported catalysts for environmental and energy applications
T. Shirman, Harvard University, US
Silver and Gold Carbene Complexes for Full Colour OLEDs
A.S. Romanov, P.J. Conaghan, D. Di, L. Yang, S.T.E. Jones, M. Linnolahti, D. Credgington, M. Bochmann, University of East Anglia, UK
A study of the interaction between nanoparticles and light: an experimental proof and visualisation of Mie theory in polymer composites
E. G. Wrigglesworth, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
1:30Water Technologies
Redox-Mediated Electrosorption for Chemical and Environmental Separations
X. Su, X. Mao, Y. Ren, K-J Tan, T.A. Hatton, MIT, US
N. Hancock, Pall Corporation, US
Novel Electron Beam Technology for Water Treatment
C.A. Cooper, S. Grdanovska, A. Cox, G. Rijal, K. Patel, K. Kumar, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, US
Resin wafer electrodeionization for the removal of weakly ionized species: silica and ammonia
Y.J. Lin, L. Valentino, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Development of cross-linked bio-based flocculants for the removal of colloidal suspensions
M. Essandoh, R.A. Garcia, C.M. Nieman, United States Department of Agriculture, US
1:30Energy Storage Innovation
Exploiting self-heating of batteries to heal lithium dendrites
N. Koratkar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Enabling Operation of Lithium-Oxygen Batteries with Long Cycle Life in a Realistic Air Atmosphere
A. Salehi-Khojin, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
Thin-sheet immobilized alkaline membrane separator for electrochemical applications
W. Liu, Molecule Works Inc., US
Reducing Interfacial Resistance in Hybrid Ceramic/Polymer Solid Electrolytes
S.L. Wunder, M.J. Zdilla, Temple University, US
In-situ and Operando Characterization Approaches for Understanding Battery Function
A.C. Marschilok, E.S. Takeuchi, K.J. Takeuchi, Stony Brook University, US
HE3DA Thick Eelectrode Platform for 48V Starting Battery
J. Prochazka, M. Zukalova, HE3DA s.r.o., CZ
Rotating Spiral Channel Membrane-Free Flow Batteries
J.M. MacInnes, University of Sheffield, UK
1:30Coatings Technologies
Insulating and Transparent Nanoparticle Coatings Formed by Plasma Synthesis and Supersonic Aerosol Spraying
S. Poges, P. Firth, J. Lee, J. Carpenter, J. Adamczyk, E.S. Toberer, C. Hogan, Z.C. Holman, Arizona State University, US
Photochromic Film a.k.a. Chameleon film(tentative name), auto-tinting films
S. Hong, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
Saharan Silver Ant: a Solution to Enhancing Solar Heat Shielding Ability of Architextiles
S. Shang, K-L Chiu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Non-Metallic Solar Heat Control Coating for Automotive and Architectural Windows
E. Ryabova, Advenira Enterprises, Inc., US
1:30Integrated Optical Devices
Quantum Photonics with Diamond
M. Loncar, Harvard University, US
Thin-film lithium niobate for next generation integrated photonic circuits - when performance meets scalability
M. Zhang, HyperLight, US
2:30Quantum Information
Introduction to Quantum Computing
W. Oliver, MIT Lincoln Lab, US
Enabling Technology for Beyond Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing Systems
T.A. Ohki, Raytheon BBN Technologies, US
K.C. Fong, Raytheon BBN Technologies, US
1:30Advanced Materials Innovation Spotlights: Wacker, Corning
Session chair: Saeed Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
Wacker Innovation Spotlight
T. Pechar, Wacker, US
Corning Innovation Spotlight
Corning, US
Microbes for Plant Growth and for Water Remediation
B. Tran, Cisbay, US
Novel Antimicrobial Coatings
E. Tate, Inhibit Coatings, NZ
Seeded sonochemical coatings
N. Noor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
J-W. Choi, Andong National University, KR
Collagen for enhanced tissue repair and replacement.
J. Ruberti, Northeastern University, US
MultiMech - Multiscale Material Simulation Software to Reduce Material Development Time & Cost
C. Kothlow, MultiMechanics, US
T. Pechar, Wacker, US
Corning, US
S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
Rhapsody Ventures, US
1:30Medical Devices Innovation Spotlights: Johnson & Johnson, Olympus
Session chair: Abi Barrow, Cambridge Innovation Partners, US
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Spotlight
M. Preminger, Johnson & Johnson, US
Olympus Innovation Spotlight
Olympus, US
Wearable Fabric Sensor for Hydration Monitoring
C. Monty-Bromer, RooSense LLC, US
3D Optical Machine Vision Platform
J. Levine, Advanced Scanners Inc., US
High-Sensitivity Immunosensor
M-G. Kim, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), KR
Rapid Point-of-Need DNA Detection
C.H. Kim, GoDx, US
V. Intasanta, National Nanotechnology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH
A wearable, disposable, light emitting photomedical treatment device
P. Palomaki, QLEDCures, LLC, US
Point-of-care sensors for diagnosing bacterial infections
E. Goluch, QSM Diagnostics, Inc., US
Non-invasive blood glucose monitor
H. Harjunmaa, Valoa Technologies, Inc., US
Vertical Injection Technology Apparatus (VITA)
M. Cole, Invictis Technologies, US
A. Barrow, Cambridge Innovation Partners, US
M. Preminger, Johnson & Johnson, US
Olympus, US
A. Margulis, BIO Mansfield Incubator, US
3:30Advanced Materials Innovation Spotlights: Sherwin-Williams, Owens Corning
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
Sherwin-Williams Innovation Spotlight
T. Wendland, Sherwin-Williams, US
Owens Corning Innovation Spotlight
J. Cuadrado, Owens Corning, US
Multi-scale chemical reactor modeling
F. Goumans, Software for Chemistry & Materials, NL
Ultra high strength and lightweight components via scalable nanocrystalline alloy technology
P. Kwan, Veloxint, US
AWI High Performance Powder Coating TrioGuard
M. Wang, Armstrong World Industries, US
Electrically conductive construction materials for resistive heating applications
M. Juetten, Iowa State University Research Foundation, US
P. Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
T. Wendland, Sherwin-Williams, US
J. Cuadrado, Owens Corning, US
3:30Biotech/Pharma Innovation Spotlights: Takeda, Novo Nordisk
Session chair: Abi Barrow, Cambridge Innovation Partners, US
Takeda Innovation Spotlight
R. Dorenbos, Takeda, US
Novo Nordisk Innovation Spotlight
A. Schwartz, Novo Nordisk, US
Kilogram scale production of active and stable membrane proteins in vesicles
E. Gad, Aquaporin A/S, DK
Accelerated wound healing using natural materials delivered subdermally in a nanoparticle dispersion
B. Garhofer, Betula Extractives dba The Actives Factory, US
Artificial Pancreas
D. Faulk, ECMedical, LLC, US
Diagnostic kit for real-time monitoring resistance in targeted cancer therapy
M-C. Jiang, Targetrust Biotech. Ltd, TW
High throughput, benchtop instrument for analysis of protein structures in drug development.
