JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

General MillsT2.423Molecular Dynamic Simulation Study on the Effects of Moisture Content on the Water Activity and Glass Transiti…
George Mason UniversityM2.242Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscopy Reveals Tunable Angle-dependent Electrochemistry at Twisted Bilayer …
George Mason UniversityM2.364Creating the Extended Reality of the Future with Artificial Intelligence and Computational Design
George Mason UniversityT4.682Size-tunable Indocyanine Green Based Contrast Agent Platform for Different Photoacoustic Imaging Applications.
George Washington UniversityM2.488Light Transmission Aggregometry Method to Measure Tumor Cell Cluster Dissociation
George Washington UniversityT4.546Fast Identification of Monolayer MoS2 on Various Substrates Using Deep Neural Network
Georgetown UniversityW2.322Novel hydrogen peroxide-responsive polymer nanoparticles for medical applications
Georgetown UniversityW2.326Synthesis and application of multicomponent nanoparticles
Georgetown University Law CenterW4.525Governing Technology: “Nanotechnology Risk Management and Public Health Protection Act” A Harmonized Appro…
Georgia Gwinnett CollegeT8.641Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Based Models for COPD Exacerbation Prediction
Georgia Institute of TechnologyW2.264The Impact of Smart Fabric Shades and Built-in Control Strategies on Energy Savings, Building Comfort and Visu…
German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.)M2.542A smart and nanostructured perovskite for selective NO sensing in a broader temperature range
German Aerospace Center (DLR)T2.364Development of High-voltage Supercapacitor for Future Decarbonized Energy Storage Solutions
Govt. Graduate CollegeT8.222Structural, Magnetic, Electric and Dielectric Properties of Cr-Ga Substituted BaM Hexaferrites synthesized by …
Graphene Laboratories, Inc.T4.542TBA
Graphene LayersT2.526Graphene Membrane for Direct Air Capture (DAC)
Grolltex, Inc.T2.522Reducing waste in the production of nanoelectronics
GSAM8.461Innovation in Contracting and Focus on SBIR Phase IIIs
GT Digital Ltd.W4.421MultiModal Domain Intelligent Decision Support
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)T8.861Charge booster tags for controlled release of therapeutic proteins from injectable gels
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