JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Nano Catalytics, Inc.W4.487Novel Low Energy, High Speed Ambient Catalysis of Polymerization through Solid Objects
Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc.W4.543Breaking Silos of Formulations in Preclinical, First-in-Human Trial, and Phase 3 Clinical Trial Stages
NanobiofabM4.5663D Nano-Printing Sensors for High-Fidelity Sensory Manikin Skin in Medical Simulation Training
Nanocoating Plasma Systems IncW2.3283D printing the Silicon Li-ion battery
NanosurfM2.263Photothermally driven AFM of soft matter samples
NASA Langley Research CenterM2.4653D Microwave Imaging of Impact Damage in Composites
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT2.262An R&D portfolio to help commercialize America’s abundant unconventional critical mineral resources.
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT2.425First-principles study of the tritium diffusion and formation in γ-LiAlO2 pellets
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT2.463Opportunities for Quantum Computing and Simulations for Applications to Energy-Relevant Materials
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT8.561Metal Hydride Composition-Derived Parameters as Machine Learning Features for Alloy Design and H2 Storage
National Energy Technology Laboratory/LeidosM2.226Portable Luminescent Sensing Technologies for Economically Critical Metal Ions
National Institute of Standards & TechnologyM2.324Multimodal Characterization of Degraded and Consumer Polyolefins Towards Quantitative Structure-Property Relat…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.285Semi-Automated Exploration of Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction Parameters for Single-wall Carbon Nanotube Separati…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.325Generation and identification of microplastics under accelerated UV weathering
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.345Neural Net Modeling of Voxel Scale DLP Additive Manufacturing
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.487Absolute Quantification of Genomic Targets for Cell Counting
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.525Taking aim – accurate integration of quantum dots and bullseye cavities
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.421Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Dynamic Hydration Layer in a Polyzwitterionic Polymer
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.424Surface and subsurface quantitative mechanical property measurements by contact resonance atomic force microsc…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.443Effect of Film Thickness and Temperature on the CO2 Sorption in Poly(ethyleneimine)
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