F. Choudhury, Immuto Scientific, US
Self-assembly of Neural Stem Cells by Biocompatible Sculptured Extracellular Nanomatrices
M. Liu, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), HK
Tunable nanocomplexes for delivery of plasmid DNA into human and vertebrate primary cells
H. Jones, Texas Tech University, Office of Research Commercialization, US
New antibiotic drug candidates
C. MA, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Electrochemical Microbial Sensor - Rapid, Precise and Portable Pathogenic Detection
Botte, Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research - Ohio University, US
R. Dorenbos, Takeda, US
A. Schwartz, Novo Nordisk, US
A. Barrow, Cambridge Innovation Partners, US
A. Margulis, BIO Mansfield Incubator, US
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session I
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications I: Posters
Conductive capacity and tribology properties of ILs lubricating grease
Y. Xia, X. Feng, North China Electric Power University, CN
Exposures during wet production and use processes of nanomaterials: a summary of 11 worksite evaluations
E. Glassford, N.M. Neu-Baker, K.L. Dunn, K.H. Dunn, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, US
Charged Nanofiber Filter
W.W.F. Leung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Nanoporous Sound-Absorbing Materials
S.P. Bardakhanov, C.M. Lee, V.N. Goverdovskiy, K.V. Zobov, D. Yu. Trufanov, "Bardakhanov" LLC, RU
Vertical aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) arrays as a dry adhesion material
MY. Lu, QS. He, Y. Li, Z.D. Dai, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, CN
Influence of swift heavy ion irradiation on electrodeposited CdTe thin films
S. Goyal, R.P. Chauhan, NIT Kurukshetra, India, IN
D. Juárez Picon, D. Contreras López, E. Pérez, J.A. González Calderón, C. Villegas Gómez, J. Vallejo Montesinos, Universidad de Guanajuato, MX
Mechanical properties and manufacturing process investigations for lightweight structures made of metal skin and carbon fiber reinforced polymer core
L. Quagliato, Y. Kim, C. Jang, N. Kim, Sogang University, KR
Creep Behavior of Nylon Artificial Muscle
S. Lee, W-S Lee, W. Cao, F. Yang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
SMACSONIC - An Effective Noise and Vibration Mitigation Material
L. Mallet, P. Lamy, D. Allaei, Shocktech, Inc., US
Enhanced super paramagnetic behaviour of ZnO nano complexes with polymer capping
G. Varghese, S. Karakkat, M. Unikott, Calicut University, IN
The effect of varying stage velocity on the setting of jet parameters using fly mode printing
A. Hamad, A. Mian, Wright State University, US
Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Organic/inorganic Hybrid Thin-Films
S.G. Rao, M.B. Haider, M. B. Mekki, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, SA
Study on wave absorption characteristics of U-type ferrite according to substituted elements
K-P. Jeong, S-W. Yang, J-H. Choi, J-G. Kim, Incheon National University, KR
The role of quantum-dots and metal nanoparticles at the oxide semiconductor to generate the photocurrent with the visible-light
S.J. Kang, Kyung Hee University, KR
Synthesis of polyaniline catalyzed by soybean peroxidase immobilized in halloysite nanotubes
C. Alvarado-Canché, J. López-Martínez, J. Romero-García, A. Ledezma-Pérez, A. De León-Santillán, C. Gallardo-Vega, Centro de Investigación en Química Aplicada, MX
PVA cryogels obtained by biomimetic synthesis of polyaniline using hematin supported on halloysite nanotubes as catalyst
P. Jiménez-Cárdenas, J. Romero-García, A. Ledezma-Pérez, C. Alvarado-Canché, A. De León-Santillán, C. Gallardo-Vega, Centro de Investigación en Química Aplicada, MX
Nanofiber anti-allergic bedding
J. Kus, Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, CZ
4:00Biomaterials I: Posters
Exploration of Antibacterial Properties Of ZnO Nanofibers Fabricated through Electrospinning Nanofiber Generator
K. Thangavel, Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, IN
Controlled release of a hydrophilic drug from electrospun amyloid-like protein blend nanofibers
A.E. Meydan, G. Kabay, G.K. Can, C. Demirci, M. Mutlu, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, TR
A.E. Meydan, A. Seyrek, M. Mutlu, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, TR
Synthesis of biopolymer brush system via new simplified electrochemically mediated ATRP
I. Zaborniak, P. Chmielarz, Rzeszow Univeristy of Technology, PL
Engineered Phage Matrix Stiffness-Modulating Osteogenic Differentiation
J-I Kang, S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
Angio-PhaGel: Phage based Angiogenic Extracellular Matrix Niche Engineering
K. Raj Shrestha, J-I Kang, D.H. Lee, B.Y. Lee, S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
Nanoparticles of hydroxide and magnesium oxide: formation of PLGA nanocomposite and possible biomedical application
G.J. Colmenares, M. Londoño, S. Mesa, F. Jaramillo, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Bioactive Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Derived from Eggshell and Sea Shell Waste
V. Hembrick-Holloman, V.K. Rangari, T. Samuel, S. Jeelani, Tuskegee University, US
Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) treatment creates a native polymer-free elution barrier on medical devices
J. Khoury, S. Kirkpatrick, D. Shashkov, Exogenesis Corp, US
J. Smith, B. Sullivan, FLEXcon, US
Flexible agar hydrogel as dressing for chronic wound healing and management
S. Tyeb, N. Kumar, A. Kumar, V. Verma, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IN
Metal-clay nanocomplex reinforced Polyethylene Nanocomposites: An Excellent Antimicrobial and Cytocompatible Material
M. Joshi, A. Roy, B.S. Butola, Professor, Faculty IIT Delhi, India, IN
