JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Banaras Hindu UniversityT8.581Hydrogen storage characteristics of NIST reference zeolite X, zeolite Y and zeolite ZSM-5
BASFM4.342Rethinking Plastics – Approaches and Contributions from BASF Plastics Additives Group
BASFM4.347Cyclic Ketene Acetals (CKAs), Old Monomers with New Features
Battelle Memorial InstituteT8.321Biologically Based Rare Earth Recovery and Separations
BB Medical SurgicalT8.861Pivots caused by the pandemic for Surfactant Administration and Airway for Very low birth weight Infants
Beihang UniversityT4.706Electro-confinement nano-membrane desalination
Big Metal AdditiveM2.341Product Acceptance is the Real Innovation and It Requires More than Just Machines and Feedstock
BioX TechnologiesW4.425AI for cell culture monitoring in the closed loop
BlueSky GlobalW4.462High Volumne Negative Air Machines for Large Area Projects: Solutions for demolition and remediation airborne …
Boise State UniversityT8.921Additive Manufacturing of Colloidal Nanocrystal Inks for In-Space Manufacturing of Advanced Sensors and Energy…
Boston CollegeM4.343A Simple, Selective, and General Catalyst for Ring Closing Depolymerization of Polyesters and Polycarbonates f…
Brite CarbonM4.486Microwave absorbing nanocomposite of silicon carbide and graphene nanopowder and a process thereof
Brothers Services Group LLCT8.541Fuel Catalyst
BrukerW2.364The influence of nanoscale mechanical property distribution on macroscopic performance of polymer composites
Bruker Nano Surfaces and MetrologyT2.285Correlative Nanoscale Topographical, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Property Mapping with Dimension IconI…
Brunel University LondonW2.263TBA
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