JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Pacific Northwest National LabM4.424Research on Low-Cost and Safe Battery Chemistry for LDES Applications
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryM2.243Mapping electrical double layer structure over nanostructured surfaces with three-dimensional atomic force mic…
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT4.483Extraction of critical elements from geothermal brine using magnetic core shell particles
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryW2.348Room Temperature Electrorefining of Critical Metals from End-of-Life Permanent Magnets
PanOptimizationM2.342Distortion and stress simulation of complex AM parts using a feature-aware periodic adaptive FEA meshing appro…
Park Systems inc.T8.226High Resolution Measurement of Potential-Dependent Electrochemical Activities on HOPG Using Scanning Electroch…
Penn State UniversityM2.223Rare Earth Elements: Changing Supplies and Market Sector Demands
Penn State UniversityM2.286A study on the effect of graphene oxide additives on the graphitization of carbon-carbon (C-C) composites
Penn State UniversityM4.444Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane to Produce hydrogen Using Carbon as Catalyst
Penn State UniversityM8.342Effect of graphene oxide additives via interfacial templating on the graphitization of carbon-carbon (C-C) com…
Penn State UniversityM8.521Carbon Catalyzed Thermo-catalytic Decomposition of Methane: Connecting Nanostructure to Deposition Conditions …
Penn State UniversityT8.325Global and U.S Rare Earth Element End Use Allocations Balanced by Production
Penn State UniversityW2.342NdFeB Permanent Magnets: Projected Demand Comparisons Across End Use Sectors
Penn State UniversityW4.564Process planning and development of a multi-axis, multi-material, multi-tool Electronic Packaging (3M3D) techn…
Pennsylvania State UniversityM2.462Control and evaluation of heterogeneous CNT nanofiller distribution across composites
Pennsylvania State UniversityM4.224Vulnerability of In-Memory Compute to Hardware Trojans: A Case Study using Two-dimensional Memtransistor
Pennsylvania State UniversityT2.222The role of academia in the future of semiconductor manufacturing
Pennsylvania State UniversityT2.324A Peripheral-free True Random Number Generator Based on Integrated Circuits Enabled by Atomically Thin Two-dim…
PerkinElmer IncM8.422Overview of Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Utilizing Numerous Analytical Techniques
PerkinElmer IncM8.582Total value chain testing solutions for biodiesel and bioethanol production – from feedstock to final blend
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