A Biocompatible and Conductive ink for 3-D Printing of Flexible Electronics
A.A. Kazemzadeh, S.Z. Khalajabadi, I. Noshadi, Rowan University, US
4:00Carbon Capture & Utilization: Posters
Hydrogen production from water splitting using a vertically stacked Ag2S/Ag/Ag3VO4 photocatalyst
M. Kang, N. Son, J. Kim, J.N. Heo, J.Y. Do, Yeungnam University, KR
Effective carbon dioxide photo-reduction reaction of heterojunction CdS@Fe2O3 catalyst
J.Y. Do, N. Son, J. Kim, J.N. Heo, M. Kang, Yeungnam University, KR
Action Plan for Crop Residue Fired Power Plants in South Asia
A. Kalair, Q. Hassan, AR. Kalair, N. khan, Comsats University, PK
4:00Carbon Nanostructure Materials & Applications: Posters
Effective and clean technology of energy-efficient DLC coating for window glass
Zh.R. Panosyan, A.A. Drnoyan, G.P. Vardanyan, K.A. Kogarov, S.S. Voskanyan, Y.V. Yengibaryan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, AM
High Electrical Conductive Carbon Nano Grease based on Hydrogen Bonding
G. Christensen, J. Yang, H. Younes, G. Hong, D. Lou, H. Hong, C. Widener, R. Hrabe, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
High Thermally Conductive Carbon Nano Grease
G. Christensen, H. Younes, G. Hong, D. Lou, H. Hong, C. Widener, R. Hrabe, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
Concurrent Deposition of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) And Polymer Like Carbon (PLC) With Imbedded Nano-Crystallites Carbon By Plasma CVD
A. Bhaduri, Amity University Haryana Gurgaon, IN
Aluminum Carbon Nanotube (A1-CNT) Composotes reinforced by CNTs coated with Al using Electroless Deposition
M. Elsharkawi, A. Esawi, Alphastar Corporation, US
Characterization of PVA based CNT nanofibers for electrochemical sensing
P. Vilchis, J. Hernández, J. Chanona, R. Estrada, Universidad Iberoamericana, MX
Electrical properties of networks of aligned carbon nanotube sheets in liquid crystals
M. Murali, H. Agha, D. Suh, G. Scalia, University of Luxembourg, LU
Synthesis of Ultra-Long Carbon Nanotubes on Bulk Metal Catalysts via Directed Feed-Gas Delivery
S. Bauman, J. Clendenin, M. Leftwich, Nanomatronix, LLC, US
A bimetallic decorated carbon nanofibers based electrode for electrochemical supercapacitors: Excellent energy and power density
Y. Son, H.Y. Lee, D.K. Shah, M.S. Akhtar, O-B. Yang, Chonbuk National University, KR
4:00Coatings, Surfaces & Membranes: Posters
Development of R2R Gravure coater for Printed Pouch of Electric vehicle Battery
M.S. Yu, M.Y. Song, M.H. Kim, H.A. Lee, D.S. Kim, TOPnC Co.,LTD., KR
Synthesis of PPy(DBS) ink toward 3D printing of a porous oil absorbent
G. Gao, Y. Yuan, J. Xu, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
A Novel, Clear Fire Retardant Waterborne Coating System for Wood Substrates
J. Hughes, M. Wang, L. Zhang, Armstrong World Industries, US
Determining the Quality of Asphalt Emulsions by Size and Zeta Potential
R. Ragheb, K. Park, U. Nobbmann, J. Casola, Malvern Panalytical, US
A. Razzaque, P. Tesinova, Technical University of Liberec, CZ
The wear behavior of HVOF sprayed Molybdenum coatings in dry and slurry (potash) wear conditions
A.M. Atieh, S. Al-Nabih, Q.A. Asbeh, S. Nabas, German Jordanian University, JO
One-step solution-based preparation for superhydrophobic surface
T. Han, D-K Lim, Korea University, KR
High Electrical and Thermal Conductive Carbon Nano Coatings
G. Christensen, J. Yang, H. Younes, D. Lou, H. Hong, C. Tolle, C. Widener, R. Hrabe, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
The manufacture of W and Mo layers with multi-modal structures on Ti sheets through intense plastic deformation induced by ball collisions
S. Romankov, Y.C. Park, Chonbuk National University, KR
Diffraction gratings fabricated by scanning probe lithography
J-W Jang, Pukyong National University, KR
Novel Coating for High Voltage, Outdoor Silicone Rubber (SiR) Insulators
J.C. Kelly, A. Goff, R. Martin, B. Koene, Luna Innovations Incorporated, US
Development of Hybrid Polymer-Based Coating System with Superior Corrosion Protection and Multifunctional Applications
Photochromic Film a.k.a. Chameleon film(tentative name), auto-tinting films
S. Hong, C-H. Han, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
Nano-Modified Protective Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Control and Mitigation
X. Wang, X. Qi, M. Pearson, Z. Lin, D. Battocchi, North Dakota State University, US
4:00Diagnostics & Bioimaging: Posters
New technologies for the rapid identification of drug-resistant bacteria
A. Sauer-Budge, Exponent and Boston University, US
Developing a research to a software product in radiology image processing
K.N. Manjunath, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, IN
Nanoparticle-photoreceptor (LOV) protein conjugate as biocompatible imaging tool to decipher intracellular trafficking
A. Mishra, S.C. Yadav, S. Kateriya, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IN
Ultra-sensitive detection of protein biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
H-N Chan, D. Xu, S-L Ho, M.S. Wong, H-W Li*, Mind and Tech, HK
Exhaled Aerosol Fingerprinting for Early Detection of Respiratory Obstructive Diseases and Lung Cancer
J. Xi, California Baptist University, US
4:00Environmental Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: Posters
Mapping market, public, and regulatory concerns to scientific evidence in the risk assessment of nanomaterials
K. Ong, J.A. Shatkin, J. Ede, Vireo Advisors, LLC, CA
Molecular sensor for selective detection of mercury in fish
D. Diaz-García, E. González, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, CO
Use of nanofibers from maize (Zea Mays) for the adsorption of mercury present in the aqueous medium
Y.A. Acuña Sastoque, E. González, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, CO
