JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Machina LabsW4.442Manufacturing's Dirty Little Secret
Magnolia Optical Technologies Inc.T2.243Advancing Biomedical Imaging Performance over the UV, Visible and IR with Nanostructured Antireflection Coatin…
Markforged Inc.W4.485Tunable properties and microstructure net-shape aluminum matrix composites parts fabricated via 3D printing.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyM4.281Managing an SPM Shared User Facility at MIT
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyM4.565Nanosensor Coupling to Human and Plant Interfaces for Real Time Chemical Information Transfer
MatericM2.3463D Printing of Carbide and Nitride Ceramics for Powered Electronics Packaging
MatericM4.524Formulation and Optimization of Cosmetic Coating to Protect Skin from Thermal Injury
MatericT2.241Enhanced protection of military personnel using flame-retardant on lightweight fabric
MatericT2.342Additive Manufacturing of Bone Graft Ceramics
MatericW2.242Infrared CT Scan for Evaluating the Stress Response of Flexible Displays
Materic Group LLCM4.485Metal Organic Framework – Nanofiber Composites for Chemical Absorbance/Remediation
Materic LLCM4.427Piezoelectric Nanofiber Yarns for Wearable Energy Harvesting Textiles
MatregenixM4.522Introducing MatriNova: A Paradigm Shift in Soft-Tissue Repair Using Nanofiber Technology
Maverick BioMetalsT8.321A Novel Method for Hydrolysis of Silicate Ores using Engineered Enzymes with Applications in the Extraction of…
McGill UniversityT2.282Single electron spectroscopy and ultrafast time resolution by AFM
MCPCT8.541From Gorillas to Humans: Sustainability in an Interconnected World
Metal Powder WorksM4.362Enabling Additive Manufacturing of Reflective Metals
MicroBio Engineering Inc.T2.385Decarbonization of Wastewater Treatment with Microalgae Processes.
Midwest Microelectronics CollectiveM4.224Critical Materials for Critical Goods: Rebuilding the Microelectronics Industrial Base
Ministry of health, Cairo, Egypt.T8.381Impact of Covid-19 on uropathogenic Escherichia coli resistance (2019 - 2022) - Cairo. Egypt
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