JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Pacific Northwest National LabM4.424Research on Low-Cost and Safe Battery Chemistry for LDES Applications
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryM2.243Mapping electrical double layer structure over nanostructured surfaces with three-dimensional atomic force mic…
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT4.483Extraction of critical elements from geothermal brine using magnetic core shell particles
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT4.526Designed Interfaces Between Proteins and Inorganic Crystals for Templated Assembly and Co-Assembly
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryW2.347Room Temperature Electrorefining of Critical Metals from End-of-Life Permanent Magnets
PanOptimizationM2.342Distortion and stress simulation of complex AM parts using a feature-aware periodic adaptive FEA meshing appro…
PassiveLogicW4.524Generalized Autonomy: Addressing the Biggest Opportunity in Urban Decarbonization
Penn State UniversityM2.225Rare Earth Elements: Changing Supplies and Market Sector Demands
Penn State UniversityM2.286A study on the effect of graphene oxide additives on the graphitization of carbon-carbon (C-C) composites
Penn State UniversityM4.444Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane to Produce hydrogen Using Carbon as Catalyst
Penn State UniversityM8.521Carbon Catalyzed Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane: Connecting Nanostructure to Deposition Conditions …
Penn State UniversityT8.321Global and U.S Rare Earth Element End Use Allocations Balanced by Production
Penn State UniversityW2.341NdFeB Permanent Magnets: Projected Demand Comparisons Across End Use Sectors
Penn State UniversityW4.564Process planning and development of a multi-axis, multi-material, multi-tool Electronic Packaging (3M3D) techn…
Pennsylvania State UniversityM2.462Control and evaluation of heterogeneous CNT nanofiller distribution across composites
Pennsylvania State UniversityM4.223Vulnerability of In-Memory Compute to Hardware Trojans: A Case Study using Two-dimensional Memtransistor
Pennsylvania State UniversityT2.222The role of academia in the future of semiconductor manufacturing
Pennsylvania State UniversityT2.324A Peripheral-free True Random Number Generator Based on Integrated Circuits Enabled by Atomically Thin Two-dim…
Perceptive Sensors Technology, Inc.,M8.981Advanced Nanoparticles Enhanced Mechanical Sensors Design for Ultrasonic Applications
Phoenix TailingsT4.461Considerations for Sustainable Rare Earth Separation
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