Nanotechnology for precision agriculture
L. Estrada Porras, E. Gonzalez, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, CO
Stability of TiO2 Colloid Dispersed by Ultrasonic dispersion method
S.A. Hwangbo, M.C. Chu, T.G. Lee, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, KR
Detection of photoinduced formation of reactive oxygen species by aqueous TiO2 nanoparticles suspension in 3T3 cells
M. Kwak, M.B. Heo, V. Reipa, T.G. Lee, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, KR
Characterization of Copper Nanoparticles Released from Copper Treated Wood
C. Wang, A.K. Dozier, P. Kulkarni, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
Cerium oxide nanoparticle (nCeO2) interactions with the short chain perfluoroalkyl substance PFBS on radish plants
N. Zuverza-Mena, J. C. White, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, US
The avian growing feather as an in vivo test tube to profile tissue and cellular immunological responses to test materials
A. Rodriguez, G. Greening, P. Cole, H. James, M. Leftwich, G. Erf, Nanomatronix, LLC, US
Phytotoxicity of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles and Aluminum Ions: Comparison of Their Effects, Uptake, and Translocation in Lettuce Plants
B. Kim, K.L. Hayes, J. Mui, E.S. Sani, S.W. Eisenman, J.B. Sheffield, Temple University, US
Effects of Pristine and Platinum Group Elements-doped Al2O3 nanoparticles on Freshwater Aquatic Plants in Urban Streams
B. Kim, Q.T. Nguyen, M.E. Sherman, L. Nguyen, D.M. Aruguete, S.W. Eisenman, Temple University, US
4:00Food Materials Innovations: Posters
Purple Bread: A New Superfood
Z. Weibiao, National University of Singapore, SG
Fractionation of industrial hemp leaves into functional ingredients by using conventional and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction methods
O. Aleknavičiūtė, R. Baranauskienė, P. R. Venskutonis, Kaunas University of Technology, LT
4:00Graphene 2D Materials I: Posters
Two-Dimensional Layered Heterostructures of Graphene-Supported Transition-Metal Oxide Nanostructures
V.K. Srivastava, P. Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), IN
Production of pristine graphene by an ultrasound coupled with a rotor−stator in supercritical CO2 and assembling graphene-based supercapacito
Y. Zhao, Y. Gai, W. Wang, H. Tan, N. Song, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CN
Novel Semiconductor Nanofiber with Superb Charge Conductivity for Energy and Environmental Applications
W.W.F. Leung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Optimizing deposition of platinum nanoparticles on functionalized graphene oxide
N.U. Ahamad, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, BD
Hybrid graphene nanocomposite for anti-corrosion properties
S-Y Lee, R.L. Mahajan, Virginia Tech, US
Effect of Functionalization of Graphene on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum–Graphene Friction Stir Composites
S. Kar, J. Pandit, S-Y Lee, R.L. Mahajan, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
Effects of Wet Transfer on Photoluminescence of WS2
X. Wang, K. Kang, S. Fu, K. Godin, S. Chen, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of technology, US
New and upcoming applications of graphene oxide and its derivates
R. Gulla, R. Wendelbo, Abalonyx AS, NO
4:00Materials Characterization & Imaging: Posters
Nanostructured Molybdenum Trioxide Thin Films Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Technique
B.A. Samad, Moncton University, CA
Investigation of photoluminescent properties of luminescent europium(III) complex Eu(IPA)3.dmph
P. Priyanka, S.P. Khatkar, V.B. Taxak, P. Boora, M.D.UNIVERSITY, IN
Characterization of Magnesium Silicide Stannide Powder for use in Selective Laser Melting
R. Gray, S. LeBlanc, The LeBlanc Lab, US
Study of the Structural, Microstructural and Thermal Characterization of 5% Fe-doped ZnO Powder Nanostructures Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
S. Oudjertli, Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University | UBMA ,Algeria, DZ
Study of the Structural, Microstructural and Thermal Characterization of 5% Fe-doped ZnO Powder Nanostructures Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
S. Oudjertli, Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University | UBMA ,Algeria, DZ
Fluorescent Molecular Switches for Optical Imaging of Nanostructures
M.-Q. Zhu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CN
Light Emission Through Self-Assembled Alkanethiol Monolayer covered-Au Film Studied By STM-LE
J.U. Ahamed, S. Katano, Y. Uehara, University of Chittagong, BD
Study of Kr Ion Implantation in CdSe Nanowires
R.P. Chauhan, NIT Kurukshetra, IN
Influence of swift heavy ion irradiation on electrodeposited CdTe thin films
S. Goyal, R.P. Chauhan, NIT Kurukshetra, IN
Positron spectroscopy : the route from nondestructive testing to nondestructive ageing metrology
Size-Dependent Mechanics of Polymers and the Need for a New Experimental Paradigm
L. Li, N. Alsharif, V. Saygin, K.A. Brown, Boston University, US
Parallel Beam Electron Microscopy, the ZEISS MultiSEM Characterization Paradigm Shift
K. Crosby, A. Eberle, S. Nickell, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, US
nanoPaint: a tool for the rapid and dynamic imaging of the structural plasticity of the plasma membrane at the nano-scale
M. Tasso, T. Pons, N. Lequeux, J. Nguyen, Z. Lenkei, D. Zala, CONICET, AR
Orbital space testing platform designed to enable new technologies
M. Gittleman, Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance, US
A mechanical system for tensile testing of supported films at the nanoscale
M.F. Pantano, G. Speranza, N. M. Pugno, University of Trento, IT
Bio-inspired Composite – Learning from Nature
