Microfluidics for nanofiber wet-spinning

T. Ono, T. Watanabe
Okayama University,

Keywords: microchannel, nanofibers, CNT fiber


Nanofibers are promising materials for high performance filters, separation membrane, and battery components because of their high-specific surface area. Although most of all nanofibers were produced by electrospinning method, we have developed a wet-spinning process of nanofibers using microfluidics [1]. Facile and quick solidification of polymer solution are based on solvent diffusion in microchannels [2-4], and large-quantity dilution of stable jet flow with a volume of sheath flow facilitates continuous and quick nanofiber production without high voltage and energy. Besides a novel production of nanofibers, we have engineered functional nanofibers using internal phase separation, surface modification, molecular orientation, and structural color materials [5]. To realize this technology, it requires precise microchannel design, stable jet flow and control of solvent diffusion. In this presentation, we would like to show this process and the resultant nanofibers.