JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

C&G Hitech Co., Ltd.T4.566Stable uniform nanoparticle dispersion in composite materials for antibacterial food packaging
C&G Hitech Co., Ltd.W4.489Thermally Conductive Composite with High Mechanical Strength
Calico BiosciencesM8.988Developing Biosensors for High Throughput Drug Screening against Muscular Dystrophy
Callentis Consulting GroupW2.247Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning to Collect Road Conditions with Connected Vehicles
Carbon BioCapture LLCT8.545Biological Integrated Systems For Carbon Capture
Carbon SolutionsM4.443Insights and Best Practices for Planning and Executing Geologic Sequestration Projects
Carnegie Mellon UniversityM4.441Current and near-future decarbonization options for steelmaking
ChimerasM8.464Real-Time Intelligent Surveillance using Ethical Anomoly Detection
Chung-Ang UniversityT4.702Sensitive POC (point-of-care) system to detect virus from the environmental and fecal samples using graphene o…
Chung-Ang UniversityT8.262Core–Satellite–Satellite Hierarchical Nanostructures: Assembly, Plasmon Coupling, and Gap-Selective Surfac…
Chungnam National UniversityT8.2612-D Pd-cellulose with optimized morphology for the effective solar to steam generation
Cirrus Materials ScienceM4.482A Novel Process of Plating on Polymer Substrates
CollTechW4.562How to Make Flexible Printed Circuits More Reliable
Columbia UniversityT8.321Cerium Separation from Energy-Relevant Elements with Structured Ligands
Columbia UniversityT8.322Development of Ligand-based Hybrid Systems to Sustainably Recover Energy-Relevant Metals from Unconventional R…
Columbus NanoworksM8.981Quantum-based sensing of biomolecules using fluorescent nitrogen vacancy-center nanodiamonds
Concurrent Technologies CorporationM4.243High Temperature Rare Earth Element (REE) Extraction Technology
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, Cornell UniversityM2.225Art of the Possible: High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Radiation for Mine Tailings Characterization in Re-mining O…
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