M. Baniasadi, N. Sutton,, Georgia Southern University, US
Microscopic Identification of Micro-Fractures and Deterioration In Arid Environments Of Pro-Oxidant Polyethylene (PE) Specimens Utilizing State of The Art Thermal and Morphological Experimental Protocols
S.M. Al-Salem, A.A. Al-Hazza, A.A. Al-Rowaih, A.T. Al-Dhafeeri, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KW
Curvature Change Analysis of SMART Fibers used for Temperature Adaptive Insulation
A. Latulippe, C. Ripa, S. Fossey, C. Drew, H. Sun, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
4:00Materials for Oil & Gas: Posters
Oil Absorption and In Situ Regeneration of a Highly Porous Conjugated Polymer Structure
Y. Yuan, G. Gao, J. Xu, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Design of experiment based prediction of passivity breakdown potential for 304L stainless steel
A. Azimi Dastgerdi, U. Bellè, A. Brenna, M. Ormellese, M. Pedeferri, F. Bolzoni, Politecnico di Milano, IT
A highly Semi Critical Assisted-Solvent method for continuous to fractional extraction of biofuel from macro-/micro-algae and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons from coal, and soil materials
T. Chavez-Gil, Coppin State University, US
The Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique to Investigation of Surfactant Assisted Enhanced Oil Recovery in Tight Sandstone Reservoir
H. Yang, SINOPEC, China, CN
4:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency: Posters
Airborne Power Generation Overview
R. Creighton, Windlift, LLC, US
Cotton Aerogel
D.H. Minh, National University of Singapore, SG
Sustainable Aerogels from Spent Coffee Grounds
D.H. Minh, National University of Singapore, SG
Nano-material coating platform for improving efficiencies of lubricated systems while extending operational lifetimes
V. Borisov, A. Martonick, C. Holder, P. Rudenko, TriboTEX, US
Effect of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles on the remediation of a clayish soil contaminated with γ-hexachlorocyclohexane (Lindane) in an bioelectrochemical slurry reactor
C.G. Mar-Pineda, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo, J. Galíndez-Mayer, M.T. Ponce-Noyola, D.A. Estrada-Bárcenas, E. Ríos-Leal, F. Esparza-García, CINVESTAV-IPN, MX
Development of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Using Nano-Silica
S. Vyas, N. Singh, M. Sameer, Central Soil and Materials Research Station, Ministry of Water Resources Government of India, IN
Preparation of residual sludge-based mesoporous carbon materials by template-like method and their adsorption properties
Y. Song, W. Xin, J. Wei, J. Peng, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, CN
Wearable solar thermoelectric generator driven by unprecedentedly high temperature difference
Processing of concentrated solar radiation PV modules on the basis of AlGaAs-GaAs heterostructures
L. Trapaidze, G. Goderdzishvili, I. Trapaidze, R. Chikovani, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, GE
P. Pandit, K. Singha, S. Srivastava, National Institute of Fashion Technology, IN
Progress in Green Energies, Sustauinable Development and the Environment
A. Omer, Uon, UK
A. Omer, UON, UK
NEAT method for high-quality, low-cost gallium nitride wafers
T. Hashimoto, E. Letts, D. Key, SixPoint Materials, Inc., US
Enhancement of optical properties of Perovskite solar cells through added plasmonic nanostructures
N. Shehata, H. Badran, I. Kandas, A. Hajjiah, Kuwait College of Science and Technology, KW
Sustainability depend on efficient break from Oil as fuel
J. Barlow, Power Alternative, US
4:00MEMS & NEMS Devices: Posters
Analysis of Potential and Electron Density Behaviour in Extremely Scaled Si and InGaAs MOSFETs Applying Monte Carlo Simulations.
A. Islam, K. Kalna, Bangor University, Bangor College, UK, Vhina, UK
Switching Dynamics and Contact Surface Characterization for Ohmic MEMS Switches
F. Anwar, M. Munna, M.S. Hossain, P. Mahanta, T. Nandy, R.A. Coutu, Jr., Marquette University, US
Investigating the phenomenon of mode localization in electrostatically and mechanically coupled MEMS resonators
S. Ilyas, M.I. Younis, King Abdullah University of Science and technology, KAUST, Thuwal, KSA, SA
Functional nanosurface for enhancing optical brain signal by fNIRS system
J.H. Kim, M.Y. Jeong, Pusan national university, KR
S-Drive: A Microactuator Building Block that can be Connected to Others to Form a Larger Actuator
J. Clark, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
Wideband high-Q nonlinear resonance for MEMS
Z. Zun, Y. Han, A. Abrol, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
Towards Zero Apparent Damping of MEMS Resonators by Force Feedback
A. Abrol, Z. Zhu, Y. Han, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
Artificial Damping of MEM
A. Abrol, Y. Han, Z. Zhu, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
A.Z. Hajjajŧ, N. Jaberŧ, N. Alcheikh, M.I. Younis, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, SA
Analysis temperature influence on Q-factor and mode-matching of 2-DOF vibratory microgyroscope
J. Nazdrowicz, A. Napieralski, Lodz University of Technology, PL
Towards In-Vivo Radio Transmitting Nano-Robots
S. Dolev, R.P. Narayanan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL
Lumped Modeling of Contact Resistance upon Pull-In or Lift-Off of MEMS Beam Elements
J.V. Clark, H. Rost, K.S.J. Pister, Auburn University, US
4:00Nanoelectronics: Posters
Multiferroic properties of Bi0.95Tb0.05FeO3 nanoparticles
G. Dhir, P. Uniyal, N.K. Verma, Public College, Samana, IN
Comprehensive Analysis of High Performing Electrochemical Biosensors and Their Applications: II, System Update
S.W. Leung, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
A Nanogap Device for Electrical Characterisation of Nanometre Scale Molecular Components
E. Ore, University of Cambridge, UK
Design of Ternary logic XOR gate using novel quantum dot gate non-volatile memory (QDNVM)
S. Karmakar, Farmingdale State College-State University of New York, US
oved Electric Field Decomposition Capacitance Model with 3-D Terminal and Fringe Components in Sub-28nm Interconnect
A. Zhang, C. Li, Y. He, J. Liu, X. He, G. Ma, J. Pan, J. He, G. Hu, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
Surface Potential Based Compact I-V Model for GaN HEMT Devices
C. Chang, J. He, C. Li, Y. He, J. Liu, X. He, J. Pan, G. Hu, Y. Ren, SoC Key Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
Graphene Based Field Effect Transistor Analog/RF Performance Analysis from Non-equilibrium Green’s Function Simulation
Yu. Chen, J. He, C. Li, X. He, P. Jun, G. Hu, J. Liu, Y. Ren, X. Ma, SoC Key Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
Numerical Method to Simulate GFET Terahertz Wave Detection
X. Ma, J. He, C. Li, X. He, P. Jun, G. Hu, Y. Ren, X. Wang, SoC Key Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
First principle study of Germanium and Selenium doped monolayer black phosphorus
C.S. Tejaswi Issarapu, R.C. Junghare, G.C. Patil, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, IN
R3-PowerUP – the Driver for key European BCD Technologies Development focused on Smart Power and Power Discretes ICs
G. Janczyk, T. Bieniek, Institute of Electron Technology, PL
The “first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt line” REACTION project as a Driver for key European SiC Technologies focused on Power Electronics Development
T. Bieniek, G. Janczyk, A. Sitnik, A. Messina, Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, PL
Ab-initio tight binding Hamiltonian generation for 1D and 2D MoS2 based Devices
R.C. Junghare, G.C. Patil, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, IN
Effect of Strain on Electronic Transport in Silicene Nanoribbon using Tight Binding Model
A. Shukla, R.C. Junghare, G.C. Patil, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, IN
Resonance Tunneling in Concentric Quantum Rings
J. Nimmo, North Carolina Central University, US
Effects of Buried Channel Array Transistor (BCAT) Fin Profiles on Leakage and Refresh Characteristics of DRAM Devices
S. Yang, S. Jung, S. Park, D. Kim, H. Ban, D. Song, B. Choi, Samsung Electronics Co. / Sungkyunkwan University, KR
The Effects of Channel Poly Grain Size on Cell Reliability of 3D-NAND Flash Memory
E. Youm, S. Sunil-Shim, M. Park, Y. Shin, E. Youm, B.D. Choi, Samsung Electronics / Sungkyunkwan University, KR
Low-temperature solution processable inorganic vanadium oxide hole injection layer for flexible QLEDs
S.J. Kang, Kyung Hee University, KR
4:00Nanomedicine: Posters
Extraction of Creatinine and Urea by Adsorption onto Pure Micro-And Mesoporous Silica Materials
G. Benbakhta, M. Mokhtari, Hadj Hamaizi, University Oran, DZ
Cytotoxic Effects of Short Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes on Pancreatic Cancer Cells
J.C.K. Lai, V. Desai, Y. Zhang, A. Bhushan, S. Leung, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, US
Enhancement of Effects of Chitosan and Nanoparticles on Pancreatic Cancer Cells by Combination Treatments with the Anti-Cancer Drug Adriamycin
J.C.K. Lai, W. Gao, A. Bhushan, S. Leung, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, US
Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticle Conjugated with Ginsenoside Compound K and Insect Peptide for the Anticancer and Ant-inflammatory Activities
Y. Liu, Y-J Kim, Kyung Hee University, KR
Effect of Sonication on Particicle Dispersion and Toxicity of Graphene Oxide
D. Diaz-Diestra, B. Thapa, J. Carpena, F. Fisol, N. Konduru, J. Beltran-Huarac, G. Morell, B. Weiner, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, US
4:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters
Nanocrystalline TiCrC powders
M. Mhadhbi, National Institute of Research and Physical-chemical Analysis, TN
Electroless technology for production of cobalt magnetic and photocatalytic nanopowders and nanowires
T. Gavasheli, G. Mamniashvili, M. Nadareishvili, T. Zedginidze, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, GE
Cu-Ag Bimetallic Nanoparticle as an Anti-Shigellosis Drug
B. Chatterjee, T. Basu, University of Kalyani, IN
Phytofabrication of ZnO, AgZnO and the composites with reduced graphene oxide (rGO-AgZnO) synthesized using leaf extract of Stygmaphyllon ovatum
E.E. Elemike, D.C. Onwudiwe, L. Wei, L. Chaogang, Z. Zhiwei, North West University, ZA
Evaporation of Gold Nanofluid Sessile Drops on Heated Substrate
I. Zaaroura, S. Harmand, J. Carlier, R. Boukherroub, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF), FR
Carbon Nanotubes in machines lubrication – the route towards application
K. Kempa, S. Boncel, A. Marek, A. Kulczycki, J. Merkisz, T. Runka, M. Nowicki, J. Kałużny, Poznan University of Technology, PL
Facile fabrication of ordered nanoparticle arrays on flexible substrates
G. Strack, A. Luce, A. Akyurtlu, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Electron Beam Industrial Technology for Production of Nanopowders and Micropowders
S.P. Bardakhanov, I.K. Chakin, K.V. Zobov, D. Yu. Trufanov, E.V. Domarov, ”Bardakhanov” LLC, RU
Amphiphilic nanoparticles as drug transporters
A. Andicsová-Eckstein, M. Danko, J. Mosnáček, Polymer Institute SAS, SK
Understanding the effects of solution conditions on antibodies binding to Au Nanoparticles
R.T. Busch, J. Weis, F. Karim, C. Zhao, Y. Sun, E.S. Vasquez, University of Dayton, US
Surfactant Stabilized Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis, Characterization And Investigation of Their Tribological Behavior As Additive In Lubricating Oil.
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
Synthesis of Surfactant Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles and Investigation of Their Potential Application as Antibacterial Agents
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
K. Singha, P. Pandit, National Institute of Fashion Technology, IN
Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler, a Novel Method for Nanoparticle Characterization
S. Africk, Prodyne Corp., US
Influence of deposition time on Structure, optical and electrical properties of nanocrystalline cadmium Selenide thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition method for solar cells application
S.A.-J. Jassim, Al-Ayen university, IQ
Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Titanium dioxide Nanocomposites for Cr (VI) Removal from Aqueous Solution
G.B. Adebayo, H.I. Adegoke, L. Rashidi., J. Wasiu, B.O. Orimolade, University of Ilorin, NG
‘‘Alkynylation Of Coumarin C(sp2)-H Bond with Terminal Alkynes Through Supported Copper Nanoparticles”
D.V. Vasava, Gujarat University, IN
modification and technology development of a high dose non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug contained in a medical patch.
W. Kim, C. Rhee, A.P. Puzyr, Korea Atomic Research Institute, KR
Simple Fabrication of Highly Dense 3D Au Nanostructures for Sensitive Detection of Biomarkers
S.-G. Park, D.-H. Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science, KR
Scaled-up and Reproducible Plasmonic Chip Production with High-density Hotspots for Biosensing Applications
S.-G. Park, D.-H. Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science, KR
Effect of reducing agent on optical and morphological properties of gold nanoparticles
A. Merlano, N. Escobar, L. Hoyos, A. Salazar, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Enhanced dual (T1-and T2-weighted) MRI contrast by single core iron oxide nanoparticles
A. Lavin, B. Thapa, Gerardo Morell, Brad R. Weiner, Universidad de Puerto Rico, US
Effect of Synthesis time on Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nano Crystalline Powders prepared by hydrothermal Method
F. Majid, A. Nazir, S. Ata, university of the punjab, PK
Multiscale Ag-based nanocomposite as a high-conductivity, high-strength thermal interface material
J. Lin, C. Tan, D. Lin, C. Yi, K. Zanjani, T. Lin, Bioenno Tech LLC, US
Nanobiotechnology in Cancer: Characterization of Particles at Nanometric Scale
N. Elizondo, L.H. Verástegui, R.M. Estrada, E. Torres López, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, MX
Antimicrobial activity of ZnO and ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles obtained by a solvent-free method
B. Paz-Díaz, A. Vázquez-Olmos, A. Flores-Almaguer, R. Sato-Berrú, A.L. Fernández-Osorio, Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología, UNAM, MX
4:00Printed & Flexible Electronics: Posters
Highly Sensitive and Direction-Selective Strain Sensor with Carbon Nanotube Asterisk Structure
Development of Organic Photovoltaic cells using meniscus solution shearing coating technology
H. Lee, K.T. Ampofo, D.S. Kim, Hanbat University, KR
Solvent-free Printing of Organic Semiconductor, Insulator, Metal, and Conductor Particles on Flexible Substrates
M. Sakai, Chiba University, JP
Flexible, Dopant Free a­Si:H Solar Cell
E. Ore, G. Amaratunga, University of Cambridge, UK
Flexographic Printing Process of Flexible Dielectric Substrate Based on a Highly Filled Thermoplastic Polymer for Printed Electronics
S. Deshmukh, S. Burbine, S. Banerjee, E. Keaney, E. Hajisaeid, A. Akyurtlu, C. Peters, M. Herndon, D. Rockosi, C. Lepont, C. Barry, J. Mead, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Efficient formation of single-particle thick microstructures by direct writing
Z. Rozynek, A. Magdziarz, CADENAS, PL
Formation of printable granular and colloidal chains through capillary effects and dielectrophoresis
Z. Rozynek, M. Han, F. Dutka, P. Garstecki, A. Józefczak, E. Lujten, Adam Mickiewicz University, PL
4:00Sensors I: Posters
A comparative study of detection of digoxin using QD luminescence and Au-NPs based SERS
A. Saleem Bhatti, M. Chaudhry, D-K Lim, J.W. Kang, Z. Yaqoob, P. So, R. Qamar, COMSATS University Islamabad, PK
A novel colorimetric H2S measurement for environmental and oil and gas applications
V.W.L. Skates, R.E.G. van Hal, Schlumberger-Doll Research, US
Freestanding Nanocomposite Membranes: Microelectromechanical Chemical Sensors and Multivariate Sensing Platforms
H. Schlicke, S.C. Bittinger, H. Hartmann, T. Vossmeyer, Fraunhofer Center for Applied Nanotechnology, DE
Enhanced peroxidase-like catalytic assay for the colorimetric aptamer-based biosensing of amphetamine-type stimulants using multi-shaped gold nanoparticle-graphene oxide-hemin hybrid nanozyme
O. Adegoke, N.N. Daeid, University of Dundee, UK
An Efficient Non-enzymatic Electrocatalyst based on CuO/Ag Nanoparticle for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Glucose
Real-time On-board Nanoparticle Sensors for Automotive Particulate Emission Applications
A.G. Konstandopoulos, C. Oikonomidou, R.E. Metallinou, D.A. Dimitrakis, CERTH, GR
HomogeneoUltra-Stretchable Electronic Polymer Strain Sensor with Excellent Linearity and Unique Repeatable, Autonomous Self-Healing Ability
Y. Lu, J-W Jeon, E.K. Wujcik, The University of Alabama, US
A Novel Nanoscale Scanning Electrochemical Microscope Electrode and Its Utilization as Aptamer Based Biosensor
A. Guver, P. Milas, M. Guy, V. Yigit, M.T. Sigindere, T. Yildirim, I. Unlu, K. Green, B. Ozturk, Morgan State University, US
Changes in hysteretic behavior of PMA thin films due to the interaction with CoFe2O4 nanoparticles: A new way for magnetic sensing
S. Michea, R. Melo Freire, J.L. Palma , J. C. Denardin, D. ALtbir, Universidad Autonoma de CHile, CL
4:00Energy Storage I: Posters
A vertical solution using grid-connected hot water heaters to provide highly scalable demand response assets.
F. Frizzell, O. Lagon, N. Le, Shifted Energy Inc, US
3D Interconnected Binder-Free Electrospun MnO@C Nanofibers for Supercapacitor Devices
M. Ramadan, A.M. Abdellah, S.G. Mohamed, N.K. Allam, The American University in Cairo, EG
Unveiling the Effect of the Structure of Carbon Material on the Charge Storage Mechanism in MoS2-Based Supercapacitors
B.A. Ali, N.K. Allam, The American University in Cairo, EG
Fabrication of a Lower Weight, All 3D Printed Graphene Supercapacitor
Z. Yu, P. Sun, B. Zhu, A. Nair, S. Wu, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, US
Repurposing Used EV Batteries: Evaluation of Potential Life versus Cost
M. Starke, D. Spiers, B. Taube, Southern Research, US
Low cobalt nanofibers anode material coated with carbonaceous material for Li-ion battery application.
D. Darbar, I. Bhattacharya, Tennessee Tech University, US
Graphene and Carbon Nano Onion-based Nanomaterials for Supercapacitor Applications
J-J Shim, D. Mohapatra, G. Dhakal, O. Muhammad, Yeungnam University, KR
Highly active electrocatalysts in ORR and OER based on 2D transition metal dichalcogenides and ionic liquid
L. Majidi, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
Conductive fluoropolymer for cathode
H. Sun, University of South Dakota, US
Drawing of Piezoelectric Microstructured Fibers from Nanomaterial Preforms
X. Lu, H. Qu, M. Skorobogatiy, Polytechnique de Montréal, CA
Building Investor Confidence in Energy Storage through Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation
B. Taube, R. Johnson, A. McQuilling, P. Leufkens, C. Thompson, Southern Research, US
A Class of High-energy, Stable All-Solid-State Batteries for Vehicle Applications
J. Lin, C. Tan, D. Lin, C. Yi, K. Zanjani, T. Lin, Bioenno Tech, US
(1,3-Phenylenedisopropylidene ) polythiourea for high energy density capacitors
N. Thilakaratne, B. Subedi, Tulane University, US
Secondary battery package for use in a harsh environment such as a satellite and a vehicle
H.G. Jo, Andong National University, KR
Economic Long-duration Electricity Storage by Using Low-cost Thermal Energy Storage and High-efficiency Power Cycle
Z. Ma, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
4:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis: Posters
Ultrasound-assisted gadolinium-doped manganese oxide nanocatalyst and the investigation of Catalytic properties
Y. Hanifehpour, S.W. Joo, Yeungnam University, KR
The effect of ultrasonic irradiation, time and concentration on morphology of novel nano Hg (II) metal-organic coordination polymer
Y. Hanifehpour, S.W. Joo, Yeungnam University, KR
Cellulose Assisted Combustion Synthesis as a Novel Technique of Catalysts Preparation
A. Kumar, A. Ashok, F. Tarlochan, Qatar University, QA
Potassium-incorporated titanium oxide nanostrucutres prepared via Wet corrosion process to induce the enhanced photocatalytic prefromance
S.Y. Lee, D. I, S. Son, J.-P. Locquet, J.W. Seo, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
Photocatalytic Degradation of Ciprofloxacin Residues in Aqueous Media using Bimetallic Nanocomposites
R.O. Zaman Brohi, University of Sindh, PK
Novel nanofiber photocatalyst
W.W.F. Leung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Novel Nanostructured TiO2 catalyst for improved photocatalytic abatement of VOCs
I.M.H. Maafa, P. Akhter, M. Hussain, Jazan University, SA
Nonprecious Catalysts for Energy Conversion Application
A.Q. Mugheri, A. Tahira, U.A. Memon, M.I. Abro, Z.H. Ibupoto, University of Sindh Jamshoro, PK
Non-precious co-catalysts boost the performance of TiO2 hierarchical hollow mesoporous spheres in solar fuel cells
N. Allam, The American University in Cairo, EG
Process engineering for scalable synthesis of advanced fuel cell catalyst
R. Wang, K. Pupek, T. Dzwiniel, N. Becknell, P.P. Lopes, H. Lv, N. Markovic, V. Stamenkovic, Argonne National Lab, US
Synthesis and characterization of carbon-based catalyst for H2 generation
V. Alvarado-González, V.A. Escobar-Barrios, Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica, MX
Bi-Functional Photoelectrocatalytic and Photocatalytic KNbO3/Fe2O3 Heterostructure for Energy and Waste-water Treatment.
U. Farooq, T. Ahmad, jamia millia islamia, IN
Synergistic Effect between C-S and Fe-N Sites for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline and Acidic Media
B. Ni, T. Chen, Nankai University, CN
photoelectrocatalytic and photocatalytic Properties of KNbO3/Fe2O3 heterostructure.
U. Farooq, T. Ahmad, jamia millia islamia, IN
Synthesis of Co-Ni-MoS2 Nanoparticles Grown on Reduced Graphene Oxide: An Advanced Catalyst for the Hydrogen Production
L.H. Verastegui-Domínguez, R.O. Torres-Barrera, D.H. Galván-Martínez, T.A. Cepeda-Partida, D.I. Martínez-Delgado, N. Elizondo, UANL, MX
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Technology of Iron-Ore-Based Catalysts for Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Syngas
D.H. Chun, J.C. Park, H. Jung, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
4:00Materials for Sustainable Building: Posters
Bio-polyols based on used cooking oils as component for synthesis open cell rigid polyurethane foams
M. Kurańska, A. Prociak, K. Polaczek, M. Auguścik, J. Ryszkowska, Cracow University of Technology, PL
A. Prociak, M. Kurańska, S. Michałowski, K. Uram, Cracow University of Technology, PL
A study on adaptive thermal environment and active and passive behaviors of the occupants under the use of home energy management systems
KC. Rajan, Tokyo City University, JP
Oldest Innovative Composite Roofing System: Lighweight Insulating Cellular Concrete Roof Deck System
T. Towery, M. Creps, Elastizell Corporation of America, US
Household energy using patterns in three climatic regions in Nepal
D.K. Shahi, H.B. Rijal, S. Masanori, Tokyo City University, JP
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